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It’s always special meeting industry experts and listening to their thoughts and deep insights. This year we were privileged to be able to listen to the views of great thinkers and industry leaders at Magento Live in France held from 6th Feb to 7th Feb ‘2017 in beautiful city of Paris.


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The thinkers and industry experts from all across the globe gathered and presented before us some really-compelling information. There was so much to learn that we felt our learning capability was short of retaining all the insightful information presented by the innovative speakers having exercised their brain for years in the e commerce vertical.


With 51 million buyers stopping by at Magento based e-commerce websites and taking home $101 Billion worth of Gross Merchandise Value home, and with a 200,000 strong community increasing 20% y-o-y, the Magento is poised to achieve newer heights.


The noticeable trends in Ecommerce 2017, as told by the thoughtful leaders, are:


  • 61% consumers expect click-and-collect functionality from the website they purchase, meaning they want to purchase online and pick the orders from nearest store

  • Another intriguing analysis is 86% of the customers said “they want to buy online and return in-store.

  • Social Commerce will boost up in 2017

  • And Content is the first concern for merchants using Omnicommerce model to offer their products at the some of the largest online marketplaces.


Also, we listened to the Market leaders about the different aspects of E-commerce. Let’s see what they’ve to say:


1. Shahar Evron, CTO Shoppimon, talked about the growing influence and Magento 2 Community’s inclination over the use of HTTPS/2. This corresponds to greater page loading across web browser by decreasing latency.


2. Paul Boisevert, Head of Product Management, Magento talked about the Product Innovation and their Roadmap to acclaim it. Magento, now, has 1000 marketplace extensions.



3. Emmanuel Stern, CEO The Kooples, talked about the importance and contribution of Omnicommerce in their brands’ success. “Over the years Omnichannel is maturing into the safest and most efficient methodology to increase sales and acquire new customers




4. Apart from it, Alex Babier, Digital Marketing Director, Oleveey Sweeney talked about the importance of engaging delivery experience and creative customer experience practices.


Olivier Heitz, Director of Digital Information Systems at Bouygues, and Mathieu Delpuech, the Global Direct-eCommerce Capability Manager at Mars Information Services were awarded Magento Trailblazer awards.


All-in-all, it was a thrilling experience. Lots of new things learned, exposure to different perspectives and new friends and business opportunities made, and a life long memory embedded, we hope the year 2017 overachieves all the goal and expectations put forward by Magento and us too.

Thanks for your interest!
Team CedCommerce


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