PWA vs Headless PWA
PWA vs Headless PWA- Can you achieve PWA without Headless?

PWA vs Headless PWA- Can you achieve PWA without Headless?


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PWAs were the rage when they were launched and are still trending in the eCommerce world but as you know, technology is ever-changing and so PWAs have given rise to headless PWAs. Merchants often find themselves in a debate on PWA vs Headless PWA; what to choose?

If you own an eCommerce store you will be aware of the challenges faced with the mobile web, it is slow, doesn’t run smoothly, and has connectivity issues. You want to give your customers a great shopping experience within your budget, but the question is how?   

There are many alternatives, but the most appropriate one would be to opt for a PWA or a Headless PWA for Magento 2.

Confused about which one to choose? Don’t be. This blog is dedicated to answering your queries related to both, what they are, and what makes them ideal for you.

Why opt for a Progressive Web App?

headless pwa for magento 2


PWAs or Progressive Web Apps are an amalgamation of the web browser and a native app. It is built with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. They are designed to look, feel, and run like a native app while being a browser.

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With the help of certain technologies, you can turn almost any website into a PWA that is not so simple when we compare it to native app development. It also has features like push notifications, it can access your device sensors and to top it up, it works offline too.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of PWA that have made it such a rage:

  1. Fast
  2. Reliable
  3. Engaging
  4. Promotes re-engagement
  5. Increased customer experience
  6. Works offline
  7. Works with low network bandwidth
  8. Easy updates and modification

What is Headless PWA for Magento 2 and why should you opt for it?

Headless refers to headless commerce which means that the front end of your website, the part that the user sees, is separated from the backend system which includes eCommerce, CRM, etc, that sends data and content to the front end.

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 When headless commerce is integrated with progressive web apps it is known as headless PWAs.

Simply, PWA + Headless commerce = Headless PWA

So how does data flow from the backend to the front of the website? It flows through something called an Application Programming Interface(API). This API fits between the decoupled frontend and backend and pulls data from the backend to the frontend.

headless pwa

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Since the frontend is independent of the backend you can use the data to create different user experiences without having to invest separately.

We all know that the speed of PWAs is noteworthy, so now with headless, you can very well imagine how much faster and smoother the experience will be!

PWAs Vs Headless PWAs

The main difference between the two is the headless architecture. This architecture decouples the front end from the backend. For more clarity, it separates the presentation part, i.e, the part the customer sees, from the CMS or the technical part where most of the eCommerce functions take part.

This headless architecture makes the PWA work faster and flexibly, and as we all know faster load time means better user experience which will lead to improved conversions.

Also, developing a headless PWA incurs less cost than a PWA. It is because implementing a PWA requires both headless and PWA functions together.

PWA with or without headless?

Yes, you can achieve PWA without it being headless. You can develop a PWA for your website and not include it being headless. It is totally up to you.

Opting for headless also is becoming the talk of the town because of its benefits to users. It allows them to navigate websites with ease. Page loading speed is superb due to this framework. Moreover, retailers are able to deliver excellent customer experiences which in turn have a positive impact on conversions.

You can achieve the same with PWAs but they create less customizable user experiences than the headless PWA. Don’t get me wrong. PWAs are gaining popularity for enhancing user experiences but headless gives you a more advanced approach to enhance it. 

PWAs enhance the user experience of The Roasters too. Watch the journey in this video below

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Headless PWA, just like a PWA, has been a turning point in the eCommerce industry. It opened a new level of opportunities and possibilities for eCommerce businesses. Both of them deliver you endless scope and opportunities for your business too when implemented well.

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However, we hope that the above blog solved your queries about PWA vs Headless PWA. It gave you a clear picture of the right tools for your business growth. You will be able to choose them wisely. 

Our CedCommerce experts will resolve your concerns if you still doubt the potential of PWA and headless PWA. We will happily guide you through both Magento 2 PWA and Magento 2 headless PWA. You will then be in the position to decide what suits you well.      vbntfghg

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