Get Ready for Etsy Events Q2 Q3 with The Best Etsy Marketing Strategy 2024
Etsy Events Q2 & Q3: What Can Be The Best Marketing Strategy For Your Etsy Store in 2024?

Etsy Events Q2 & Q3: What Can Be The Best Marketing Strategy For Your Etsy Store in 2024?


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Have you prepared the right marketing strategy to make the most of the Etsy events q2 and q3? If not, you are just in the right spot. In this content piece, we will be discussing all the major Etsy seller events in Q2 & Q3 while highlighting the benefits of each and sharing tips to captivate your audience, boost your sales, and elevate your brand to new heights.

The statistics from the previous year’s 2nd and 3rd quarters are evidence of the massive sales potential during these events. According to a Digital Commerce 360 analysis of U.S. Department of Commerce figures – U.S. eCommerce sales experienced a 7.8% YoY growth in the third quarter of 2023 reaching $271.7 billion. Being an Etsy seller, you have a lot to explore and can create numerous opportunities to increase your sales during these annual events.

If you are having second thoughts or have decided not to participate in Etsy events, this blog will surely change your answer by presenting you with a clear perspective on the significance of such events.

So without further ado, let’s discuss the best Etsy marketing strategy for your eCommerce business.

To begin with, you’ll need to have a list of upcoming events and celebrations ahead.

List of Etsy Events Q2 & Q3 (2024)

Speaking of Etsy seller events for Q2 & Q3, we have narrowed down 7 of the most significant Etsy events that you must participate in: 

  • Spring Refresh Sale, March 11—April 15 (Observed during Sales date in United States, Canada, Europe, and parts of Asia).
  • Mother’s Day, April 1—May 12 (Observed on May 12 – globally)
  • Father’s Day, May 13—June 16 (Observed on June 16  – globally)
  • Environment Day, May 15- June 5 (Observed on June 5 – globally, especially United States, Canada, European countries, and countries in the Asia-Pacific region)
  • USA Independence Day, July 1-July 4th (Observed on July 4th in the US)
  • Friendship Day, July 30 – August 4 (Observed on Aug 4 – globally, especially India, United States, Argentina, and Malaysia)
  • Teacher’s Day, August 15-September 5th (Observed on September 5 in the Indian sub-continent)

Note: For the above list of Etsy sales events, I’ve used the convention – Event Name, Start Date – End Date during which the products for the same event trend on Etsy (Date on which & region where the event is observed). 

Since you have the list, now you need to prepare your Etsy Store with the marketing strategies that resonate with your buyers’ needs and allow you to welcome new buyers to your store. Let’s plan out some of the best marketing strategies to help you participate in Etsy events.

Why is it important for sellers to Prepare a Marketing Strategy for Etsy Events?

Celebrations and festive events are the time when businesses start to rise both in terms of buyers and have lots of opportunities to grow. Etsy events are the best opportunities for product exposure since Etsy itself makes sure that maximum traffic is available on the website. If you play your cards right you might get a chance to increase the business growth twice.

You can increase your sales by planning various marketing strategies before the events begin. Since Etsy is a niche platform with a well-defined set of audience, it is quite easy to analyze the annual Etsy event list & narrow down the events that sync with your product catalog/region. You should update yourselves with the dates and the event details in advance. When you know it prior, you can easily plan out what and how to do your sale when the occasion is near.

With a well-defined Etsy marketing strategy, it becomes easier for you to let your buyers know what products your store has, what discounts and coupons you are providing, etc.

ProTip: Having an Etsy Store is already an exciting thing in itself for creative sellers like you. Many of you who have your webstore like a Shopify store running in sync with Etsy, can focus on creating a marketing strategy to redirect your Etsy customers towards your Shopify stores

Now let’s discuss these Etsy Marketing Strategies for each event. Get your stores ready for these Upcoming Events in Q2 and Q4 of 2024:-

Before diving into the details of each Etsy seller event, we have a special treat for Shopify sellers:

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With that out of the way, let’s start with the first Etsy event on our list:

Spring Refresh Sale:

Etsy has announced a month-long sale for its customers to redesign home & outdoor with original pieces crafted by real people. Starting March 11, 2024, this event will fall at the perfect time when Etsy customers would be looking to renovate every corner and crevice of their space with fresh home decor items as per the Spring season. This event is a great opportunity for Etsy sellers to take advantage of increased traffic because Etsy will be promoting a selection of on-sale items through marketing emails, site banners, social media, and Etsy’s homepage. 

