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Cenia Pro Magento 2 PWA Theme 1.2.1 with new Updates and Fixes

Cenia Pro Magento 2 PWA Theme 1.2.1 with new Updates and Fixes


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Great user experience spells happy customers which means a boost in sales! eCommerce websites the world around are doing everything they can to enhance the customer experience in order to create brand loyalty and improve re-engagement with their customers. Progressive Web Apps allow you to do so. Customers can glide through your PWA glitch-free and more so now with the new PWA theme for Magento 2. So, let’s have a look at what’s new in the Cenia Pro Magento 2 PWA Theme!

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Add to compare feature

This feature basically allows the customer to compare multiple products. You can choose different products and compare them simultaneously. This allows the customer to make an informed purchase decision based on the comparison of the different products.

Magento 2 PWA theme

Add to compare in category page

Cenia Pro Magento 2 PWA Theme

Add to compare in the product page

Cenia supports the RTL view completely

The Cenia Pro Magento 2 PWA Theme 1.2.1 now supports RTL view or Right To Left view. For those of you who are new to this concept, when a page is translated to Arabic the products and descriptions are displayed Right to Left and not Left To Right as is normally the case.

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Benefits of Magento PWA for eCommerce websites

Cenia Pro Magento 2 PWA Theme

RTL view

Account email confirmation feature

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Email confirmation is another new feature that you can see in our theme. When you sign-up or create an account a confirmation mail is sent to your email address. After you confirm, then only is your account created. This also acts as a security heads-up in case of email misuse.

Magento 2 PWA theme

Account email confirmation

Bundle product support

This wonderful feature allows shoppers to add and customize products in a bundle according to their needs. It is simply allowing the customer to add various products of different categories under one order.

Cenia Pro Magento 2 PWA Theme

Bundle product 

Loader for add to cart loading and displaying the success message

This is a vital feature that has been added to the PWA theme that shows you when a product is being added to the cart and also displays a success message, “added to cart” or any relevant message, upon completion.

PWA theme for Magento 2

Add to cart success message

The product sharing feature in the product page

Below the product image, you can find the sharing option to multiple social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

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By clicking on this option the selected product and its link will be shared on the selected social media site for anyone to access.

Cenia Pro Magento 2 PWA Theme

Product sharing option

Recent products slider on the product page

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All the products that have been recently viewed by the customer can now be seen in a slider on the product page. This allows the customer to easily access the products last viewed.

PWA theme for Magento 2

Recent products slider

Cenia font and font size updated

The font and the font size have been updated. As we know fonts should be easy to read as they play a key role in the presentation. The right size, style, and color are important to attract customers.

View all product options in the search suggestion

Earlier, when a customer searched for a product using the search bar, a few products used to be displayed along with related search suggestions. Now the theme also features a “View all product” button along with the few displayed products. This helps the customer to understand that there are more products available.

view all products

View all product in search suggestions

Category banner added

Category banners are a great way to capture the customer’s attention and now this feature is available with our theme. You can add a banner image for every category of product that you will be showcasing.

PWA theme for Magento 2

Category banner

Dynamic footer added

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The dynamic footer feature is a good addition as it helps to customize the footer as per business requirements from the backend. What a business wants to include on the footer is totally customizable as per their wish.

dynamic footer

Dynamic footer


Fixed push notification issues

Now when a new customer signs up his/her email id will be updated in the push notification grid, which was previously not the case.

Fixed issues on product page

Product details were added and color variant issues were fixed.

PWA theme for Magento 2

Fixed SEO related issues

Meta tags and structured data were fixed.


CedCommerce team has dedicatedly worked towards making  the Cenia Pro PWA theme 1.2.1 bug-free and improve its UX. The advanced technical aspects used make the theme better in every possible way. This makes the Cenia Pro PWA theme fast, reliable and engaging, all to enhance user experience.

If you have any queries related to our theme or Magento 2 PWA please feel free to contact us and we will be happy help you out!

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