Year 2019 at a glance for CedCommerce
Incredible Transformations and Events of the Year 2019 for CedCommerce

Incredible Transformations and Events of the Year 2019 for CedCommerce


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Never the one to let go of marvelous opportunities, the 2019 Year Calendar was jam-packed with all things phenomenal. With the end of another year, hereby, CedCommerce would like to take this opportunity, to take into account all that we have earned, and thank the people responsible for our achievements. So, come along on a journey to reflect upon the events of the year 2019 at a glance for CedCommerce. Additionally, make sure you check out the message from our Oracle, full of transcendental forecasts for CedCommerce in years to come and a promising message from none other than Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal.

Year at a Glance Bullet Journal of CedCommerce

  1. Learning From the Streams of Expertise: Events Attended in the 2019 Year Calendar
    1. From the CedCommerce Events of the year 2019 Bullet Journal:
      1. Meet Magento India 2019 – MM19IN
      2. Magento Imagine 2019
      3. Shopify Unite 2019
      4. INBOUND 2019
      5. Magento Live Europe 2019
      6. SEMrush Marketing Show India, 2019
  2. Trophies, Acknowledgments, and Achievements: Best events in 2019
    1. Meet Magento India 2019 – MM19IN: Contributors
    2. Collaborative Shopping: Magento Innovations Lab Winner 2019
    3. Magento’s Community Contributor at Magento Live EU 2019
    4. Magento Innovation Labs Winners: Head-On Shopping
    5. Securing Position in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India Program 2019: 4th Time in a row
    6. Enlisting as Shopify expert
  3. Shaking Hands with Partners in Time
  4. An Ode to the Patronage
  5. Behind the Scenes: the Year 2019 at a Glance for CedCommerce
  6. Without you we are nothing, together we are everything
  7. Our Oracle has a vision into 2020
  8. Inspire, Aspire, and Perspire to be Successful: Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal
  9. Another Start…

It is not an exaggeration when we say that 2019 was most definitely an eventful year for us. The best events in 2019 were the ones where we got an opportunity to dip our feet into the pool of extensive expertise.

Learning From the Streams of Expertise: Events Attended in the 2019 Year Calendar

Yes, by events, we mean the most anticipated global events that we were lucky enough to be in attendance at. From Digital and Content Marketing to Innovations, from Business extraordinaire to Framework specific Annual Meets, CedCommerce found itself fishing in all ponds.

year 2019 at a glance for cedcommerce best events in 2019 events  

From the CedCommerce Events of the year 2019 Bullet Journal:

  1. Meet Magento India 2019 – MM19IN: February 02, 2019
  2. Magento Distribution Contribution Day 2019: May 04
  3. Magento Imagine 2019: May 13
  4. Shopify Unite 2019: June 18
  5. BigCommerce Partners Summit 2019: July 11
  6. Exabytes Internet Marketing Summit 2019: August 08
  7. Grow Global Workshop with Alibaba & Exabytes 2019: September 06
  8. SME TALK “E-Commerce Cross Border”: September 09
  9. INBOUND 2019: September 03
  10. eCommerce Expo 2019: September 25
  11. Magento Live Europe 2019: October 22
  12. SEMrush Marketing Show India, 2019: December 05

These events, and a few others, were some of the most revered happenings of the year 2019. They were, in the real sense, a place to compile plenty of insights, tips, and tricks of the trade.

Meet Magento India 2019 – MM19IN

With more than 25 speakers and Keynote Sessions, around 600+ attendees became participants at one of the biggest meets in India: Meet Magento India 2019 at Ahmadabad. The event offered everything a developer, blooming Startups, Sellers, eCommerce experts, and magnates would absolutely love.

Ten members of the team, were there, as a team to absorb as much of the event had to offer, as possible. Being an official member of the Magento Community, this event held great importance for the team.

Since it offered a chance to attend articulate sessions from the eCommerce connoisseurs and explore business prospects, hence we sincerely appreciate the opportunity.

Magento Imagine 2019

Another magnificent event that colored the sin city orange was Magento Imagine 2019. And once again, is the part of Magento Community, CedCommerce was in attendance at the event.

