Meet CedCommerce at Magento Imagine 2019
Connect with CedCommerce at Magento Imagine 2019: Our take to attend premier event at Las Vegas

Connect with CedCommerce at Magento Imagine 2019: Our take to attend premier event at Las Vegas


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Considered among the biggest business occasions for the online community, The Magento Imagine 2019 is about to start. The event is poised to better than last year. The 3-day event going to be organized between May 13 to May 15 will be organized at Wynn Las Vegas. This year 3500+ attendees from 60+ countries will join the event and become the part of breakout sessions, workshops and training sessions. Over 150+ speakers will deliver the keynote this season that affects the e-commerce and Magento industry on the whole.  


The premier event of the Magento will be attended by the biggest e-commerce innovators, merchants, retailers, marketers, and developers. It is organized to establish connections among the Magento Community and with the overall e-commerce industry; educate and advance the persons – developers, marketers, and merchants – connected with Magento Community and provide insights into the work Magento has done for the betterment of e-commerce and also present its future plan to all the stakeholders.  


Now let’s get to why this event is so popular and every time it happens. Magento Imagine 2019 guarantees to give new openings to the small online retailers. There are different verticals which will be closely scrutinized – B2B, Business Innovations, Growth Strategies, Technical, Winning solutions, Small business and Commerce Best Practices.


There will also be some activities organized by the sponsors in the event like Community Mural, Pre Imagine Mage Hackathon, Big Dam Run, Mage Yoga, B2b Digital Journey, Pre Imagine, etc. Therefore, there is so much to absorb during the 3-day event which you can’t miss out:


      1. Special Sessions at Magento Imagine 2019
      2. Magento U Courses and Certification Exams
      3. Hear from the best in the business
      4. Learn about Latest Magento Innovations
      5. Make New Connections
      6. Learn About New Tools and Techniques


1. Special Sessions at Magento Imagine 2019:

In this year’s Magento Imagine 2019, the special session topics which are popular among developers and industry specialists are:


a) Building Exceptional Mobile Experiences Around the Globe

Speaker: Rob Long, PayPal, will act as the moderator of the panel joined by System Integrators and Merchants.

Place: Latour 2                         Timings: Monday | May 13 | 8:00am to 9:15am


Agenda:  As the mobile conversions are 1/3 than that of the desktop. There are pseudo losses of billions of dollars happening each year only due to the experience didn’t still enough confidence to make a check-out at mobile. This panel will discuss the latest findings of the Magento Mobile conversion study with the system integrators and merchants who have been at the forefront of the mobile conversion optimization.


b) Anheuser-Busch InBev: B2B Digital Transformation at a Global Scale

Speakers: Jonathan Tudhope, Director of Interactive Development, Something Digital | Carrie Weidenbach, Strategic Program Manager, Something Digital

Place: Margaux 2                         Timings: Monday | May 13 |  11:15am to 12:00pm


Agenda: This session is aimed at providing customer-centric inputs and insights to the B2B businesses willing for the expansion into South Africa and 11 other regions of the African Continent. The session will though light on how Magento and its functionalities – B2B, Multilingual, Multisite – were leveraged to build reproducible processes and technology assets for high growth and future success.  

c) Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento Commerce 2: Strategic Planning for Business Leaders

Speakers: Ray Bogman, Senior Business Solutions Architect, Magento, an Adobe Company

Place: Chairman’s Salon                      Timings: Monday | May 13 | 11:15 am to 12:00 pm


Agenda: This session is aimed at making attendees understand the timeline and related steps involved in the successful migration to Magento 2 commerce. Attendees can witness the discussion that touches the core concepts of migration:  best practice frameworks for preparing for the migration, and strategies to optimize cost, accelerate speed to market, and avoid common pitfalls


d) Growth Strategies: Key Considerations for Building an Online Marketplace

SpeakersSubroto Chakrabarty, Sr. Director of Engineering, Digital Innovation, Albertsons Companies | Joel Hart, CEO, Mediotype | Rick Johnson, President & CEO, Kadro Solutions | Tom McFadyen, CEO, McFadyen Digital | Karen Rzepecki, Founder & CEO, MakerPlace Inc. | Dave Swift, VP of Engineering, The Grommet

Place: Margaux 1                         Timings: Monday | May 13  | 1:30pm to 2:15pm


Agenda: In this session, the attendees can listen to the first-hand experience of stakeholders involved in opening a marketplace and related discussions i.e. business & platform considerations. Their insights in deciding the right approach, product categories and strategies to engage customers according to their tastes irrespective of their geographic locations.


e) Finding Cross-Border Success: How to Identify Your Next Market in an Uncertain World

Speakers: Skye Spear, VP N.A. Sales & Global Partnerships, Signifyd

Place: La Tache                         Timings: Tuesday | May 14  | 11:15am to 12:00pm


Agenda: This session is aimed at educating aspiring cross-border entrepreneurs various aspects such as the choice of the next location, steps to take, and the list of pros and cons – to consider to expand into international markets.


f) Round Pegs Into Square Holes: Exporting Magento Commerce 2 Products to Google Merchant Center

Speakers: David Deppner, CEO & Founder, Psyberware

Place: Latour 5                         Timings: Tuesday | May 14 | 1:30pm to 2:15pm


Agenda: This session is aimed at removing all the ambiguities for the Magento Commerce 2 users wanting to leverage Google Shopping ads. The session will educate attendees about the best practices to customize Magento commerce 2 architecture to match requirements for running a successful Google Shopping Ads campaign.


