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Benefits of Progressive Web App &  its Challenges

Benefits of Progressive Web App & its Challenges


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Ever wondered how some apps on your phone open up with just a single tap while the rest may take ages? And if the speed of the internet is really bad then you might have to wait. Did you know the difference between different apps on your phone? Well, the ones that work smoothly even at “Snail-speed” internet are progressive web apps (PWAs) as commonly known.

While the others may be native apps, web apps or hybrid apps.

It has been just a couple of years since PWA came into existence. Ever since it has drastically changed the way the mobile web operates now. The benefits of Progressive web apps are many which are all committed to offering enhanced user experiences.

What Is PWA?

PWAs are a step towards obscuring out the fringe between native and mobile web. This is done by providing the users uninterrupted and smooth browsing experience.

Additionally, it waives the purpose of creating native mobile apps compatible with different OS, for eCommerce sellers. You can define a progressive web app as something between native apps and websites. It provides users with the benefit of both. When its time for you to make the switch an understanding of what PWA offers you becomes necessary. Here you will find out the benefits of progressive web apps.

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PWA Features

  • Progressive web apps amass the data each time on being used. This feature allows them to work offline as well.
  • Minimal loading time even on 2G data or slow internet speed.
  • Fast page transition and smooth scrolling.
  • Installable on any device with any OS.
  • Capability to fit in any screen size.

What are the benefits of Progressive Web Apps?

  • PWA trumps native applications and other web applications because it’s not necessary to install them. Unlike native apps, you can use PWA in any browser like Chrome, Opera, UC, etc. and they will behave just like your native apps to suit the modern web requirements.  This has advantages.
  • Firstly, unlike native apps, web developers don’t have to design progressive web apps for every OS or suit.
  • Secondly, eCommerce merchants who are short on capital, don’t have to invest in native apps that have different frameworks for different OS.
  • Thirdly, users don’t necessarily have to visit the app store to install the apps externally. It saves their money as well because they have to buy some of the native apps.
  • Plus PWA doesn’t need to be updated each time, unlike Native Apps.
  • PWA is more reliable, It won’t leave the users hanging in uncertain conditions like slow internet connections. This feature benefits the eCommerce merchants as well.

Working even on slow internet progressive web apps keep the users hooked. Furthermore, it collects your browsing data and records your activity so that you don’t see the famous dinosaur icon when you tap it open while the net is not working.

You can still see a number of things while offline. This makes the app engageable and the user experience is


You can see the previous chats, downloaded media, send messages on Whatsapp even when you are offline. The messages sent will get delivered once you are online.

  • PWA is discoverable, you can search through any browser or search engine you use. You will get them and they provide the option to add these on your home screen. The best part is, these are auto-updated.No extra data is either spent on downloading them or updating them.
  • You will get push notifications from the progressive web app on your phones as it acts just like native apps.
  • PWA has better speed. According to Google, the ideal minimum loading time is 3 seconds. Ecommerce sellers can’t afford to lose traffic, hence PWA works as a saviour for the sellers.

What are the challenges of Progressive Web Apps?

Though PWA seems to be a very interesting concept here are certain challenges one might face while developing these apps. Some of the major challenges are stated below.

  • Need of expert developers: First of all you will need developers who have a strong grip on the “React” framework.
  • Developing progressive web apps is a tedious process. PWA is not actually a website but a large-scale app that has the liquidity to fit on every screen size. It also is compatible with every OS or suit. Additionally, PWAs have a robust frame. It doesn’t crash down while supporting multi-vendor eCommerce marketplaces.
  • Lack of omnichannel vendors: While you may be on the lookout for an omnichannel service provider who can handle front-end and back-end development work, it might be hard for you to find one.
  • Not having an omnichannel service provider: Not having an omnichannel service provider for developing a progressive web app and getting services from multiple service providers will create a problem for you in keeping a track of the work done by all.
  • Absence of open source frame: No matter which framework you choose, “Angular” or “React” they both are merely libraries for the User Interface. You can implement them but can’t customize them.
  • What and what not to cache: It is very difficult to keep a track of what you can and what you can’t cache. Regular caching is necessary hence you will have to be more cautious while caching any data in PWA.
  • Maintaining updates is a tough job: Native apps are updated in short time intervals and the process is continuous. On the contrary progressive web apps can’t be updated. At least not as frequently as native apps. Getting full insurance for changes that may take place in the future in any OS for a PWA is impossible.
  • Time-Consuming Integration: The process of integration can be a very time-consuming process in regards to the progressive web app. However, at CedCommerce we have got you covered with certified integration for PWA.

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CedCommerce has been offering the necessary technical solutions specifically made for building progressive web applications. At CedCommerce we believe in walking hand in hand with progressive technology and providing advanced solutions to those who are in need.

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