Etsy Tips and Tricks to Boost Etsy Sales
17 Less Familiar Etsy Tips and Tricks to Boost Etsy Sales in 2024 (Hidden Tips Inside)

17 Less Familiar Etsy Tips and Tricks to Boost Etsy Sales in 2024 (Hidden Tips Inside)


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How to increase sales on Etsy? or How to enhance your products according to trends on Etsy? How to increase Etsy traffic? If these are the nightmares that don’t let you focus on your Etsy Shop, then you are at the right place. These Etsy tips and tricks are specifically curated for you to boost your Etsy sales.

Sellers like you are always looking for a better and smarter way to hack into Etsy’s system. Moreover, Etsy’s regular updates offer useful insights for sellers’ help. These Etsy tips and tricks revolve around boosting Etsy sales by increasing the visibility of products depending on their experiences. However, the majority of them are just rhetoric or spun content.

However, before we delve into answering these questions, won’t it be appropriate to throw some light on Etsy. What is it and how does it work?

Etsy is an online marketplace for artists, crafters of handmade items, or collectors of vintage products. Etsy is a great online shopping platform that follows a customer-to-customer (C2C) or peer-to-peer (P2P) online business model. The items sold through the Etsy marketplace consist of art, clothing, jewelry, and other decorative objects to arts and crafts supplies.

How Popular is Etsy?

Etsy has amassed 7.5 million active sellers and over 91.6 million active buyers, who have bought goods through the platform at least once in the last 12 months. With over 95.5 million+ products live on the platform, the Etsy website experienced a monthly traffic of 536.2M (as of January 2024) (source: SimilarWeb). This was big!

Although these statistics can be pleasing to Etsy, it’s haunting for the sellers at the same time. The increased number of sellers has intensified the competition – to get the desired visibility for their products– amongst them.

At the same time, to make the field level-playing, Etsy has laid down specific guidelines for sellers to follow to create a conversion-worthy catalog. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd and prevent your Etsy shop from having no sales, then you’ve to do something unique as well.

Besides creating excellent and SEO-friendly listings that rank high and attract visitors in abundance and lead to higher conversion rates and, as a result, boost Etsy traffic & eventually sales. One must employ techniques that are rare and can help you imprint your brand’s image in your Visitor’s psyche.

Tips to increase sales on Etsy

Etsy bestows you with tons of potential buyers, but it doesn’t automatically place your products in front of them. That’s your part of the job. To help you with it, here are some Etsy tips and tricks to consider to get better at selling on Etsy.

  1. Social Media Images got More to Offer
  2. Include most searched Keywords
  3. Coupon Codes for Subscribers to Drive Revenue
  4. Your Shop Name is your Brand Name
  5. Use Pinterest to Find keywords
  6. Persuasive Product Descriptions that Sell
  7. Free Shipping is the Cornerstone of Customer Delivery
  8. Clear and Crisp, Return, Refund, and Shipping Policy
  9. Offer Multiple Payment options
  10. Etsy Ads and Promoted Listings
  11. Ask your Customers for a Review
  12. Add a Social Cause to Buy
  13. Acknowledge the power of creative packaging
  14. Offer Direct Consultation to Customers
  15. Make your way to their Mailbox
  16. Customer Satisfaction with Customized products
  17. Streamline your Operations with Express Delivery
  18. Branding that is loved by customers globally
  19. Make your Return and Exchange Options Seamless
  20. Increase Customer Retention with Cross-Selling
  21. Combat abandoned shopping carts with Etsy discount and Freebies 

Before we jump right into the topic, w e have a special treat for Shopify-based sellers as well. 

#1 Etsy App - Sell on Etsy Marketplace with Shopify

Enough with the chit-chat, now let’s get into the good stuff. We are going to go through the best Etsy tips and tricks to boost your Etsy sales.

These are all simple, actionable steps you can take to increase your sales. You don’t need to do everything at once, you can work through these tips one at a time, and see what works best for you and the products you are selling.

Let’s dive in.

17 Etsy Tips and Tricks You should start following today

Here you’re going to discover numerous straightforward Etsy Tips and Tricks that you can opt-for like the other successful Etsy sellers, which are less common but within the permissible framework. So let’s get started:

1. Social media Images got more to offer

One of the creative tricks is to put the handles of your shop’s social media profile on photos when creating a listing. This is an innovative idea because a lot more online businesses don’t deem this practice, but it may be happening out of unfamiliarity with the concept. However, Etsy does allow that. See the pic below:

Creative Social Media Images - Etsy selling tips


This practice helps you to increase loyal social media followers. At the same time, if you ponder over the question like “How to increase Etsy traffic,” then you can surely try out this. The reason it is useful is that you can interact with the buyers at a personal level and bypass all or any of the seller fees at Etsy.

