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Introducing CedCommerce Cenia: The Best Magento PWA Theme Demo

Introducing CedCommerce Cenia: The Best Magento PWA Theme Demo


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PWA refers to Progressive Web Application that was firstly discussed by Google back in 2015. Introducing CedCommerce Cenia Magento PWA Theme Demo which gives the consumer an app-like experience, push notifications, and low-data usage.

A PWA is initially a website that can be developed to nearly resemble a native application on a smartphone or a tablet conveyed through the internet. So, here is the CedCommerce Cenia PWA Demo.

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Now, a PWA gives the consumer an app-like experience and interface followed by push notifications and low-data usage.

Why Build Progressive Web Apps?

The advent of PWA has faced and tackled numerous hindrances that eCommerce website owners face while developing native mobile apps to hold the ever-growing pool of smartphone users.


Loading is instant and it works even in scarce or low-data conditions.

“45% of mobile networks are yet utilizing slow 2G technologies” – GSMA

Fast and Smooth

Responds smoothly with fast user interactions with slick animations and hassle-free scrolling

“53% potential customers leave the website if it loads over 2 seconds” – Google


As a PWA closely resembles a native app, it delivers a captivating user experience.

“50% increase in customer engagement on PWA” –

Introducing CedCommerce Cenia PWA Demo

Our team has been hustling and toiling on the Venia concept available in Magento 2 PWA Studio to deliver it a fresh new interface and add a lot of new surplus features. Presently, our theme is compatible with PWA Studio 3 and very soon it will work for PWA Studio 4 also. This is the CedCommerce Cenia PWA theme.

  • Banner Slider

The homepage now has a banner slider to showcase the best offerings on your site.

  • Category Listing

The category list menu appears in the form of a navigation drop-down.

  • Magento pwa studio

    PWA Theme

    Product Sliders

Exhibit your latest and trending products right on the PWA homepage.

  • Newsletters Support

A minimal and short newsletter subscription form click-button is now embedded at the bottom in the footer section.

  • Static Blocks

Link hot sections of your PWA with eye-catching static blocks on the homepage.

  • New Footer Design

PWA footer now comes with expandable vertical menus and social media links.

  • About Us Page

A mandatory page has been added with a direct link in the PWA footer.

  • Contact Us Form

A new page to let your customers easily reach out to you when needed.

Our CedCommerce Cenia Magento 2 PWA Theme converts the Magento 2 website into an app-like mobile application. Utilize this opportunity of the COVID19 Pandemic and turn it into business growth.

Build your aim to offer an experience similar to a native, installed application: home screen shortcut, splash page, fullscreen, etc with us and we’ll do all of it in no time. Customers enhance the shopping experience while store owners can save a lot with our cost-effective solutions.

Our solutions will help you through all of it and will get your hold position online in no time. Check out here.

CedCommerce Cenia – What’s inside?

PWA is no-doubt a positive development to make online stores in the form of applications that totally requires fewer updates and enhancements, thereby making it a wholly powerful and independent app.


Magento module gives module aids, server-side usefulness, and goes about as an establishment for all subjects made utilizing Magento PWA Studio. PWA studio additionally utilizes GraphQL which is a piece of the advancement variant of Magento 2.3.

It renders an application shell, handles RootComponent assignments, and installs GraphQL payloads into a server render (improvement).

magento pwa

Magento PWA Studio


Buildpack is a lot of Webpack modules and apparatuses which are utilized for the advancement of Magento PWA topics. Additionally, it is utilized to arrange and designs for the Magento 2 platform.

Service worker

A service worker is a sort of web program. It’s basically a JavaScript record that runs independently from the fundamental program string, the blocking system demands, storing or recovering assets from the cache, and conveying push messages or notifications.

Since workers run independently from the fundamental string, service workers are autonomous of the application they are related to.

Service workers empower applications to control arrange demands, store those solicitations to improve execution and give disconnected access to the reserved substance.

Service workers rely upon two APIs to make an application work disconnected: Fetch (a standard method to recover content from the system) and Cache (a reserve element stockpiling for application data). This cache is held in reserve and is free from the application database or system status.

Though Magento PWA Studio is still a work under progress, it’ll be not at all be a bad choice for you to opt for this innovation and switch your online businesses or your native applications to PWA.

How is CedCommerce PWA better?

Our PWA for Magento utilizes the robust technology of Magento PWA Studio, ReactJS & GraphQL. Several designs and feature improvements have been made in the Venia storefront to facilitate improved user experience and traction on your website.

  • More easy to use than a web-native application.
  • Works extremely quickly whenever contrasted with the site.
  • Supports message pop-up for Android gadgets.
  • Totally responsive on all the stages.
  • Dispatches without the web or low-quality web.
  • It closely resembles a local application.
  • Clients don’t have to refresh the dynamic web application.
  • No application store requires dealing with the application.
  • Builds client commitment in the store.
  • Builds store income because of client commitment.

CedCommerce Cenia PWA – Features

Cenia Free

  • Banner Slider
    pwa studio

    CedCommerce Cenia FREE

  • Category Filters
  • Product Sliders
  • Newsletters Support
  • Static Blocks
  • Forget Password Page
  • Contact Us Form
  • Updated Product Page

Cenia Pro

  • My Account
  • Product Page Tabs
  • progressive web apps

    CedCommerce Cenia PRO

    Related Products
  • Product Reviews
  • Customized Cart
  • One Page Checkout
  • Order Success Page
  • Wishlist
  • CMS Pages


If you’re a website owner

  • Cost-Efficient

The Magento PWA Studio provides the tools for the development of a Magento 2 PWA Storefront that works on both iOS and Android.

  • Fast Deployment

PWA saves your precious time as you don’t need to develop separate applications for Android and iOS.

  • High Conversion

Instant discoverability, one-click installation, and optimized user experience help promote conversion rate.

If you’re an End-User

  • Data Friendly

By using only a fraction of data compared to a native app, PWA delivers smoother performance to users.

  • Auto Updates

PWA offers the best experience to users without the need for any update like in native apps.

  • Swift loading

The loading time of a PWA is faster than a responsive website which results in better user experience.

  • Offline mode

PWA is best known to work in low or no internet connection.

Get familiar with the approach towards improving the overall Magento Experience and let us walk you through our CENIA theme based on Magento PWA at our LIVE webinar.

You can begin with our demo shop which was developed completely on Magento PWA Studio. Kindly note this demo stays a work-in-progress and doesn’t offer full PWA usefulness yet.

Let’s experience CedCommerce Cenia PWA Theme.

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