Etsy Marketplace Integration
CedCommerce – Etsy Integration: Upgrade Etsy store with All New Features

CedCommerce – Etsy Integration: Upgrade Etsy store with All New Features


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It’s the ideal opportunity for uplifting good news! The App that has helped many to onboard on Etsy and joins their Shopify store to sell seamlessly; However, it has now come up with all new upgraded features that will help you scale your business much easier than before.

The year 2020 was very challenging for the whole world; the pandemic has already created panic worldwide. It was also the time when the need for online stores has turned tragedy into an opportunity. Later, many have also switched to a multichannel platform like Etsy to reach globally.

Sellers have found the Integration App so prominent that they could operate different stores flawlessly. At CedCommerce, we were 24/7 in touch with them, understood their needs, helped grow, and came up with newly added features in the loved App. Now, let us tell what these are.

Introducing New App Feature: Manage Effortlessly

Change is inevitable! If the changes are in a positive direction, it is always fruitful. Like the CedCommerce – Etsy Integration App, which has come up with new features that will transform selling and listing activity through the App.

The latest update has enabled quick and easy management on App for your stores. The updated App features have comforted your operations from the backend. Just in a click, you can make desired changes on your Etsy and Shopify stores from a single panel.

Let’s dive into detail.

What’s New in the CedCommerce – Etsy Integration App

  1. Simplified Profiling:
    Profiling is putting the products under the categories they belong to with all related attributes. The earlier profiling process was a bit lengthy, but now with the new update, we have put profiling on a single page, where you just need to complete “Basic mapping” and “Advance Mapping”. The Advance Mapping feature is optional for you. To make this feature compact and simple, the attributes of the category template have been included in the Basic mapping.   
    Etsy marketplace Integration app Benefits: Having simplified profiling benefits you to categorize your listings in less time and fewer steps as compared to before. It is now easier for you to list your products and manage them through the App.
  2. Multi-Location Support:
    The multi-location feature is for those who have stored their products in various locations (warehouses). Suppose your Shopify product is available in 3 different locations. You have received an order on Etsy and want to deliver orders generated on Etsy from any specific location out of those three. In that case, you may select that location and manage your order from there.

Etsy marketplace Integration app

Benefits: This feature allows you to maintain and manage your order deliveries from the selected location where the stock is available. This does not create any hassle and confusion regarding inventory management.

3. Advanced Product Management:

The new feature of Advanced product management has broadened the scope of creating the listings. Earlier, the products were created from Shopify to Etsy, but now with the advancement, we can create Etsy products on Shopify if they don’t exist on Shopify. You can even manage them from your Etsy Store.

  • Etsy marketplace Integration app  Auto Delete: This setting is for deleting the products, this comes up with 3 options for you.
  •  As per the first checkbox, since your Shopify and Etsy Store is linked, it will be automatically deleted from your Etsy Store when you delete any product from Shopify.
  • You can enable a second check box when you want to hide an inventory for some time, maybe because you may not reach its demand shortly due to no stock availability. So once you unpublish it on Shopify, it is deleted from the Etsy store as well.
  •  Enabling this setting means that when an inventory is out of stock at your Shopify store, it will also reflect your Etsy Store.
  • Etsy marketplace Integration appSync Setting: If you are willing to manage your product’s title, tags, and descriptions for SEO purposes from the Etsy store, you may then uncheck the three attributes given. This is done so that whenever you republish the product from the app, then the information changed from Etsy doesn’t override. This setting is to maintain the changes made on the Etsy store.

Benefits: These settings benefit you to manage both stores individually, it has lessened the dependencies and allowed you to be more creative in terms of SEO and more synchronized in keeping the listing update.

4. Refined Order Management:

You can manage the orders and their tracking hassle-free through the App. Here are some updates in refund order management, and Buyer accepts marketing for more betterment.

  • Etsy marketplace Integration appRefund Order Management: After enabling this setting, you will experience a change in the refund status of orders. If an order is refunded and reflected on your Etsy store, its refund status with the restock request of inventory will also be updated on the Shopify store linked with it, so that both the stores run in sync. Sending restock requests means sending refunded product’s status with its inventory notification from Etsy to Shopify.
    Etsy marketplace Integration app
  • Buyer Accepts Marketing: All the buyers who accept the marketing subscription will receive promotional e-mails when they shop from your store. Enabling this setting means whenever you run any campaign on your Shopify store through E-mail marketing, the promotional e-mails floats to the selected mail ids. When a buyer who has accepted the subscription makes a purchase will automatically receive the mail.
    Benefit: Enabling these settings means making your order management activity more smooth and easy. Similarly, It has now become so easy to stay in contact with your buyers and keep them notified about your store’s activity.

5. Reconnect with Etsy Easily:

By enabling this setting, you can quickly reconnect your store with the App. You might lose store connection from the Integration App, or maybe your Etsy Store is suspended in some cases.

In both cases, you can revive your Etsy store by reconnecting it with the App. This process was very long before the upgradation, as compared to now. Having this setting means you are not losing your Etsy store on App, and you may reconnect just with a click.

Etsy marketplace Integration app

Benefits: This setting benefits you in not losing any link with your Etsy store. Even if your Etsy store gets suspended for some reason or lost connection, you can easily reconnect it. Enabling this setting, you need not create another new Store from scratch.

6.Rectify Errors Easily: 

Rectify error has two sections, which help you get notified of any error that happens and find its solution within the CedCommerce – Etsy Integration App. Its section answers your queries and notifies you of any error that occurs while listing.

  • Etsy marketplace Integration appEtsy Error: This section is to provide error information related to products and orders. When uploading the inventories, if any error occurs in the given four categories: Inventory Error, Order Shipment, Product Updates, and Product Delete, you will receive the notification in the respective categories to resolve.
  • Etsy marketplace Integration appDescription: This section has a list of some frequently occurring errors with the solution. Just in case you are stuck somewhere or came across any error while uploading the products, here you may find a solution to it.

Benefits: This setting has made Listing inventory easier for you, as you receive the notification as and when you make any error while listing the products so that your effort doesn’t go in vain. Similarly, before you panic, you are given the solution for some common mistakes that occur.

7.Robust Customer Support:

This particular section is updated to ease your support/contact us activity. This section enables you to select the issue category-wise you are facing and describe your issue in more detail under description. By doing this, you can clearly mention in which aspect you need advice from the support team.

Etsy marketplace Integration app Benefit: This setting will help you to raise your concern specifically, avoid confusion and get the solution quickly. This new update has simplified the process of finding a solution to any issue while listing, updating, or selling any product. 

Your Belief in us will Let us Grow Together Every day

We at CedCommerce know what you desire; we grow with your growth. That is why upgradation is made in  CedCommerce – Etsy Integration App, understanding your business needs. Introduction to the new features has made your selling more effortless. CedCommerce makes sure to help you grow your business each day with more functions and facilities, with less burden on your pockets

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