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New Releases & Bug Fixes in Cenia Pro 1.0.3 Magento PWA Theme

New Releases & Bug Fixes in Cenia Pro 1.0.3 Magento PWA Theme


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CedCommerce Cenia Pro Theme 1.0.3 for Magento PWA Studio comes with new releases, bug fixes, and updates as follows:

Multi-Store Support

Now, the admin can have multiple stores on his PWA front-end too just similar to the default Magento. With multiple stores, the admin can have different catalog/currency and languages for different stores.

Multi-Currency Support

The customers will be able to check-out all allowed currencies in their stores now. It will support both multi-currency for the same store along with multi-currency with multi-stores.

GraphQL support for Cart Queries

Since Magento has released GraphQL operation for Magento check-out operations, we have updated our theme to support cart operation with GraphQL to have more time-efficient operations.

UI improvements for the Newsletter

Few improvements have been done on the Newsletter UI to make the page more interactive to end-users.

Separate page for Sign-in and Create an Account

For the ease of end-users, we have separated the Sign-in and Create an Account page.

Forgot Password feature

We have implemented the Forgot Password feature in our Cenia Pro theme via which customers will be able to reset their password with their email ID.

Banner Image Optimization

The default banner images have now been optimized, thus improving page speed and images to load faster.

Catalog Price Rule has been enabled

Now, all catalog price rules and price changes will reflect on the product page and cart page and check-out.

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