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Collaborative Shopping with AR sharing : The Future of eCommerce Mobile App

Collaborative Shopping: The Concept

Using AR core technologies for displaying the products in a 3D model. In combination with Twilio API for the voice chat and communication during the product sharing session.

There was Augmented Reality and then we threw in the fun element of social sharing. What we have now is a perfect concoction of an ecommerce app that not only lets you visualize the products in the setting you wish to place it but also enables sharing of the images with others. The app is aimed at delivering the fun experience involved in face to face interactions while shopping offline.

Getting to know AR better

Augmented Reality is going to disrupt the future of retail, says a report from Harvard Business Review.

Lots of deals are lost when customers shopping online miss evaluating and analysing the look and feel of the product over a virtual platform. A lot of confusion gets eliminated when the shopper gets to visualise the item of interest in its prospective area of placement.It can be easily understood as the superimposition of digital images over the user’s environment in real time. The future lies in the advancement of underlying software and hardwares utilised for building AR enabled apps.

The perks of Collaborative Shopping are going to be endless, to list a few:

  • Bridges the gap between online and offline shopping
  • Promises improved customer engagement
  • Reduces post sale hassles
  • Improves customer traffic and boosts sales

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