But the event was no ordinary event for CedCommerce. We were there with three rounds winning Innovation, Collaborative Shopping.

Collaborative Shopping is an excellent futuristic Shopping Solution. Using it, the customers can actually see the product in a place they actually want to place it in 4D.

The event offered ripe knowledge through sessions for Customer Experiences, Omnichannel Innovations, and Commerce Intelligence.

Shopify Unite 2019

After being in attendance at more than a few Shopify events, this year, once again, CedCommerce was in attendance at another event of the year, Shopify Unite 2019.

It was the fourth annual partner and developer conference, held in Toronto, Canada.

The event was packed with some of the most awaited announcements. Several updates were made contributing to Online Store, Checkout App extensions, Video and 3D features for Branding purposes, Media APIs, Custom Storefront Tools, Language APIs, Multiple Currency Features, and so much more. Additionally, we were right there to experience all-new Shopify Plus.

The Co-founder, and Director of CedCoss (Parent Company to CedCommerce), Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal, was also there with his astute and sagacious view to offer guidance and insights.


An event that humanized the business and marketing was packed with an enormous amount of fun and entertainment right along with very pragmatic teachings to blow a new spirit in the lucky attendees.

It was the Inbound 2019, and the list of Speakers was shining with more than 250+ Celebrities. Furthermore, each one of them was an infinite source of Inspirations. Additionally, a gathering of more than 24000, 300 sessions covered everything under the Inbound Marketing Sky.

Sessions from Co-founders of HubSpot

But the experience of the event for Mr. Himanshu Rauthan, Co-founder of CedCoss, was on another spectrum. He attended the event on behalf of CedCommerce and MakeWebBetter. And highlights of his time in the event were the sessions with Mr. Brian Halligan (Inbound19: A New Species of Disruptor) and Mr. Dharmesh Shah (Inbound19: Facing Fears: Growing Better by Growing Bolder).

Which undoubtedly, were the events in the event itself. The five fears as per the Dharmesh’s talk, which are responsible for holding you back include:

  1. Fear of Commitment
  2. Fear of Differences
  3. Fearing Change
  4. Fear of Disappointing
  5. Fear of Inferiority

On the other hand, Brian’s session contained his entire day to day schedule. Well, there was a purpose behind the personal information being made public. Halligan explained a very overused and least understood term, the “Disruptors.” Speaking about the Disruptors, he did not mean the technological disruptors, but the Experience disruptors.

Experience disruptors, unlike the Incumbents, sell the experience. How they sell is what matters. Instead of what the product is, Experience disruptors, sell how the product will enhance the experience.

And by experience, they mean a very personalized, precisely what you want but did not even know that you want it kind of experience. Additionally, Brian highlighted through an example, how over experience can be wrong.

Moreover, no one can doubt that the event was a next-level party of Human Connection. Mr. Himanshu was absolutely charmed for life with the one on one meeting he got with Brian Halligan. They used the opportunity to discuss several aspects and strategies of the business.

Magento Live Europe 2019

Another place, and a second time in one year, CedCommerce was at an event receiving another International recognition for its Innovation and Vision to change the land of eCommerce.

The event covered everything from Multi-Store options, Futuristic Web Apps, Google Shopping Actions, easier and better AWS Integration than ever before to Adobe Target and Mobile Optimizations.

More than 25 keynote speeches and breakout sessions, the event held a unique significance for us. Amongst the esteemed speakers, was a session demonstrating another innovation from CedCommerce, by Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal, our very own Co-founder of CedCoss.

Sessions we enjoyed the most:

But, the sessions that Abhishek loved at the event were probably everyone’s favorite. There is perhaps not a single person out there, who would remain uninspired after listening to Dame Vera Stephanie “Steve” Shirley, talk about her life. The girl who arrived in Britain as a child refugee at the age of five, along with her older sister. Going out of the norm to learn Mathematics, and later proving her worth as an ingenious Programmer and Computer designer in the following years in a strictly male-dominated world.

Her struggles and the journey of how she overcame it all inspires every soul that comes in contact with her.

The other session that moved the audience was that of Mr. Joost Rigter. A legendary man in his own right.