Spring Refresh Sales - Prepare Marketing Strategy for Etsy Event q2

Most Demanded Product Categories during the sale:

  1. Home Decor such as bookshelves, handpainted candles, desk lamps or bed lamps.
  2. Outdoor Furnishing elements such as swings, birdhouses, and lawn benches
  3. Tools and Gloves for Gardening
  4. In-home Furniture such as desks, center tables, coffee tables, etc.

Best Marketing Strategies for the Spring Refresh Sale:

  1. Perform a little re-branding of the product & its description with a theme that revolves around the idea of renewal, rejuvenation, and springtime freshness.
  2. Your product image must reflect the season’s colors, motifs, and elements associated with spring. This adds an extra boost of motivation in the customer’s mind to complete the sales.
  3. Since Etsy has announced up to 30% sales so, if your budget allows set the sales for the maximum %. This will give your products a significant buff in the search results of the Spring sales category.
  4. Prepare for the sale before the event begins and decide on a list of items that you’ll be including in sales.
  5. The most trending time of sale is when the sale starts and when the sale is about to end. So make sure that your sale is scheduled and running in the 2nd week of April. Also, make sure you have enough stock to attend to the customer demands especially by the end of the sale.  

Mother Day:

Mother’s Day holds a key significance in honoring those who believe in only giving and not expecting anything in return. Etsy is the go-through platform for customers seeking gifts for mothers and as a seller, this is nothing less than an opportunity to make the most from this Etsy event. No matter which product category you are selling on Etsy, you can always benefit by participating & selling gifts for during the Etsy Mothers Day event.    

Mother Day Etsy Marketing Strategy

Gifts that Sells the most on Mother’s Day:

  • Something to remember the bond between a mother and child such as a Mother-Daughter/ Mother-Son Duo Portrait.
  • POD Products such as mugs, T-shirts, and quilt covers that can be used in day-to-day life.
  • Customized Jewellery is also a great hit during Mother’s Day such as Birthstone Jewelry, Engraved Pendants, Initial Necklaces, etc
  • Greeting cards are an all-time hit product during this event. A demand for supplementary items is also observed such as Packs of Coffee, chocolates, and candies.

Etsy Marketing Strategies to Benefit during Mother’s Day:

Mother’s Day is a perfect event to take inspiration from the Mothers who have been efficiently juggling parenting and work  

  • Segregate your customer base and sort out customers who are under the age of 30. This is your prime target audience that searches for Mother’s Day gifts on Etsy.
  • Adding the tags and Keywords related to Mother’s Day in your product listings will increase your product visibility during this Etsy seller event.
  • Utilize your social handles and newsletters to announce Giveaways to your regulars. This will in turn create hype and you’ll also benefit from mouth-to-mouth publicity as well.
  • Adding Complimentary Gifts along with the purchase during the Mother’s Day events will increase the chances for your customers to repeat purchases. 

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a celebration of fatherhood and unconditional love that are less expressed. He is a pillar of a family; his immense love and protection for the family need to be honored. As an Etsy seller, before June you shall be ready with the surprises and products for fathers and father-like.

Father's Day - Etsy Seller Event

Best Selling Products For Dads

Father’s Day is coming near, which means it is the correct time to plan out your Etsy store for it. You can come up with more creative ideas applied to your products. You have the opportunity to make your buyer’s celebration more fiesta. Let’s hop on some ideas for you.

  1. Frames with Quotation on Daddy, along with some relatable designs
  2. Painting of Dad-Daughter/Son duo, with wishes imprinted
  3. Customized Bracelets, pens, and handkerchiefs
  4. Multi-purpose stand, to keep a pen, phone, and diary.
  5. Customized T-shirts for fathers and kid
  6. Coffee mugs
  7. Keyrings with father’s name or photo.
  8. Father’s Day gift box with many utility items in it.

How to work on Father’s Day Do Their Marketing Strategy:

You can use various tricks to promote your store, the best marketing strategy will let you shine more. Father’s Day is a symbol of immense love by a father for his kids. Everyone tries their best to celebrate this day. You can shower lots of fun activities along with the products for your old and new buyers. Good marketing will make your brand famous among people. Grab some examples here.

