Invest in Magento PWA theme
Why it is the best time to invest in Magento PWA theme?

Why it is the best time to invest in Magento PWA theme?


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It is a testing time for businesses, especially smaller ones. Being optimistic, we can wish the crisis gets over as soon as possible. But alas! Optimism can not guarantee survival. Business needs an immediate solution to the problem. All you need to do is ensure that you invest in the right solution. In this post, we will take you through one such solution as a Magento PWA theme. But is the Magento PWA theme really a trustworthy solution for eCommerce? Let us explore this and other relevant queries.

Small businesses can not afford to stay stagnant for long. Their survival is at stake, and the only way out is sales. Amid the chaos of pandemic, eCommerce is emerging as one of the safest bets for businesses. But one should never blindly invest in a solution. Business is all about making the right decisions at the right time.

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A Tale of Inspire

Alibaba is such a big online brand today. But few people know the important role of the 2003 SARS crisis in boosting the growth of Alibaba, a small business company back then. Going back in 2003 during the widespread infection caused by the SARS virus, Alibaba, clearly emerged as an ultimate victor. It gave an online shopping alternate to consumers for buying products from their homes amid lockdown and social quarantine.

Literally, there are many Chinese eCommerce brands that established their roots back during the time of the 2003 SARS crisis. These businesses include some very popular brands of the present day. Alibaba itself operates on a global scale nowadays. One more incredibly successful example is, which was originally a retail store chain. It shifted to the online business model because of SARS never to return. There are plenty of amazing success stories to draw parallels with today’s market conditions, and you can become one of them by the end of this pandemic.

Why is eCommerce the most viable solution for businesses?

It is important to stick to the basics of business and test the viability of eCommerce as a solution. Taking many economists and market experts into consideration, you can easily see they are setting high hopes for mobile eCommerce. We can also attribute this that there are not a lot of options, anyway.

It is hard to deny the huge role mobile eCommerce is going to play in reviving businesses in times to come. There are many factors which the transition to eCommerce a very viable option for businesses.

Convenient & Risk-free

Convenience is always an advantage for online shoppers. Online shopping is already a very popular way of engaging an audience. The pandemic has now pushed people to stick to their homes, but they still need to fulfill the essential needs themselves.

eCommerce is the best way to cope with business turmoil caused because of the lockdown. This convenience can become a persistent habit if things continue to stay like they are right now.

Social distancing and Contactless purchase

One of the most critical challenges in times of the viral pandemic is to curb the curve. Without breaking the chain of transmission, there is no end to this problem. Considering the time consumed in research and development of a vaccine is over 2 years, people will find themselves when social distancing will become a necessary attitude.

This is obviously going to keep people from visiting crowded places. The focus of shoppers will, therefore, be directed towards online shopping.

Demand and supply management

When everything is under a standstill, it is really tricky to keep up with the supplies and logistics. In fact, the situation will become even more difficult to manage if most of the distribution networks and transportation are established to normalcy. This is eventually going to become a challenge to keep up with the market demands with a shortage of supplies to local shops.

ECommerce can cut out a lot of headaches in managing the distribution network. It gives companies the option to receive orders online and manage them through the distributor supplies accordingly.

Ever Growing eCommerce Traffic

There is a substantial increase in online traffic after the month of February. This existing behavioral trend is an indicator of how the business-consumer relationship is going to change if circumstances don’t improve. Another surprising fact which is hurting brick and mortar stores is that even the elderly population is now tilting towards eCommerce.

There is an undoubtedly high chance that the dominance of eCommerce will reach new heights in the foreseeable future. As most people nowadays have access to the internet and device availability is also not an issue.

Why is the Magento PWA theme the best investment for eCommerce websites?

As more and more businesses are moving online, it is going to become a crowded space. To stand out amid the crowded eCommerce landscape, engagement and conversion need to be the primary focus for businesses. Magento PWA theme offers one of the most complete solutions to eCommerce websites, which can offer the much-needed edge.