Former waiter with a dream to do wonders in the Hotel Business, almost everything in his life, when a rare disease stole his eyesight to about complete sightlessness.

But unlike an ordinary person who would have probably spiraled down, he only progressed beyond average. His take on how a change from normal throws people into a Vulnerable state.

But the trick here is to let the change be the new normal, instead of whining about the loss and drowning in excuses. Thus, no matter what, once he allowed the confusion, denial, and like a Pheonix, here stands The Joost Rigter, the three-time founder, a connoisseur of change, and a man without sight but never without vision.

SEMrush Marketing Show India 2019

As the buzzed with the most significant marketing show at the end of the year 2019, SEMrush Marketing Show India 2019 was indeed everything a Marketer could dream of.

Every session was a fruitful collaboration of what has been and what’s to come in the future when it comes to Digital and Content Marketing.

The sessions were categorized into four different spectrums:

  1. Growth Stage
  2. Online Ads
  3. SEO Stage
  4. Workshop

Each of these categories was stacked with the powerful rounders from the cognoscenti in their niches.

Five members of the Team attended these sessions and were primarily influenced by each sitting they participated in.

Some of the excellent sessions that probably every attendee loved were:

  1. The State of Content with Miss. Olga Andrienko, Head of Global Marketing at SEMrush. The future of content in 2020, depending upon the current trends of Content Marketing.
  2. Marketing in 2020 and beyond: Why Businesses should kill the funnel and focus on Flywheel with Mr. Shahid Nizami, APAC Managing Director at HubSpot. The key to flying sales and retaining customers is keeping the Customer at the center and focusing all strategies around A-Ok Customer Services.
  3. Lead Generation Strategy with Miss. Michelle Morgan, Director of Client Services at Clix Marketing. The session embarks on a multi-stop journey when it comes to Quality Lead Generations, its purposes, and methods to attain them.
  4. Turning Clicks into customers: Unlocking the power of CRO with Miss. Shahina Meru, Senior Manager – CRO at Merkle EMEA. The session was a deep insight into the importance of the right content for the right pace on Landing Pages to target Conversion Rate.
  5. Start a Business with Mr. Vargab Bakshi, Partnerships & Business Development For & Head (India, South, Asia) at Shopify Inc. A session about addressing opportunities to multiply earnings through startups by selling Time, Thinking, and Technology.
  6. Building and Scaling Product Marketing Teams for SaaS Companies with Mr. Praval Singh, Head of Marketing at For the Saas Companies, the session brought guidelines regarding Building and Scaling of Product Marketing.
  7. Harnessing the power of many with Mr. Anshuman Kumar, Head – Global Brand & Corporate Communications at Intuit. The most unique and ever the effective technique is to Personalize as much as possible. And what better way to do so, than letting the employees of the company take upon the role of Ambassadors of the brand.

Why do we Value these Events so much?

And a few more true gems were our takeaways from the Show of the year.

These Conferences and Seminars are what we need to solidify what we learn and do to adapt and transform into our better selves.

It is easy to go online, look for a blog on “How-To,” “# best ever lists,” or “Why-You-Musts” about all things, but is that enough? How many of those do we read thoroughly and keep in our minds, along with all other things that need attention?

Whereas, attending one of these stands out session has a profound impact. That too, coming from a person who has done it all, achieved what needs to be delivered and more. This is what acts as the final nail to substantiate the learnings and keeping them alive for years.

Not to forget they are a great way to seek inspiration. 

How many times are you really learning everything and absorbing through those study material and not merely skimming through it?

Moreover, isn’t it a great way to step back from the daily humdrum and have fun while working?

Trophies, Acknowledgments, and Achievements: Best events in 2019

You make attempts and work hard to achieve not smaller short-termed goals but along more futuristic one. And, each action has its reaction, not always the kind you expect.

year 2019 at a glance for cedcommerce best events in 2019 achievements

Nonetheless, these reactions, or say results are a measure of your efforts. When your attempts are in the right direction and smart enough, the results are most definitely worth it.

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” — Henry David Thoreau

Thus, like years before that, once again, we grabbed a few trophies in the year 2019. Here are some of the achievements that marked the 2019 year Calendar for CedCommerce.