  1. You can set a countdown at your Shopify and Etsy store, which informs the time left for the sale you will be flowing.
  2. Run a winning contest for Father-son/daughter duo for the most unique talent, the winner would be getting a gift hamper from your store side.
  3. Send mails to your buyers and recommend them some new launches on the occasion of Father’s Day. The first 5 buyers redirected through the mail will get two items at one’s price.
  4. Once the order is placed, you can attach a Father’s Day greeting card with the package.
  5. Ask your customers to share their reviews on products on social media, tagging your store.
  6. Create a “Father’s Day Special” category for your store and highlight it well.

World Environment Day

For so long humans have been exploiting nature, however, some alarming events in the past decade have made humans more responsible towards the environment. Humans now believe that now is the time to take a few responsible steps to save Mother Earth thus raising the demand for eco-friendly products. World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June every year, and this event possesses a huge demand for nature-related products on Etsy.

Environment Day 2024 - Top Selling Items on Etsy events

Selling Ideas For You

World Environment Day comes up with more opportunities to sell products that are nature-friendly—selling products that follow the concept of promoting to keep the environment safe and an excellent place to live. If you are already own an Etsy store or starting a store on Etsy, you can add some products from the ideas below that are much in demand.

  1. Some DIY products such as handmade jewelry, and decors following the theme of environment.
  2. Handcrafted Frames with Environment-friendly Quotes in them.
  3. Novels that convey messages about the ecosystem, saving Earth, and around the same topic.
  4. Seeds/ Plants for home decor and gardening.
  5. Disposable Party utilities made of biodegradable material.
  6. Stickers nature theme-based
  7. POD products such as T-shirts and mugs with a message related to nature printed on them.

You can have some more products by combining your creativity with these ideas to make the most of this Etsy event Q2 & Q3.

If you have not yet planned anything, you can do it now, spill your creativity on your products to sell on Etsy.

The Best Strategy To Market Etsy Store

You are done with listing nature-themed products in your store, but now you need to imply some marketing strategies to let your buyer know what you are selling. Involve various creative ideas in your strategies, to make your store visible and alluring. Let’s share some tips.

  1. You must practice mentioning some details in support of your products, which increases the authenticity of it. For example, mentioning that the product is animal cruelty-free, signs, and symbols of Biodegradable and environment-friendly on the packaging of products.
  2. You can be very creative in mailing to your existing customers. At least a week before you can shoot a mail to them that you have made your Etsy store ready for the Environment Day-themed products with some discounts or offers. You shall also convey an environment-related message in support of it
  3. Social media is the platform where people find a way to know you. You can use Etsy’s social media marketing strategy by creating an urge to save Mother Earth. You can do this by caption and image postings with links to your store.
  4. You can share your customer’s real stories if they did something for nature, shared with you. Your little efforts will surely bring big changes in a positive way

USA Independence Day

In the list of Etsy events Q2 & Q3, USA Independence Day holds a significant position. Every year USA Independence Day is celebrated on the 4th of July and every year since the week before the event, Etsy experiences a huge demand for patriotic merch. So if you are a US-based seller looking to participate in an Etsy event, you must always consider Independence Day in your list. 

USA Independence Day on Etsy - Best Marketing Strategy

Creative Things To Sell On Etsy

There could be various creative things to sell on Etsy on different occasions, but you have to be very selective about events like Independence Day. Mostly your products will be patriotic theme-based, in flag color, and another theme on legends of the nations. Many Americans celebrate the event with parades, barbeques, and fireworks. Make sure that your listings should be somewhere around this. Get some examples from the items that sell the most.

  1. Masks with flag print
  2. T-shirts and other clothing with camouflage print and patriotic theme
  3. Sunglasses painted with the flag color.
  4. Handbags with patriotic quotes
  5. POD products on prior order
  6. Cupcakes in a combination of blue, white, and red color.
  7. Create fancy dresses for parades
  8. Pen stand with a flag

Promote Your Store Like This

To make the most of this Etsy seller event, you can fill your store with products based on national love, flag color, army, and motivation for citizens. But, if you want to reach your buyers or fetch new buyers, you need to advertise and market them well. Get some ideas for strategies you can amend.

  1. You may create a combo of any item with the U.S Flag
  2. You can provide free shipping for at least 10 days before 4th July.
  3. Some Quotes by the freedom fighters and leaders in a frame. This can be gifted to a buyer with more purchases.
  4. Send a mail with a newsletter on remembrance of the day, and links to your store.
  5. With every order before Independence Day, you can attach a flag badge to your customers ‘ wishes.

