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Big News! Update Your Facebook Product Specifics with Shopify Metafields

Big News! Update Your Facebook Product Specifics with Shopify Metafields


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CedCommerce has always worked towards making eCommerce easier for its clients. It acts as a one-stop-shop for e-Commerce solutions covering the client’s specific needs. This is why Facebook & Instagram Shopping has added an additional layer of the attribute to its solution; providing a better selling experience.

By integrating to Shopify metafields; businesses like you can now add additional information about your products. As a result, it makes it easier for the audience to explore, browse and purchase. Explore further to know in-out about Shopify metafields; and how you can use Shopify metafields to your advantage.

Offering rich information through Shopify metafields

Shopify Metafields is the additional field that you can add along with your product information. As a business; therefore you can access the metafields through the product section of the Facebook & Instagram Shopping app. Besides, these Shopify metafields can help you extend the functionality of your Facebook Shops. By giving you the ability to store additional information on products, collections, and orders.

For instance. You are looking for apparel. You reach a Facebook Shop where you have multiple products to choose from. But, each of these products has a detailed product description. Wouldn’t it be easier for the buyer to buy? Yes, well, this is what the Shopify metafield does for you. Because it helps businesses provide essential information to clients. Thus, making the buying and selling process easier across Facebook Commerce.

The Shopify metafields offers the following benefits:

  • Structured product details: Provide the audience with the information they need during the purchase process.
  • Extend functionality to online shops: Store additional information on products and collections. All these additional metafields information are displayed on shop storefronts.

The new phase of the Facebook & Instagram Shopping with Shopify Metafields

With the latest update of Shopify metafields; Facebook & Instagram Shopping has made the product discovery smooth. You can now reach your potential customers easily and build a natural social shopping behavior.

Getting the metafields on Shopify is easy. It works on the four basic components. These are Namespace, Key, Value, and Description. A namespace is a metafield category for which you add the custom details. Key stores the name of the Metafield. Value stores the content required for the metafield. The storefront displays this information. The description is the additional information.

Besides, there are some of the most prominent metafields on Shopify. Let’s explore them one by one:

  • Color: In this metafield, you can add the color variants of your products.
  • Store: Add information about your brand, and business.
  • Date: You can add the date of the manufacturing and expiration date of your product.
  • Date and time: In case of product launch, you can add the event dates and times.
  • Dimension: Add the dimension like the length, and height of your product.
  • Weight;  In case of a heavy product, you can add the weight of a product.
  • Number: This metafield is used to add the number of product variants.
  • Rating: Add your product rating from your customers. This would help you build trust amongst your audience.
  • Images: Add your product images variants.

How to add metafields on Shopify?

To help businesses with great purchases; Facebook Business Partners like CedCommerce are providing high-quality Facebook product catalog fields. These product catalog fields have the features that buyers need. 

As a business wishing to sell across Facebook Commerce; you can connect with Business Partners and leverage integration services and follow any of the three methods to enable the metafields on your Shopify store as well as on Facebook commerce platforms.

On the profile tab; Facebook & Instagram Shopping has an added feature of Create Metafield on Shopify. By clicking on this button; you can add the metafields to a bundle of products altogether. If you sell different categories of products, you can simply add metafields to the collection of products at once.

The second method is to Go to the product section of the app. Add the Recommended and Optional attributes of your products. Then, Click on the option “Create Metafields on Shopify.” to add the metafields to your Shopify store.

Lastly, you can also visit the Configuration Section of the App. Through this section, you can add metafields to products falling into one product category or the default profile. For this, go to the section, click on Create Metafield on Shopify and add the related fields to your products on your Store. 

From there, your fields will be automatically visible across your Shopify store and your Facebook Shop. Further, Shopify metafields are introduced to maintain the parity between your online store and Facebook Shops. Also, some of the most prominent product information displayed across Facebook Shops are:

  • Concise product titles and detailed, structured descriptions.
  • All product variants.
  • Product images and details.
  • Size charts where applicable.

It is recommended to add up to three categories of the products

Wrapping it up

Shopify metafields are the additional fields that you can add along with your product information. In addition, with the increased scope for online shopping; the metafields on Shopify make it easier for businesses to surface products across Facebook Commerce. With this said; now it’s time for you to leverage the features of Shopify metafields. And make your selling process hassle-free. As a Facebook Business Partner; CedCommerce enables brands like you to grow faster. And provides you with the best affordable assistance. For any more information; connect with our experts or follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin now.

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