Magento Contributors at Meet Magento India 2019

Another proud moment for CedCommerce was when three of the bright members of the Team won the acknowledgment of Contributors and were awarded MagentoTees during the event.

At every event, Magento entertains a competition of sorts, in which the various Magento Community Members participate. Based on their ability to complete a set of tasks, Magento acknowledges them as the Magento Contributors.

The three winners were, Aditya Yadav (Software Developer), Govind P Sharma (Sr. Software Developer), Shikha Mishra (Sr. Software Developer).

Collaborative Shopping: Magento Innovations Lab Winner 2019

The Salacious mind of Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal came up with a new futuristic idea that aims to change the Shopping Experience for good. Collaborative Shopping, an Innovation Lab entry, won the contest for CedCommerce and gave us a unique recognition.

The innovation incorporates the Augmented Reality Technologies, to project a virtual 4D image of the product you are looking forward to purchasing, in the actual place where you would like to place it.

The technology also accompanies the facility to share the projection with people via voice chat. The customers can resize, move, and view the product from different angles to grab a better view.

The fact that you can place a lamp you are looking for online, at a location in your living room, see it from different angles and colors meanwhile share the screen to get ideas from your friends and family, is what causes the name of this Technology to be Collaborative Shopping.

Mr. Somesh Katiyar, the Chief Marketing Officer at CedCommerce, demonstrated the splendid innovation at Magento Imagine 2019, Las Vegas.

Magento Contributors at Magento Live Europe 2019

Shikha Mishra, Full Stack Developer with team CedCommerce as well as a Quality Maintainer Magento GitHub, received an acknowledgment as “Magento Contributor” for her outstanding benefaction with Magento2 Core, Adobe Stock Integration and PWA Studio.

What matters more was that she was invited to the Contribution Day to showcase her achievements and was honored by the Magento Engineering Team as well.

Head-On Shopping: Magento Innovations Lab Winner 2019

A technological innovation that caters to the need of everyone to power through any and all limitations, even if it is as small as being too lazy or sitting in a bathtub.

Once again, Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal and Team CedCommerce came up with an Innovation bringing the world of Shopping to new levels. Adding to the Magento Shopping Features, Head-On Shopping enables a shopper to scroll and navigate through an online marketplace with head bobs and shakes.

Head-On Shopping utilizes the iPhone X’s TrueDepth Fron-Facing Camera that comes with 3D sensors, advanced neural engine, and algorithms. It also incorporates Apple’s AR Kit to track head movements for Plotting the action of a cursor on the screen.

Through this revolutionary innovation, CedCommerce earned another chance to hold a demonstration session at Magento Live Europe 2019. Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal delivered a magnificent keynote speech where he purchased a product during the meeting with just a few nodding gestures of his head.

4th time in a Row: Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India Program 2019

The 50 fastest-growing technology companies in the world, find themselves on a list designed and designated by the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India every year. Those rankings are based on the three-year growth in sales.

The Deloitte Tech Fast India 50 happens to be one of India’s leading technology awards. The list covers growth driven Innovators and celebrates entrepreneurial activity and innovation.

CedCoss ranked 34th in the year 2016, 46th in 2017, 22nd in 2018.

And grabbing 29th position in the year 2019, CedCoss has kept up a spot in the list of top 50 rapidly growing companies of India, four times in a row.

Enlisted as Shopify Expert

With the ending of 2019, another win for CedCommerce came in the form of Shopify Expert Certification. As of December 6 of 2019, CedCommerce is now an official Shopify Expert. Along with this, CedCommerce now proudly stands in the Service based area of Shopify.

Ever since 2015, CedCommerce has been working in collaboration with Shopify as a Product based partner. Now we have become a Service-based Partner as well. We are supplying the Shopify users with Products and Services, which are rich in quality as acknowledged by numerous Customers.

All services involving Store Setup from Scratch, App Development, SEO, SMM, and Brand Advertising, CedCommerce ensures to cover the needs of users from all directions.