Can you see how Stick with BonBon put their Instagram social handle on the product photos, of which there are certain benefits:

  • You can engage visitors personally, and retain them.
  • Make important announcements once they follow you.
  • Run a focused giveaway campaign to maximize the effectiveness.
  • Produce share-worthy content to reach like-minded buyers through them.

There is nothing like retaining your targeted customers, as the new customer acquisition costs are higher than offering the same item to older clients at a discount. It helps you increase repeat purchases and, as a result, boost Etsy sales.

2. Include Most Searched Keywords 

It’s a big, yes! Sometimes buyers turn to the website without knowing what to purchase, but their intention is clear; they want a gift-worthy item. It can be for their mother, father, partner for that special valentine month or a friend, a great tip or trick to mark on your Etsy store launch checklist.

Therefore including these keywords will help you get traffic, which mostly wasn’t there for your item in the first place. See the below example:

Include Most Searched Keywords - tips and strategies

See how the title contains “Black dress” keyword. A buyer doesn’t know, but you sure do. Which products of yours can be used to gift whom and when, there can be many keywords like for men, for party, and many more. All you need to know is the buyer persona like the back of your hand, but the wait isn’t that something you already know. By doing this, you get some more members.

3. Your Shop Name is your Brand Name 

It is critical to stand apart from the crowd. You’re henceforward not competing on a local platform when you decide to sell on Etsy, because now your Etsy business competes in the global economy.

Branding with Shop Name - Etsy Selling tips to boost sales


How do you plan to stand out from the millions of similar Etsy sellers around the world?

It’s crucial, however, to take the time to get your Etsy store name right: it’s one of the first things that your customers will see and will appear on all of your packaging and branding.

Your Etsy store name will represent your brand, and you need it to be remarkable and searchable to draw your buyers in and make them come back for more. Brainstorm a name for your store that’s uniquely yours, but if you’re feeling jammed or not happy with your name, keep in mind that it’s possible to change it later.

Now moving to one of the lesser-known Etsy tips and tricks that sellers use to sell more on Etsy.

4. Coupon Codes for Subscribers to Drive Revenue

How good is that idea? Ask your potential buyers to share products on their social profiles and tag 3-4-5 or a gazillion number of like-minded friends in the comment section. After that, share the screenshot in personal chat to get the coupon codes.

Coupon Codes & Special Discounts to Regulars for repeat sale

It becomes more comfortable for you to know and share coupon codes. These nomination campaigns work like crazy on the Internet.

Alternatively, use coupon codes to ask them to subscribe to your newsletter. You can make them work only at a minimum cart value. All of these tricks will help you to boost Etsy traffic & sales in 2024 or later if not more customers. Amazing! Isn’t it?

5. Use Pinterest to Find Keywords

A massive chunk of the traffic of Etsy and Pinterest is female, and this is where your chance lies. Use Pinterest to dig keywords. See the below image.

Use Printrest to Find Keywords - Etsy proven tips and strategies


Intent-based keywords resonate with buyer psyche and help you to increase sales on Etsy in 2024

See for yourself. Type the keyword ‘floral print‘ and you can witness some of the suggestions such as  →

  • Floral Print for Men
  • A Floral Print Pattern
  • Floral Print dress

These keywords can be inserted in your item’s description or title, to attract laser-focused visitors who have a higher affinity to convert into customers than some random visitors.

6. Persuasive Product Descriptions that Sell

When you implement this, you will get to realize why the pen is mightier than a sword. Yes! With the customized description, you can resonate with your buyer’s psyche and aspirations. You get to don their hat and let them know that you know what they want. It increases conversions, and as a result, increases sales on Etsy in 2024. Moreover, people are already doing it, take a look at one such seller’s listing:

Presuasive Product Description that Sells - Etsy Seller Tips


Aren’t all of the unusual? Okay, if not all of them, but some of them are unusual. We know they’re because other posts rant about keywords, Google, and other things but rarely bring their common sense to do the job. So yes, these are 7 (not 8). One of them was familiar (remember, Free Shipping Bait). So we kept our promise too!

