Wallet System [M2]

Wallet System [M2]

Wallet system by CedCommerce allow your customers to pay for your products/services with one of the most popular payment system.

Key features :

  • Wallet system behaves as an Online Payment Method.
  • Admin can enable/disable wallet for each and every customer.
  • Customer can easily credit his wallet and can pay for his desired product directly from wallet.

  • Admin can also add/deduct money from the wallet of every customer.

  • Admin can also do the Online refund by the help of Wallet System for Magento 2 and credit the amount into the customer’s Wallet System

  • Admin can view the customers who are using Wallet for making payment.
Compatibility: Magento 2.0, 2.1
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Wallet System by CedCommerce is an extension which allows customers to make the payment directly from their Wallet. It provides the functionality through which customer/user can add money to his wallet and then make payment directly using Wallet Cash.


Admin and Customer/User can view credit and debit details.

If the order amount of the customer is less than his wallet balance, the remaining amount can be paid using other payment methods.

Only registered users can make use of wallet.

At the time of checkout Customer can make payment from their wallet

If customer cancels any order Admin can transfer cash directly to customer's wallet

On the checkout page, a customer can view the wallet cash used and the remaining wallet cash

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