Shaking Hands with Partners in Time

CedCommerce, for the past ten years, has continuously been working towards not just becoming a go-to Solution Provider but also forming a deep, symbiotic, and indissoluble bonds of trust and partnership within the eCommerce community.

year 2019 at a glance for cedcommerce best events in 2019 partners

For Years, CedCommerce has been in partnership with Walmart, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Newegg, Fruugo, Sears, Tophatter, and so many more.

Partnerships Sailed in 2019

Only this year, we have got the opportunity to share our journey with more partners, and we are humbled to work with them.

This year we go into Partnership with Google Shopping Actions. A program that allows you to research, compare, and shop your products across Google Assistant, Google Shopping, and in Search using a universal cart, etc. CedCommerce is an Official Partner of Google.

Another critical partnership we entered this year is with HubSpot eCommerce Bridge. With this partnership, now CedCommerce officially provides Integration Extensions that help sellers in customizing and optimizing the content on their store and marketplace. Synchronizing and Automatic store to HubSpot is now easier than ever before, all crediting to this marvelous partnership.

MagePlaza is responsible for providing open-source Magento Extensions and Custom Development. CedCommerce is now an official partner with MagePlaza.

Apart from these, some other significant collaborations were with Store Prep, Privy, Reverb, BlueSnap, Cdon, WeDevs, etc.

CedCommerce is also a partner with Adyen. Adyen is an online payment platform that is in collaboration with giants such as Facebook, Uber, Spotify, Grab, Lorna Jane,, etc.

Fnac Dart, a multi-national electrical retailing company, has also formed a union with us.

Famous for the top inline fashion Apparels, UK based marketplace, Spartoo is also now in Partnership with CedCommerce as of 2019.

Two major eCommerce Platforms, opencart, and BigCommerce came in collaboration with CedCommerce officially. Nonetheless, years before this collaboration, CedCommerce was serving the customers of these two frameworks, with high-quality Integration Solutions and Consultation Services.

An Ode to the Patronage

We are what we are only because of the trust, challenge, and hence, the opportunity our Valuable Customers present us with. We are grateful to those who have been with us for years now and are always full of nice and kind words for us.

Along with that, we have formed new bonds with some new Clients who have placed their trust in us, and we cannot be more appreciative of this chance to serve them.

To all those who have been with us for years now, your faith in us means everything to us — we are always trying very hard to bring only the best for you. And your recognition for that is all the reward we want. Thank you for being with me all this time.

Our sincere gratitude for Saif Studio, Zen Boutiq,,, Shalom Apparel,, and others who understand our value, and recognize our efforts.

We hope to be in service for these fine people for years to come.

Behind the Scenes: the Year 2019 at a Glance for CedCommerce

Just like every other year, the 2019 year calendar was perfectly sprinkled with lots of celebrations and festivities. These festivities were some of the major events in the 2019 Year Calendar for CedCommerce.

We here at CedCommerce are all about working hard and then celebrating harder. Taking a break, stepping back from work, celebrating life, and then jumping back to work with a fresh clear head and high energy. It’ what we believe in.

Luckily, we are blessed with an Amazing HR team that dedicatedly works to bring the best of every season. The energy here always remains at the peak, for which they are responsible to a high degree.

From a colorful Holi in March:

Holi landed in the middle of Elections, which is a tough time to get any open space for a public gathering. But somehow, our heroes, the HRs, managed to get permission from every resident of the block and found the perfect place for a boisterous Holi celebration.

Towards empowering Women’s Day:

With more than a hundred women in the team, the day was completely dedicated to celebrating power, grace, and feminity of the Women of the world.

Through the Tri-colored Independence:

The whole office was covered in the tri-colors, and everyone got dressed to match the spirits. With people singing patriotic songs to fabulous dance performances, it was a day that blew new spirits in all of us.

At a big, loud, brightly lit Diwali:

With firecrackers and roaring spirits, at a grand party for Diwali, everyone ate, sang, danced, and had a time of their lives in Sarees and Sherwanis for a very traditional desi(indigenous) style Diwali.

In the perfectly Sporty Team Spirited Tournaments:

Every Year CedCommerce hosts massive multi-sport tournaments for Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom, PUBG, Counter-Strike, FIFA Video Game Series, and Lucknow Corporate Cricket League. The sole purpose of these exhilarating events is to promote healthy competition, enhance Teamwork, and refresh the lifestyle.

