updates in cenia pro pwa theme 1.0.4
Upgrade to Cenia Pro 1.0.4 PWA theme for Magento

Upgrade to Cenia Pro 1.0.4 PWA theme for Magento


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CedCommerce is committed to serving you with the best possible product. So our team is constantly putting in a lot of effort to refine, improve, and upgrade the features of Cenia Pro PWA theme for Magento.  We are excited to inform you about our new and improved CedCommerce Cenia Pro 1.0.4 PWA theme for Magento websites.

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We have worked on some incremental improvements in this new release. It provides a more enhanced user experience along with improved accessibility and smoother web performance.

New Improved Cenia Pro 1.0.4 PWA theme for Magento

Updates for no-nonsense sign-in and sign-up process

Sign-in and the sign-up page should follow the most basic and straightforward approach. PWA for Magento website needed a more uncomplicated and no-nonsense design for the Sign-in page has been further refined to remove any hindrance which could potentially create any distraction to the visitors when signing up.

Sliding banner image revamped

New illustrative banner slides are provided. The intent of any business is to highlight the positives and empower a positive mindset for users. Banners slides are repurposed to allow business websites to put forth their most popular and unique selling products to bring those products to visitor’s attention which are vital for sales. 

Finding products by categories made easy from the home page

The new section added to the homepage of the PWA theme for Magento websites will offer different categories of products in the catalogue. Thus, users are now getting the option to filter out products from the relevant category upfront. This way, the user can directly find their product list and save a lot of time.

New improved content blocks for the home page

There was an earlier issue related to content blocks creating a bit of confusion on the home page. These blocks are updated in Cenia Pro theme 1.0.4 to provide an optimized Magento PWA Studio experience. This content block provides a detailed overview and illustrative shine to make it more appealing and conclusive for visitors.

Minor tweaks to fix HTML issues

Nothing is perfect but we can always try to improve. Latest version of our PWA theme has sorted out a few minor bugs in the HTML that were making certain functions a little bit cluttered and clumsy to work on. Not anything significant but as we said, we strive for better, always.

Improved accessibility and better performance

Content accessibility was getting a bit chunky at certain sections of PWA theme for Magento Websites. This was an issue we were eying to eradicate from the core in Cenia Pro theme. Especially since performance could have been compromised with certain devices and networks. This is exactly what our developers did.

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Now cache enabled for GraphQL queries

Cenia PWA theme for Magento websites is now enabled to use the cache of the GraphQL query for seamless data interactions. Thus, API only needs to demand restricted information from the server which is not available in the form of a cache. This will improve the web experience for even the slowest internets to work effectively better.

Now enjoy the multi-store view flawlessly

It is very important for the growth of the eCommerce marketplace to enable the muti-store view to the visitors. So our team devoted ample time to sort the Multi-store views to Cenia Pro theme and eliminated any bugs that could be found. Visitors can now avail information or products from varied stores all at the same time. The process has been simplified and better organized to help the users in finding various options at once.

Remove the error of invalid cart

The error which was creating the issue of the invalid cart is now resolved. This will now result in a reminder message if the cart is empty. Users will now see the same while clicking on the empty cart.

The user experience of the  Cenia Pro  PWA theme for Magento is evolving with each passing day. We are tirelessly working to add better features, refining the advanced features in Cenia Pro PWA theme for Magento websites. 

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