7. Free-Shipping is the Cornerstone of Customer Delivery

Well, this is not as unorthodox as others, or let’s be super honest; this is one of the most common practices adopted by sellers to increase the cart value. Decide the minimum order value to qualify for free shipping or come up with a price tag for your products where free shipping doesn’t eat into your profits. Studies have revealed users prefer products with free shipping over those that come with a price. Therefore, Use Free Shipping to delight customers and, as a result, increase sales on Etsy in 2024.

Bear the shipping cost to delight Etsy customers with free Shipping


Bear the cost of shipping to use free Shipping to delight customers: While displaying results for any search term, Etsy’s algorithm considers free shipping to show results. When you bear the cost of shipping, it invariably reduces the pricing than your competitors. The reason is that their products have shipping prices embedded in them. Moreover, it works as a great promotional tool.

How can free shipping increase sales on Etsy in 2024 and after?

Free Shipping for specific AOV: Many savvy shoppers add items to their cart to qualify for free delivery.

Buy two or more things: Up-sell through the use of a free shipping campaign.

A pre-determined time period: Offering free shipping during a specific time frame is ideal for increasing sales during slow periods — or offers further incentive during highly competitive seasons.

Since the Pandemic situation has raised the trend of online shopping. From masks to gloves, groceries to clothing, everything is available online, people are heading towards online shopping even for any basic needs. Etsy’s Free shipping guarantee on orders enables an Increase in Sales and motivates shoppers to shop in bulk while they collect festive items during these months.

Shoppers actually love to see these magical words “Free Shipping” and do not want to spend a hefty amount to bring the products home. Handcrafted masks, Halloween costumes, home decorations items, and kitchen essentials will be on the major lookout as the holiday season brings in lots of feasts and celebrations.

What’s most exciting about free shipping is that, while you will be busy garnering lots of new buyers, Etsy also improves your listing in the search results for related queries.
Free shipping is a win-win situation and when the festive season is around, you can not be luckier!

Hope you are enjoying these less-known Etsy tips and tricks. Next up is an important one.

8. Clear and Crisp Return, Refund, and Shipping Policy

Just go through the below shipping policy? Moreover, notice that he doesn’t want to take all of the responsibility for messing up. Look how he has mentioned that he works two jobs.

Include Clear and Crisp Return, Refund, and Shipping Policy


Moreover, it works! Customers who are purchasing are comfortable with his policies as they get personalized and cool stickers! You, too, can define your return policy if you’re not a big-ticket seller. Although it doesn’t help you earn money but save some, and as they say, a penny saved is a penny earned.

9. Offer Multiple Payment options

In a study conducted by Paypal, 42% of the respondents agree to have been influenced by the number of payment options available. Shoppers want flexibility and extensive options when it comes to payment modes.

Offer multiple payment options to never miss a sale - Etsy Selling Tips

Therefore, more payment options correspond to a better conversion rate and boost sales on Etsy. Now ETSY accepts payment in installments, buyers can happily order and get the product from Etsy and they can pay in installments.

10. Etsy Ads and Promoted Listings

On average, one in every four rows of results on Etsy were reserved for sponsored Etsy promoted listings. Paid listings on Etsy to enable more chances to have buyers on your listed product. Adding to this, Etsy introduced Offsite Ads reforming the Etsy Ads.

Use Etsy Ads and Promoted Listings to gain Etsy traffic - Etsy Selling Tips


Earlier you invested in two different channels for the promotions, product listings, and Google Ads. But with the new update, you need not do that.

The new update is a relief for those, who feel;

  • Their Money was wasted, without any conversion.
  • Unable to find your product placements.
  • No control over advertising budget; rather with the same budget, you can promote your products on Etsy as well as other multiple search engines and social media sites, such as Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Expect more traffic on your Etsy store from different sources, be it search engines like Bing, Google, or Social Media like Facebook and Instagram.
  • It works like the CPC model, where you pay only when the buyer clicks on the Ad and buys within 30 days of the Ad.
  • All sellers, who have made more than $10,000 in the previous year will be enrolled automatically in Offsite Ads. However, if the sale is less than $10,000 last year, you can opt out from offsite ads.

11. Ask your Customers for a Review

Does it need to be explained? Reviews are not only social proof; the impact your products have on the targeted audiences but also an important ranking factor for your products. It proves that your products are highly successful. 

Ask your Customers for a Review - Etsy Tips for Sellers

As the majority of the marketplaces include positive experiences in their search result display algorithm, Etsy is no different. Therefore, the more the number of positive reviews, the more increase sales on Etsy in 2021.

With tip #11, we are halfway through our list of less-known Etsy Tips and Tricks. Lets move to some unique ones.