With a Merry Christmas:

A known Santa dropped little packages of joy from Secret Santas filled with lots of merry wishes and perhaps a few secret messages for all of the Team members, this Christmas. The day was spent enjoying lots of fun, joyous activities, and wonderful celebrations.

And a Happy New Year

Which was full of Team Outings to several awesome vacation destinations for days.

And this is not just 2019; every year for us is an excuse to live a little more.

Without you we are nothing, together we are everything

Like we said before, CedCommerce is nothing without its Partners, Clients, Employees, and Sister Companies.

We have progressive and mutually symbiotic bonds with all our Partners and Clients. We thank them for placing their valuable faith in us and showing confidence in our effectiveness.

CedCoss is the parent company of CedCommerce. And together with Mr. Himanshu Rauthan, Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal is responsible for, CedCommerce, MageNative, MWB, and BMW. Four wings that make sure CedCoss flies to new heights and achieves every success it desires. We express deep our appreciation and gratitude towards the sister companies in the way they have always been a support pillar for us.

Mr. Himanshu Rauthan is an extremely equanimous person with a strong, steady back. He is always there for every single member of the team to offer in-depth guidance. It goes without saying that we all are indebted to his mere counsel.

One of the statements we hear from Mr. Jaiswal most of the time here is, “The Company is nothing but what its employees are.” Every single person under the umbrella of CedCommerce works with incalculable enthusiasm and energy. Day or night, they are always working towards progress. Each member contributes something unique in a way or the other to the team. Which is why we say, “Together we are Everything.”

Our Oracle has a vision into 2020

A few days into 2020, and we are already on the path to upturn new stones. Speaking of the vision to uphold for the following year, our focus is more on the expansion side of the business. Ten years into the market, and we are blessedly stable. The business model is doing wonders, and now is the time to explore new horizons.

Among some of the top resolutions, which by the way we are going to uphold, are incorporating more of the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the existing Apps to bring an even better experience for our clients.

We have partnered with almost all of the big marketplaces out there, and now this year, we look forward to extending it to Amazon and a few other major eCommerce Marketplaces. We intend to become a complete Business Solution for Shopify.

Apart from that, Team CedCommerce is also looking into not just expanding but upgrading the existing partnerships, such as Hubspot Gold Partnership, Enterprise Magento Partner, etc.

Furthermore, Cedcommerce is aiming to expand the business aspects of WooCommerce and Multi-Vendor to more countries beyond its existing customer base locations.

The year 2020 will be more about focused on Marketing the Brand. We are already divulging in as many prospects of enhancing our brand as possible.

But above all, we have great news. CedCommerce intends to officially bring out the Digital Marketing Services for you, real soon. You will surely hear all about it in the near future.

Inspire, Aspire, and Perspire to be Successful: Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal

A message from Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal:

To the Clients:

We appreciate your support and trust. We are always devoted to bringing out the best, easiest, and fastest solutions for you. Without a doubt, we will keep putting the best efforts to meet your expectations in the future as well.

To the employees:

CedCommerce has always been a Youth oriented company. We believe in giving equal chance and weight to the voice of our young team members just as we appreciate and recognize the experienced ones. I personally recognize all the efforts, each one of you put into your work.

And I would like to encourage you to build yourself at the individual level. Do not stop growing, learning, discovering new things every second of every day.

Put efforts into everything you do with your whole heart and think like an entrepreneur. When every single member of the team starts to think and grow constantly, only then they grow mutually. Which, in the end, adds to the growth of a Company.

Another Start…

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.” -T.S. Eliot

Progress is what else but change in the right direction. And who is to decide the right direction but you through your actions?

We do things, we either succeed, or we don’t. Nonetheless, we learn from the failures and then focus on another kind of change. Moreover, History will be a waste if we don’t use it to learn. So every year, we count our losses, calculate our wins, analyze our past self, and with the new year, we compete with that past self to become better.

At last, with warm wishes and lots of bright hopes, we are moving with a fresh force in 2020.

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