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Create A Multi Featured B2C Ecommerce Marketplace

Create A Multi Featured B2C Ecommerce Marketplace


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Are you looking for a multivendor B2C Ecommerce Marketplace solution suitable for startups? Do you want to create a fully fledged Online B2C Marketplace? Do you want to build a B2C Marketplace, How and where should you start? If yes then we are here to help you out.


We bring you the upgraded version of our multivendor marketplace i.e “Advanced Marketplace”. With the help of this B2C Marketplace Software admin can convert their Magento 2 store into “feature rich Multivendor Marketplace”.


Endless possibilities with Advanced Marketplace


According to Statista, the global B2c eCommerce sales is going to reach US $2.35 Trillion.


B2C Ecommerce Marketplace

Source: Statista



An Online B2C Marketplace is a platform where various vendors from different spatial locations get associated to offer their products for sale, where admin will earn commission on the products sold.


Now before creating a fully functioning Multivendor B2C Ecommerce Marketplace, you should take some time to visualize three things: why, what and how?


Why do you want to convert your online store into Multivendor B2C Ecommerce Marketplace? And how the concept of Multivendor online B2C Marketplace will help your e-Commerce business build a strong position in the online world?


In the Era of digitalization, people search everything online and put their reviews of the services online for other people. The Internet has become a way of actually deciding on the services we wish to receive from a certain vendor.


There may be various other reasons for different people. Whatever the rationale, vocalizing your true inspirations to be a successful entrepreneur is significant as your future business plans will depend on them.


Start Multivendor Marketplace


Well below are some reasons that will compel you to give it a thought


-Offer large varieties of products: As already mentioned Multivendor B2C Ecommerce Marketplace allows multiple sellers to come together on a common platform and sell their products. This means that there will be a vast range of different products which will surely grab the attention of your customers, in turn increasing your sales.


-No headache of inventory management: Every vendor shall be responsible for the management of their products’ inventory. They will also be responsible for the product related management be it product updation, creation, price handling etc.


-Cuts down the cost required to manage products: Now since all vendors are responsible for all the product management thus the cost which you had to spend on managing all the products gets reduced.


– An extra source of income: With Multivendor B2C Ecommerce Marketplace the admin can set the amount of commission, he wants to charge the vendor on each sold product item.


-Hassle free vendor management: Every registered vendor is assigned a unique shop URL and his own vendor shop. Admin is provided with the authority to assign functionality to the vendor or disable the same.


These were some out of many exciting features that a Multivendor B2C Marketplace solution provides.


What type of B2C Ecommerce Marketplace do you want to create? Do you want to expand your online B2C marketplace like Amazon? Or you want to build a small business with limited sellers?


The need of the hour in such progression is the availability of technical solutions that can assist sellers easily migrate their offline business to the web without much fuss.


Our B2C Marketplace is the solution to this demand, which in turn will transform your e-commerce store into a full-fledged online B2C marketplace.


How to create an online B2C Marketplace? Or what is the best way to build a B2C marketplace?


Ultimately, one more question is how you will proceed to build your multivendor B2C Ecommerce marketplace? Will you hire a technical team to create your marketplace? Of course not as we have tons of ready to use options to create our own multivendor marketplace platform.

There are numerous platforms like Magento, Bigcommerce , Shopify etc which offers their users the facility to create their own marketplace.

If we talk about Magento, It is big and fast-advancing technology as compared to other frameworks, it can manage multiple stores from single admin panel, and last but not the least it is highly customizable platform for creating your B2C Ecommerce marketplace.



Following are the necessary features for creating your multivendor B2C Ecommerce marketplace


  •  Social Login allows the vendors as well as the customers to login or signup with their social media accounts for multivendor marketplace. Instead of filling personal and login details of sign up form.


  • Bulk Product Upload provides the vendor a facility to import or export the products in mass and can update the product information in bulk.


  • Invoice and Report generation feature entitles the vendor to generate the invoices for the orders placed for their products.


  • Flexible Commission between Admin & Seller- Owner will set the commission for individual vendors. It facilitates the admin to set miscellaneous conditional rates for every purchase of his vendors’ products.



E-commerce business is flaring up and if you want to stand out amongst your competition, then your Multivendor B2C Ecommerce Marketplace must be equipped with the most exciting extensions and add-ons.


Some of the add-ons that our solution comprises to enhance your Multivendor B2C Ecommerce Marketplace are as below:


-Provide easy shipment methods with Vendor Multishipping Addon.


-Increase your customer base by providing exciting deals to encash the festive season or any other type of sales season by using the Vendor Deals Addon.


-Increase your customer retention with Referral bonus. On every new sign-up through the referral, both the referrer and the newly registered customer receive a bonus amount.


-Use Vendor Promotion Rules Addon to promote your products by applying promotion rules on catalog and cart. This will surely grab customer attention thereby increasing the product sales.


-Allow Multiple Seller for one product with vendor select and sell addon Each vendor can sell existing store products by selecting and modifying them with different quantity and price.


-Provide admin the facility to get more details from vendor at the time of registration; Admin can create custom attributes with vendor attribute addon.


-Customers can check the delivery ability of a product and the availability of cash on delivery payment option for different zip codes, all on the product view page itself with pincode checker.


– Reassure your potential customers that they’ll have no hassle if they need to return goods for any reason with vendor RMA addon.


-Allow vendors to manage the review of their products with Vendor Product review and rating addon. And also allows the vendors to decide which ratings to be displayed when the customer is rating the product.


-With Paypal Adaptive split payment methods vendors can easily get the payment instantly according to the commission rule set by the admin.


-Allows customers to make the payment directly from their Wallet. They can easily add money to his wallet and then make payment directly using Wallet Cash. Admin can also do the online refund with the help of Wallet System.


– Want to provide your customers with the facility to pick up their orders from the nearest store? Then Store Pickup Extension is just what you need.


Allow vendors to change the layout, content, design, etc. from the vendor panel by creating multiple CMS, Static Blocks with their own content and Layout’s style with Vendor CMS addon.

-Increase the traffic of your website with the help of Blog extension.


-Increase customer relations with Support System Extension.


What we are offering-


After considering all the requirements, We at CedCommerce are offering a complete package of Mutivendor B2C Ecommerce Marketplace i. e Advance Marketplace. With the help of this package, a website owner can easily convert their marketplace to a feature rich multivendor B2C Ecommerce Marketplace.


Besides all these mentioned features, you can also customize your Multivendor B2C Ecommerce Marketplace, according to your requirements.


You can refer the following link in order to know more description, and Pricing etc.

Advance Marketplace



Start Multivendor Marketplace



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