Friendship Day

A day of the unbreakable bond is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year.  Friendship is one of the most valuable things on earth, where the bond is so pure and strong despite not having a blood relation. Celebration and gift-giving are essential during Friendship Day. This year it will be on 4th August 2024.

Friendship Day - Trending Items for Sellers on Friendship Day Etsy Events

What Your Customers Are Seeking

Friendship Day is celebrated with lots of fun and excitement by every age group. It is the best time to grab an opportunity for you to be a part of your buyer’s celebration. You can help them with providing varieties for their friends they want to gift. Plan your listings much before the day so that you may fulfill the demands of many. Find out some ideas that you may add to your store.

  1. Personalized Mugs with names, pictures, or cartoons printed on them
  2. Friendship Day special Locket in chain
  3. Personalized photo Scrapbook
  4. Some creative gifts like, “certificate of being a good friend” printed and framed.
  5. Paintings on pebbles
  6. Wooden block with the photograph that the buyer provides to you.

How To Create an Etsy Marketing Strategy for Your Store.

To participate in Etsy event like Friendship Day, your marketing strategy must focus on creating various ways to connect your buyers with their friends. Even though you have come up with many things to sell on the Etsy store, you should also conduct some fun activities and other best marketing strategies to highlight your store. Find some suggestions.

  1. You can send welcome E-mails by attaching a link to redirect buyers to your store. Starting with wishing your buyers and informing them about your store and what you are selling.
  2. Notify your buyers that if they purchase for their friends from the gift section of your store, your buyer can earn Coupons and discounts. You can make use of Etsy Ads or Mails.
  3. You can share an experience with your buyers through a video. The intent of the video can be a friendly bond with them for so long. Post it on social media.
  4. You can also write some special posts on friendship day with emotional content, with the redirection link of your store.
  5. Cross-Sell your products- If your buyer buys a T-shirt you can recommend another at a lesser price so that your buyer and his/her friend can twin.

Teacher’s Day

Everyone remembers a teacher who has helped you to gain knowledge and etiquette with love. A day that is celebrated to mark the love and devotion that our “mentors” gave to us. We celebrate Teachers Day on 5th September every year, with all due respect and honor for them. As you know, teachers are a great source of wisdom and knowledge, so just wishing them won’t be enough. Gifts and wishes go hand in hand during Teacher’s Day, thus making Gifts a trending product category during this Etsy seller event.

Teacher's Day - Prepare Marketing strategy for Etsy Seller Event

Help Students Honor Teachers With These Items

The role of a teacher has always been so inspiring and influential in our lives; they deserve a lot. You can add much to your store and let your buyers select from beautiful varieties. Try some new items in your store.

  1. Bookmarks with Quotes.
  2. Greeting Cards
  3. T-shirts with Quotes and messages for your Teachers
  4. Box of memories for your old teacher or a teacher who has a farewell near.
  5. A good influencing Novel
  6. Badge of a favorite teacher, or loving teacher
  7. Customized mugs or Bracelets for bearded teachers, teachers cartoon-wearing spectacles, etc.

It’s Time To Market Your Brand

After you have successfully listed Teacher’s Day-related items in your store, now is the time to inform your existing buyers and fetch new buyers at your store. Following these Etsy marketing strategies will help you bring more traffic to your store.

  1. You can put discounts at your stores ten days before Teacher’s Day, where Day 1 will have more deals than the 10th day. The discount percentage with each passing day will be decreased.
  2. Shoot the mail with turn the spin wheel, and provide your customers with coupons and discounts or an extra gift for their teachers.
  3. Attach some small POD products along with the order.
  4. Ask your customers to click their photographs with teachers while gifting them. Share it on social media, tagging your store.

This wraps up of list of Etsy events for Q2 and Q3 2024. We’ve extensively covered all the products/categories that are in trend during each of these events along with the proper Etsy marketing strategy for every Etsy seller event. 

I hope you liked the blog.

A Lot More Opportunity Is On Your Way, Find Out What’s Next Etsy Event

The list of Events does not end here; the next set of upcoming events will be joining very shortly. As the festive season will begin in October; You will find even more opportunities to grow your small and medium businesses with Etsy. So stay tuned to know more about Halloween, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year.

Keep yourself, and your store updated for the occasion, and bring more new ideas to flourish your business.

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