Cenia Pro PWA theme 1.0.7 for Magento 2
Upgrades In Cenia Pro Magento 2 PWA Theme 1.0.7

Upgrades In Cenia Pro Magento 2 PWA Theme 1.0.7


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With a vision of retaining customer interests, upgrades on Cenia Pro Magento 2 PWA theme are pursued continuously. Our team consistently efforts on improving it for better performance. We feel delighted to announce recent advancements in its features. Attention is widely paid to the category page. This page brings ease in narrowing down the options and directing the customer to the desired product.

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Infinite Scroll on Category Page

In the previous version, the pages were numbered. The buyer had to click on any page number to view more options. Now, the Cenia Pro PWA theme introduced the feature of infinite scrolling. Viewers can continue to view endless product options via infinite scrolling. The next page automatically loads content at the end of the current one. The buyer does not require to tap on page numbers every time. Clicking on ‘next’ every time is no longer required. The admin has a choice of enabling or disabling the infinite scroll feature on his website.

infinite scroll

infinite scroll

infinite scroll

Price Slider for Category Filter

The product page had price range listed under the category filter in the preceding version. Now, the range list feature is replaced to price slider by Cenia PWA Pro theme for Magento 2. This slider is a meter that enables a user to cap the appropriate price range that he wishes. This filter attribute is situated under the category filter box of the product. The product page displays all the available options under the specified price range.

cenia pro pwa theme 1.0.7

Category Banner Image on Category Page

In Magento 2 PWA theme, the admin can apply attractive banners on the category page. It advertises new products in the market from the category that the buyer looked into.

cenia pro PWA theme 1.0.7

Bug Fixes

Bugs in checkout, my account, and login pages are fixed in the latest development.

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Allow customers to feel extra joy in shopping from your website. Apply new features of the Cenia Pro PWA theme for Magento Version 1.0.7 on your website. Check out the previous versions of the theme for a better understanding.

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