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eCommerce marketplaces bring to the table an amazing shopping experience in addition to making possible customer-buyer interactions like never before.

The eCommerce industry is getting bigger and better with each passing day. For entrepreneurs, eCommerce business is the best bet in the current times for a profitable venture.

Studies have predicted that by the year 2021 eCommerce retail sales will hit $4.9 trillion globally. Considering which a growth rate of approximately 265% from the year 2014 can be expected until 2021. Various studies have confirmed strong chances of consistent growth without any signs of decline in the times to come.

Day-by-day multi-vendor marketplaces are becoming popular, credits to their unique ability to attract huge traffic, allowing multiple sellers to sell at one platform, streamlined and smooth operation, being less expensive, and lots more.

With new marketplaces coming up and the gradual merging of both the physical and digital dimensions of shopping, multi-channel and social shopping is the way to go. eCommerce business shall not only focus on multi-channel selling or their social media presence but also work on creating a global image to cater to audiences far and wide.

  • Are you thinking of starting your own eCommerce business?
  • Wondering where to begin? How to start the website?
  • How to market your eCommerce website?

In that case, we have the perfect guide for you “Your know-it-all guide to starting a successful eCommerce marketplace”. This would help answer all the queries that you have, be it about the prerequisites to starting a marketplace or marketing methods post-launch we’ve addressed it all.

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