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Updates on Cenia Pro 1.0.6 Magento 2 PWA theme

Updates on Cenia Pro 1.0.6 Magento 2 PWA theme


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Development is a continuous process that leads us to create a more valuable and better-performing solution to our friends in eCommerce. Our product Cenia Pro Magento 2 PWA theme is on a never-ending course of evolution and we are determined to give you as good as it gets. Our team is working in and out to its abilities and therefore, it is an absolute joy when we get to present the result of their hard work in our updates. We are happy to announce to you the new Cenia Pro 1.0.6 with a lot of new features and some small enhancements for the better.

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With this upgrade, we took a more specific approach to improve the buyer journey on our Magento 2 PWA theme. It is aimed at easing the purchase experience.

Updates in Cenia Pro 1.0.6 Magento 2 PWA theme

  • New features added in the update

Set up your minimum cart value

The Magento PWA Studio offers a lower limit to checkout on its own in-house theme. Few of our users also expressed their liking for this feature on Cenia. For us, our users’ interest is first and foremost. So, here you go. Now buyers need to add products/products of a minimum amount in order to proceed to the checkout page.

Set a limit to purchase quantity of products

We have even taken to the next level by adding the minimum quantity for a specific product. You can set the minimum quantity of every product distinctively for convenience.

Zoom-in on the product image carousel

It is very essential to build a trustworthy product resume to convince a buyer. One of the things which play an important role in this are images of the product. People judge product images and that is why you need to give them the option to zoom the product image to its depth. So Cenia 1.0.6 brought in the Zoom in and out of the product image for not only the front image but the entire carousel.

Shipping information on the product page

It was a thing that our team found necessary to be added, understandably so. Buyers always look for clarity when it comes to buying and shipping information plays an important role in their mind. So now you can let your buyers know the precise shipping information for any product they buy on the product page itself.

Login before checkout

At times, new buyers wish to pursue a purchase but eCommerce compels them to create a login account right upfront before they can hover around the product catalog. If not for the in your face login, they could have converted. Now Cenia 1.0.6 Magento 2 PWA theme will not let those buyers escape. Your visitor can browse through the catalog, add it to the cart, and only once he reaches the check out point, he gets to see the login request which is very minimalistic and easy to fill too.

  • Bug Fixes and enhancements

  1. There was an issue in the subtotal calculation that needed some improvement. Now it is resolved for all good during the checkout.
  2. Now the product quantity is capped by the seller and no more issues with the value of quantity with respect to the product.
  3. The Bestselling slide of the product depicted on the homepage is now working perfectly and the slider is running smoothly and precisely.

With Cenia Pro Magento 2 PWA theme, we constantly try to give you the most improved and enhanced eCommerce solution. Our sole motive is to add value to your eCommerce website and we place our dedicated efforts at the right place that it serves you well.  Do not forget to get the experience of the Demo of Cenia Pro 1.0.6 here.

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