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Time to Playback: 2021 Year in Review of Facebook Commerce

Time to Playback: 2021 Year in Review of Facebook Commerce


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While the Covid-19 pandemic caused a seismic shift for many businesses, Facebook Commerce witnessed a high surge in 2021. Countrywise lockdowns, non-essential retail restrictions, and the risk of contracting the virus have played a vital role; as businesses started to sell online. Though many of the SMBs were formed in 2020, a significant number remained “unconceived.” Which resulted in the worldwide eCommerce market reaching $612.86 billion in 2021, up from $526.72 billion in 2020.

Having been approved as a Facebook Business Partner, CedCommerce is working incredibly hard to assist these businesses to thrive. We have simplified the overall selling process for numerous businesses throughout the year. Here’s a brief year in review of Facebook and Instagram commerce for you.

Facebook Commerce achieved hype among merchants

In the wake of the pandemic, when businesses were still figuring out how to move their operations online, Facebook stepped up its endeavors to boost eCommerce and rolled out numerous commerce features on almost all of its verticals.

According to a State of Small business report by Facebook & Small Business Roundtable, more than 160 million businesses have been using the Facebook family of apps to reach customers since the pandemic outbreak. As many businesses are creating and strengthening their digital presence; Facebook continued to bring significant updates in 2021 to benefit the retailers and brands to thrive in the pandemic situation. Some of them are Product Drops on Instagram, Shopping in Reels, Live Shopping, Shops on WhatsApp, and many more. Facebook also released its new series of e-commerce-focused events to kick off the Holiday shopping season.

Facebook & Instagram Shopping App: Brand new features to make your selling frictionless

Since its inception, the Facebook & Instagram Shopping app made the selling process more convenient and enjoyable for you. We introduced some of the new features in midst of the year 2021 to make your selling simpler, and manage your store on various Facebook Commerce Platforms from one single place.

We’re diligently updating and optimizing our app on a regular basis in order to provide the best possible selling experience for all of our customers. Here are a few updates we brought up in 2021:

Threshold Inventory: With Facebook and Instagram Shopping app, you can now specify the exact threshold inventory; which is the minimum number of products that you intend to have in your shop at any one time. When a product’s count hits this value, the product is declared out of stock, and future orders are halted until the product is restocked.

Facebook Business Extension( FBE): The latest update to the Facebook & Instagram Shopping app is Facebook Business Extension ( FBE). It allows you to access a wide range of business tools, including Facebook Shops, Page Shop, and Instagram Shopping, in the eCommerce service verticals. So, now you will be able to manage all the Facebook Assets from one single location.

Facebook business extension


Metafields: CedCommerce added an additional layer of the attribute to the Facebook & Instagram Shopping app around October 2021, called Metafields. Businesses like yours can now add more information about their products through Metafields from within the app. As a consequence, the audience will find it simpler to discover, shop, and buy your products across Facebook commerce.

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The Blooming December 2021 on Facebook Amidst the Pandemic Chaos

The Holiday season gave us a flourishing December Month. It was among the best profitable business months of the year. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Singles Day, and Doubles Day, Christmas brought an era of new beginnings.

shopify facebook & instagram integration

No doubt due to the continuous surge in COVID cases the first two quarters of 2021 was rough for all of us. But things started getting settled down to some extent from the third quarter itself.

We are happy that we were able to become part of many new beginnings straight from Christmas month.

Our Journey with SMBs & Brands selling across Facebook Commerce Throughout 2021

Overall 2021 was a transforming period for the eCommerce industry and so for us. This rapid progression evolved our team to 800+ members by the end of the year.

The core reason behind this successful journey has been our devotion to one motive. A motive to uplift the business and scale the reach of SMBs.

facebook commerce in 2021

Considering the adverse economic impact of the ongoing pandemic, even Facebook waived off the selling fees till June 2022. Yes, to support the SMBs on Facebook Commerce Surfaces, it made the platforms absolutely free since its launch in 2020.

Being Facebook Business Partner, we have also been facilitating our Facebook & Instagram Shopify Integration Solution as a free app. Along with this, we also provide a dedicated team at your service that helps you from onboarding on Facebook Marketplace to product listing.

The journey of both customers and us as solution provider have been truly amazing.
Month by month, the CedCommerce family is growing and coming up with surprising results. The communication at the front end and stronghold at the tech part by our teams have bridged many gaps.

CedCommerce’s Facebook & Instagram Shopping App: The Savior of Arlissa Boutique and Techonito

Our customer Arlissa Boutique was facing some issues in mapping product variants from Shopify Store to Facebook Catalogue. The issue seemed to be quite small but the lack of a detailed process let them suffer for a long. A dedicated account manager from our end took a 1:1 session on Zoom and got the process streamlined. Moreover educated them about the best practices to improvise product visibility on Facebook Commerce Surfaces.

“Availing any service at free of cost is not a challenge, but making it worthwhile is indeed a challenge. As a solution provider, it is an utmost responsibility to help customers at every stage during the early phase.”

Another story is of our customer Techonito. They were tired of trying one or the other apps back to back. Techonito wanted to set up shops on Facebook and Instagram. The customer installed our app too but didn’t make any progress and left the process in between. Our team emailed and tried multiple times to be in their contact. We waited as long as we can! One fine day Techonito got in touch with us, they communicated about the challenges faced during onboarding proceedings. Our team carried out the process from scratch i.e. onboarding till setting up fully functional shops for them.

“Be at personal or professional front, everyone needs guidance and seeks support at some point of time. The same applies to the customers! They reach us with hope and as a solution provider, we need to nurture the light of that hope.”

We have many such stories to tell you about. In fact, you can read them all by yourself right from here.

Folks, because of our team’s 24X7 constant efforts, we have been able to attain a huge milestone – 5 Star Ratings with 400+ reviews on the Shopify Store!

“It is surely not an year end, but an encouragement for a new year to celebrate more winnings ahead.”

The Next Big Push for Merchants Selling across Facebook Commerce

CedCommerce is committed to developing customizable, affordable, and unique solutions to make online selling a breeze for businesses. We keep on upgrading our services for ever-evolving Commerce on Facebook. Therefore, knowing the importance of Facebook ads, we will soon be releasing the Facebook Ads feature in Facebook & Instagram Shopping. The Ads feature will enable merchants to run Prospective and Retargeting Campaigns. They could also personalize their pitching with Facebook Dynamic Ads.


Additionally, businesses could also monitor the performances of their ad campaigns by leveraging the Analytics feature. Thus, in 2022, Facebook & Instagram Shopping will not only ease your selling process; but also assist you in promoting your brand. Hence, paving your way to reaching an unprecedented level of success.

Winding it up!

Though 2021 has been a challenging year for everyone, Facebook Commerce surged and progressed with each passing day. The numerous innovative commerce features rolled out by Facebook have proven advantageous to businesses. They assisted businesses and helped shoppers get what they were looking for.

The workforce at CedCommerce left no stones unturned to enhance the overall selling experiences of businesses of all sizes. CedCommerce is also offering FREE solutions to help small businesses in the ongoing pandemic. We are working round the clock to empower businesses to overcome challenging times. Furthermore, if you need any assistance, feel free to schedule a free consultation.

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