Rise of Mobile eCommerceSource – eMarketer

PWA offers significant benefits to a business with a multitude of app-like elements. It is a wholesome package. When in stiff competition, such features are always a valuable asset to dethrone the competitors and keep business growing? There are dozens of successful PWA website which are growing beyond culpable imagination proving its worth.

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Here are a few vital aspects of the Magento PWA theme that make it the best investment for business websites.

Omnichannel outreach

Mobile commerce is as much important for fruitful results for eCommerce businesses. More people are using mobiles to reach eCommerce rather than computers. Therefore, the foundation of an online business model must ensure that it is equally efficient in every platform. With an average website, the outreach gets limited to computer-generated traffic.

Magento PWA theme makes a significant difference with the help of its responsive design, which adapts web design according to the users’ device. For mobile visitors, it accustoms the PWA website to transform itself into a user interface of mobile apps. This enables flawless engagement across mobile and computer visitors keeping them hooked.

More pregnable marketing

As an eCommerce business, it is very important to ensure you are making your presence felt among your target audience. Magento PWA themes are web applications and therefore they are naturally much easier to rank on search engines. Google crawlers recognize the web applications more easily than an average website, which always helps the web page in getting ranked above a similarly designed non-PWA website.

Another great asset for PWA websites is that they are installable, just like an app. The thing which makes it even better is that the user does not need to download loads of data to install web applications. The website places an app-icon on the home screen of the user’s device. This, along with the ability to send push notifications, makes the Magento PWA theme a dependable marketing ground to work on. Push messages and notifications also make great call-to-actions to retrieve user interest.

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Engage, interact, and impress

It is important to keep the websites fast and fluent for surfing. PWA websites are much faster and able to load in a splash after the first visits. One of the other important aspects of eCommerce is the ability to interact with the users. There are interactive web layouts and intuitive presentation of web pages in the Magento PWA theme, making it very proficient and interactive to visitors’ liking.

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With user experience, PWA websites match shoulder-to-shoulder with mobile apps. To an average mobile user, it feels like using a mobile app. There are no two ways around it. In fact, PWA beats mobile apps for compatibility with internet connectivity. Magento PWA theme would be equally flawless to use, no matter if the internet is fast or sluggish.

Technological stability

The technical prowess of a solution is one of the most integral aspects of eCommerce websites, which is underrated. One should always care to emphasize the stability and trustworthiness of a solution. Nothing is perfect, and the same is the case with web applications. While technical disturbances can be sometimes inadvertent, but many of them are simply because of inefficiencies on the technological front. PWA websites avoid such issues with the help of a well-synchronized setup.

Poor synchronization of data is a major let down for users. Magento PWA theme gives a consistent conversation and builds on every interaction with the user irrespective of device or place or anything else. For instance, most eCommerce websites often show glitches and sluggish response if a load of visitors exceeds a specific threshold.

Concluding Remarks

Hostile conditions demand adaptive ability for survival. The same is clear with the current global pandemic and its impact. Businesses need to take tough decisions, and these decisions must come out with logical reasoning. We can clearly see how the market is changing because of the impact created by COVID-19. Businesses are rushing towards the eCommerce business model but failing to realize the elementary facets beforehand.

Action requires the courage to reinvent your business model. Businesses should avoid unnecessary investments in a hurry, specifically during periods of high uncertainty. One wrong step can change the entire equation for small businesses.

Why choose the Magento PWA theme?

It is always better to choose a reliable brand for your business. This is the reason the Magento PWA theme is always going to be a wise investment. You can rely on the services of Magento based products and Magento is a name ranked among the best eCommerce platforms.

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This is a much-needed transition phase for small businesses. Understanding the dexterity and financial tangibility of such businesses, CedCommerce has created the Cenia Pro PWA for Magento Websites. It serves everything you could think of getting from a dream eCommerce website. Step forward and experience the Cenia Pro theme for Magento PWA today and kick off the rues of the pandemic.

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