12. Add a Social Cause to Buy

It’s been a significant fact that today’s marketing era is about stories. Stories that resonate with buyers fulfill their aspirations and inspires and motivates them to contribute. Since it is home to artisans, support a cause through your business. 

Add a Social Cause to Buy in your listings - Proven Etsy Tips to increase sales


Adding a reason which you believe also motivates the buyers. It makes them think that they’re not only making a purchase instead of making a contribution to the cause.

13. Acknowledge the Power of Creative Packaging 

In earlier times, if the packaging was durable and served its purpose, there was nothing to worry about. Soon enough, companies realized that the more enticing that the packaging looked visually, the better the product sold.

Be Creative with Packaging - Etsy tips and tricks to boost sales


Etsy being an artistic marketplace needs packaging to be part of the creative process to create something that can flaunt your brand and be unique enough to help your package be seen and remembered over your competitors. 

Have you seen the unboxing of products on Instagram? The packages are so attractive that we also feel curious about the products inside. This is what creative packaging does to customers and also to the brand image. 

A perfect key point to be included in your Etsy tips and tricks!

14. Offer Direct Consultation to Customer

Consultation is the consideration stage in the buyer journey, and an excellent discussion can make customers move forward in their purchase journey. A seller at Esty offered the option of phone consultation and the details in the product description.

Provide consultation to customers - tips and tricks to boost traffic on Etsy


You, too, can do the same to convince the buyer in addition to writing a personalized and detailed product description; it surely will boost sales on Etsy.

15. Make your way to their Mailbox

Another common way to entice potential customers is by offering them content tailored as per their interests and needs. The newsletter lets you do that, and Etsy enables you to put a newsletter subscription in your product description.

Make you way into customer inbox - Etsy traffic and sales tip


Email marketing has the same benefits as social media. The only exception is that you can engage your targeted customers more frequently on social media than by sending out targeted emails. However, hey! Email Marketing has conversion rates like no other trick in the bag.

So send away your killer giveaway campaign; offer discount codes (only for opting-in) and many more through targeted email marketing campaigns.

Therefore, if you’re able to increase the email follower count, then remember email marketing still has the highest ROI among all the digital methods. Thus, email marketing can be the answer as to how to increase sales on Etsy in 2024.

Yayy! The festive season is right around the corner and this couldn’t be more exciting. Watch our Webinar on Etsy Festive Planning and make sure you make the best of it


16. Customer Satisfaction with Customized Products 

Esty has now enabled the sellers with POD(print on demand) products, to sell on its platform. Now you can sell your own custom designs on various types of products, custom printed T-shirts, Mugs, Cushions, etc. You can also sell gag items and all sorts of designs you want to until it has no copyright issue. Once your Etsy shop is set up you can connect with the POD service.

Personalised and Customised POD products - gain sales on Etsy


There are various companies, one of them is Printify, that offer help to POD merchants, from sourcing the base products to designing, printing, packaging, and fulfilling the orders of customers on Etsy. These places help you with a huge catalog and quality products to add gems to your shop and make it yours with creative and custom designs. Most of their manufacturing partners are located in the US or UK.

Therefore, use this feature to offer a highly personalized experience to your customers and get the taste of increased sales on Etsy.

17. Streamline your Operations with Express Delivery 

Did you know the most significant factor behind the success of Amazon Prime, it’s the promise to deliver the products within two days. See the below stats for confirmation.

Be Quick with your delivery - Etsy Selling Tips to boost sales



Express Shipping can be a make-or-break game.

First of all, it displays your listing among the top results. After that, if visitors find the product’s content convincing, they hop on it. The conversion rate takes an upward shoot. Furthermore, the overall effect is the increased sales on Etsy in 2024 and after that. Though the data mentioned above is a bit old, nevertheless, it proves the point the point that faster shipping is the stairway to heaven. A lot of Etsy sellers also provide express delivery and taste success.

How much does it cost to sell on Etsy? Learn here.


18. Branding that is loved by customers globally

When you think of online purchase, Amazon pops up in your mind the same is what we call the effects of Branding.

Establishing your product persona in the market is the necessity of the times, which is achievable by efficient branding methods.

Work on Branding that is loved by customers globally


A well-taken image can do marvels for your brand on Etsy. When the quality is high, attractive product images relay a sense of credibility, intimacy, and inspiration for brands in a matter of seconds. 

And if you feel stuck, remember one word that will help you swim your way up i.e., SENSE OF CONNECT, as we stated previously terms like customized, creative packaging, user-friendly policies etc. These are the Unique Selling Points for your brand.

