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Grow the visibility of your products with Etsy Ads

Grow the visibility of your products with Etsy Ads


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Jane is fond of using the internet now and then. She looks for products online and shops very often from the results appearing in the top results. Moreover, her friends share the same interest- browsing the internet for various products and opting for the ones among the top search results. 

The scenario above clearly justifies “millennials are changing the way of shopping.” With the changing shopping style, you must not be left behind.

Do your products appear among the top search results?

Are you among the ones selling on Etsy and not exactly know how to promote your Etsy shop?

Well, helping your bit here, the best way to advertise on Etsy and gain maximum visibility for your products is none other than the Etsy Ads.

→ Reach worldwide shoppers with the all-new “Etsy Ads” that let you showcase your products both on Etsy as well as Google Search Results. 

The Introduction of “Etsy Ads”

How about driving millions of visitors to your Etsy store? The addition of the new Etsy ad campaign- “Etsy Ads” has increased the chances of growing your products’ discoverability both as Etsy Ads and Google Shopping Ads.

etsy ads

This new move of Etsy addresses the sellers’ demands of a “simple tool helping them grow.” 

Research from Etsy suggests shoppers who visited after seeing the ads were 20% keener on making a purchase.

With that said, merchants also witnessed an increase in traffic from April to June from various channels, one of them being Google Shopping Ads. It was the time when television ads were also running on Etsy.

The vintage products marketplace also claimed “television advertisement” to be a part of their marketing strategy this holiday season (2019). Thus, driving more traffic to sellers who run their own Etsy Ads campaign. 

What should you know about the Etsy Ad Campaign?

The new Etsy Ad Campaign is designed keeping the creative merchants in consideration. It is now a consolidated platform to promote your listings via Etsy promoted Listing feature as well as the Etsy Google Ads.

In this new update, you no longer need to worry about how to run ads on Etsy. Instead, you need to set-up a budget and invest your time doing what you love: crafting items and delighting your shoppers. This budget will now be allocated together between advertising on Etsy and Google.

etsy ads

Etsy’s Google Ads tool forms one simple Ad campaign. You can set an optimal budget. Etsy further uses the data insights and optimizes your funds in a better way.

These ads by Etsy are more focused on increasing visitors to your store in the set advertising budget. Your listings will be extensively visible on the locations you ship the products as well; Google’s smart algorithm will also sort out the best region to target your niche for increment returns.

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How to run Ads on Etsy?

In the vent that you are wondering about how to promote your Etsy Shop, Etsy offers two paid promotion options- Promoted listings and Google Shopping ads, respectively. Promoted listings enable you to promote your products on Whereas, Google Shopping lets you promote your product on Google search results. Both of your listings can be managed from your Advertising dashboard.

To set up an Etsy Ad Campaign, follow these steps:

  • Set up your merchant account on ( In case, you need any help, refer to “How-to” Gude)
  • Click “Shop Manager” and from the Marketing Tab, Locate “Advertising”
  • Select the listings you wish to promote, alternatively; you can also change the advertised listings.
  • Set up your daily Budget per day (the maximum amount you wish to pay, min: $1)
  • Click “Start Advertising,” and you are good to go!

To stop, advertising certain listing, you need to:

  • Click “Advertising” and Click “More Options.”
  • Select “Turn off advertising.”



Etsy Ads: Are they right for your Store?

These ads are not only about spending money and setting up campaigns in different regions. Instead, it enables you to target the right kind of traffic for your Etsy store. With the rising competition, advertising online is the key to boost your visibility and increase sales.

How can you determine if this is the best way to advertise on Etsy and a profitable approach too?  

Advertisements on Etsy lets you decide if the running ads are profitable. You must set the threshold value or percentage of profit you want to make on every sale.

As per Etsy, the algorithm to find the selling price for an item is to take your sales price, subtract the profit along with the cost involved in manufacturing/producing an article. The amount left with you is the approx CPA you should spend to sell the item. 

Sales Price – Cost per Acquisition – Costs of Production = Profit or Sales Price – Threshold Profit – Costs of Production = Target Cost per Acquisition

Planning a proper advertising strategy allows you to run profitable advertising options with a target CPA or less. Gain a clear picture of your business and grow your Return On Investment with the Etsy ads.

Where to Start?

With all being said, all you need to do is Getting on board with the Etsy marketplace, i.e. building the blocks of your brand and getting more sales through the Etsy Ads – the best way to advertise on Etsy.

If there is anything that irritates you regarding Etsy Marketplace, let us help. Drop your comments below!

Disclaimer– Etsy is a trademark of Etsy, Inc. This content is not created or endorsed by Etsy, Inc.

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