Magento 2 headless
Understanding Magento 2 headless PWA theme and how it empowers eCommerce

Understanding Magento 2 headless PWA theme and how it empowers eCommerce


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The innovation of headless commerce is rapidly transitioning the scenario of ecommerce. This headless commerce solution is gaining immense popularity amid the ever-expanding landscape of the mobile internet. Magento is the biggest open-source eCommerce platform that provides this robust tool. As a result of this headless solution, entrepreneurs are able to create omnichannel experiences. This solution is the best provided by Magento 2 headless PWA theme. Hence, opting for a headless PWA theme by Magento would lead your business to the next level. 

Also, I must make this very clear upfront, this is a post meant for our business mates. So don’t expect technical depth in this post. There is definitely a big ground to cover on the technical aspects of Magento 2 headless PWA but I will try to address its implications from the business perspective of all things. Do you need to adopt the Magento 2 Headless PWA for your eCommerce website? We hope you get all your answers in this post.

What is Magento 2 Headless?

Headless Magento commerce is apparently a new web technology. Under this new concept, an e-commerce platform has a separate front end and back end. Both of the ends are connected via an API. This feature of headless technology makes an ecommerce platform intuitive, flexible, fast and progressive. It is producing overpowering results. Therefore, this new innovation is catching the attention of eCommerce retailers.

Earlier, these retailers were struggling to retain the interest of mobile audiences. But now Magento 2 headless is becoming a go-to solution for them to resolve such challenges. Its headless commerce architecture provides them a more wide perspective. Online businesses improve engagement from each and every channel through this Magento 2 headless solution.

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How headless commerce works?

Headless eCommerce works as a unit of two distinctive parts of a website connected by a bridge. This means that the API works as a messenger of information between the actual visual interface and the way the application is presented. It is also in coordination with service worker at the back end.

The back-end of the Magento 2 headless eCommerce system sends the response to the requests forwarded by the front end. API layer works as the messenger for these inter-connected tasks being done by the back end and the front end.

A headless commerce architecture delivers a platform that comprises a back-end data model and a cloud-based infrastructure. Since the platform is not a single structural entity, it breaks the website into 2 separate levels connected by an information bridge. Therefore, eCommerce websites can use Magento 2 headless PWA theme and ensure that they are providing every essential element of the business. This avails the most benefit for your business out of your Magento 2 PWA theme.

Briefly, the front-end and the back end are operating separately and respond to their specific tasks based on the information transmitted by the API.

How is Magento 2 headless PWA going to affect eCommerce?

Amazon is one of the pioneers that increased the popularity of headless eCommerce. This marketplace giant reflects the immense potential of headless commerce applications. Incorporating a headless commerce platform helped it to elevate its position in mobile commerce.

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Similarly, hundreds of e-commerce websites adopted headless PWAs. This strategy proved beneficial in enhancing their performance. They observed positive impacts from this technology-

Enhanced Speed and Flexibility

The Headless Magento platform delivers impeccable speed and agility to websites. In addition, it also makes the platform flexible due to back-ends and front-ends operating separately. 

Better Customizations

Magento 2 Headless PWA is offering a well-designed web architecture that is customizable to meet every business needs. This customizable solution makes sure that your webpage content is optimized as the need arises.

Timely Updates

The Magento headless commerce enables you to implement timely updates without affecting the back-end. You can easily display new offerings or new features on the front-end regularly with this PWA solution. Thus, Magento commerce helps your platform to deliver fresh content to every user.

Personalized User experience

People prefer to buy from brands that cater for their needs. That is why personalization is important for every e-commerce platform. For this purpose, Magento 2 headless commerce is the right choice. It is because this solution delivers a consistent user experience across all devices and channels. It also allows the web framework to use the data collected and personalize experiences for users across all channels.

Seamless integration

Magento 2 Headless provides impeccable and seamless integrations. This characteristic helps eCommerce in expanding opportunities and its outreach. Moreover, one of the best aspects of Magento 2 Headless introduces new integrations in a short amount of time. 

Improved conversion rates

Magento headless PWA increases your engagement and conversion rates in minimal effort. It helps you to optimize website performance for driving endless traffic. As a result, Magento 2 headless PWA theme allows you to get a better optimization for your visitors. You will, therefore, enable a more efficient conversion strategy to get more visitor to sales ratio.

Wider Outreach

If you managed to build a multi-channel or omnichannel eCommerce platform, your reach will get better. This reach will play a key role in scaling your website. Thus, Magento headless ensures the scalability of this platform. It helps your omnichannel platform to scale widely through all the available platforms.  Moreover, The content and products of the application are stored at the back end and is displayed on the front-end using API.

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Why headless Magento PWA is the future of eCommerce?

The idea of “omnichannel retail” means access to an online platform through its different channels. A user can access it either through a smartphone or a tablet. For strategizing this omnichannel experience, headless commerce platforms have become an essential component.

You can also develop your eCommerce platform using this headless architecture. Cenia PWA theme by Cedcommerce provide this headless solution for your platform.  This Cenia theme is built on Magento PWA Studio based on a react.js framework and enhanced by graphQL queries. Therefore, it gives you the ideal mobile-first eCommerce website without ignoring the interest of your audiences.

This headless architecture increased subscribers on EthnicSmart within a few weeks of its launch of PWA. Watch its success story below:



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