2. Magento U Courses and Certification Exams

Magento Events, It provides new opportunities to the young developers wanting to excel in the Magento ecosystem to take Magento U courses and certification exams at discounted pricing this year . They can learn from Magento experts, expert developers and merchants.  Magento is also organizing the certification readiness workshop at Imagine 2019. Magento is offering 30% off on the certification exams at Imagine 2019. 3 certification exams are being organized at this event:


      • Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist

      • Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer

      • Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer

      • Magento 2 Certified Professional Front End Developer

      • Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer Plus

      • Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer

      • Magento Certified Professional Cloud Developer


3. Hear from the best in the business:

Hear from the best in business. 150+ speakers will deliver their keynotes broadly divided into two categories – General Sessions and Breakout Sessions. The experts from Adobe, Magento, Google, HP, and Paypal will provide insights into latest happening – Mobile Conversions, Cross Border Trade, B2B e-commerce, PWA, Google Shopping and more – affecting the e-commerce world. The highlight of the Imagine 2019 will be Gary Vaynerchuk, the CEO of VaynerMedia and Chairman of Vaynerex.



4. Learn about Latest Magento Innovations:

Find out about the most recent Magento Platform improvements at Magento Innovation labs which is established to promote early stage, experimental, bleeding edge implementations of emerging technologies on the Magento eCommerce platforms. You can also learn in Magento Imagine 2019 that how the world’s no.1 commerce platform works and how the latest advancements will benefit your business.


CedCommerce’ Collaborative Shopping to feature at Magento Imagine 2019 Las Vegas

With the advent of the e-commerce, with all the respect to the convenience and transparency it has brought to the customers – the fun of shopping has somewhat taken a back-seat, as earlier it used to be means of social outing and interactions as well.

So with this, one of our team members came up with the concept of collaborative shopping, a concept which combines Augmented Reality with the phone calls/sharing to enable a potential buyer to share the product and how it fits their needs in real-time.


See how it works


Meet us at Imagine:

13th & 14th May 2019 

 Time: 13:00 PM to 13:30 PM

Venue: Magento Booth


Book your slot with


Somesh Katiyar

Chief Marketing Officer


5. Make New Connections:

At Magento Imagine 2019 you’ll organize and interface with industry administrators, advertisers, engineers, and trade trailblazers who will move you with their new thoughts.


Clients can also schedule their meetings and plans for Pre-Imagine Event. This Year Magento Is Organising Pre Imagine Event for the retailers, developers and innovation suppliers to meet the clients and plan with them to visit their booths.


6. Learn About New Tools and Techniques:

Magento Imagine usually gathers top merchants and companies that supply us top-notch examples of what we can do with the help of the platform and its capability.


Hear straight from industry specialists about the best business devices. Convey that learning back to the workplace and offer it to your associates and colleagues.


DOs: To get maximum out of any event:

Being a small business owner there are huge opportunities – business collaboration, learning, and Networking – so you need to bring your A game. The best thing is to prepare a personal agenda which must contain


      • Getting familiar with tools that fill business gaps: Sneak a deal on products
      • List of companies for a strategic alliance
      • Embracing the community through Networking


1. Familiarity with tools that fills business gaps: Get Discounts on Products:

While attending Magento Paris and E-commerce Berlin event I was exposed to great marketing content – brochures, pamphlets, banners, books. Great creativity and great representation, I collected them and shared with my team. The benefits were intangible and it did inspire the team.


However, it was exposure to SEMRUSH which was a huge gain. Exposure to Search Engine Marketing analytics shaped our marketing efforts. The analytics provided the boost to both our organic and paid campaigns. You can easily find solutions that fill gaps in your business.


Semrush was sort of revelation for us. It boosted our efforts in a competitive analysis which helped our marketing team to find out existing gaps and boost search engine ranking.


Since I was present at the ground-zero, I got an instant demo and priority treatment. The Semrush team communicated their ideas and vision related to the product which instantly connected with me.


Firms offer event-exclusive discounts, it’s the best time to find marketing, customer service, and email automation tools that fill your existing business gaps. Also, you get to have a hands-on experience on best products in the industry.


2. Zero-in on potential business collaboration:

Collaboration with companies from different geographies adds to your business strength. Zero-in on reasons that stops your product from being a great market fit. This will help you identify the possible collaboration on the technology front to make your product a right market-fit – the only way to be relevant in the highly competitive environment.


Also, you can have a mutual collaboration on information exchange enabling you to expand into newer markets.


3. Consolidate Community Support through networking

You might be a champion of your cause, operating the business out of the wilderness where there is a dearth of talent – the right set of people with unique skill sets add wings to your business but they’re difficult to find. However your business lack recognition.
It is the best opportunity to make yourself heard. It doesn’t mean communication with any or every person. Focusing on relevant businesses and persons helps you gain higher visibility for your product and business. Also, you get much-needed support from the community which uplifts your business and validates personal efforts. It’s fulfilling.



The business which is centered around creating participatory community and nurturing ecosystem wins hands down. Therefore the biggest benefit I got was the first-hand exposure to how to grow and maintain a vibrant ecosystem. More so, you discover methods and latest tools which you can deploy to make your next meetup more productive and achieve your business goals.


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