19. Make your Return and Exchange Option Seamless

The opportunity to return and exchange the product invariably increases the conversion rate. Also, a more extended window to return the products, the higher the conversion rate. It busts the myth that customers return a large number of orders for the extended return period.

Make your Return and Exchange Option Seamless - Etsy proven tips and strategies

The study conducted at Naveen Jindal School of Management, University of Texas, discovered the endowment effect. It postulates that the longer the buyer keeps the product with him, the lesser is the probability of the return. Amazing. Right?

Another ingenious way to reduce your return is to offer exchanges on the relevant products. The exchange imprints a positive effect on the buyer’s psyche, and you’re able to get some lousy money off your balance sheet.

20. Increase Customer Retention with Cross-Selling

Since Etsy’s business offers sellers an option to include a hyperlink in the product descriptions, it is an excellent opportunity to provide links of similar or complementary products in the product description.

Increase Customer Retention with Cross-Selling


Therefore leverage this opportunity to put the links of your most popular products or products that belong to the same buyer-persona or interest group to boost sales on Etsy.

Thanks for sticking with us so far. We’ve now come to the end of our list of lesser-known Etsy Tips and Tricks. Here comes the tip #21.

21. Combat Abandoned Shopping Carts with Etsy Discounts and Freebies

Think widely, What is significantly draining your profit potential? If you sell online, it could undoubtedly be shopping cart abandonment. It doesn’t matter whether you sell one product or thousands; you’ve probably encountered it: people exiting your site after clicking the Buy Button but before placing the order. And if your numbers are high or your margin small, it can cut your profits.

Combat Abandoned Shopping Carts with Etsy Discounts and Freebies

But Etsy sellers have one major advantage over merchants who use other platforms to sell their items – and that is sending abandoned cart campaign mails on Etsy, which is entirely free.

What can be offered to Etsy buyers through Etsy discounts?

Percentage off: Etsy sellers can offer their customers a discount on the products in their cart.
Fixed amount off: Sellers can offer customers a fixed amount off on the selected products.
Free standard shipping: Sellers can offer free shipping on items from their online stores, which means that the customer won’t need to pay a shipping fee.

When talking about freebies we mean Complimentary gifts or cute notes along with your products. Trust us people love getting surprised, and spreading little smiles through your products are the best way to do so.

Aren’t these effective tips and tricks for your Etsy store?

Bonus Tip: Here is a video to brief you with anecdotes of tricks that will help you majorly with ranking your store under the trendy ones. Have a look 

Hope this video helps you set your base.

Do let us know in the comments, were these tips known to you already or are you going to employ them! And we will keep updating this blog as and when we find some unusual trick which we want you to know!

  1. Avatar for Mohsin

    your suggestions are very useful for me.
    i am etsy seller for last 2 months but by now i received 1 sale only.
    i have done 250 listings in my etsy account but its worthless. is there anything else which i really need to do.
    please guide me

    • Avatar for Mohsin
      Sanover Tasneem

      Hey Amit
      Hope you are doing well.

      I am glad that you found the write up helpful. I wish you follow the other articles on Etsy to make your business easy.
      I can see that you are still a very new seller on Etsy and during these times, you managed to get some sale too. However I would urge you to hold on patience and with time your sales will definitely improve. Meanwhile, regarding your listings, there are some recommendations that I would suggest you to grow better on the platform.
      – You can improve your listing quality by optimising your product's title and description.
      – You can improve your product's photographs – Capture a professional, brightly lit images for listings.
      – Keep the price competitive.
      – Offer Free Shipping this will improve your product visibility
      – Update your "About us" section, your "Shop policies" and other details.
      – Also offer easy return.
      – Last but not least if you have some funds to invest, then use Etsy ads to boost your product's reach and visibility on Etsy.

      Hope these help you to get some better with Etsy and make good sales.
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    Hi Sanover,

    We loved your tips and your writing style is so clear and concise. I was an Etsy seller and know the struggle ! I wish I had this guidance when I frist started. It would have been much more easy.

    Thanks once again and please check your e-mail. We want to add 1 more extra tip on the list 😉

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    Hello, Sanover.,
    Thank you for your advice…I am an Etsy seller and, of course, I face the same problems like others…less sales than I expected….Please let me know if there is something else which you consider that I can do to improve my sales….I already offered free delivery(no result) an paid an offside ads…Please guide…Thank you

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      Hey Maria

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      Hoping to help you with the fresh write-up soon.
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    • Hi CordsCraft

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