[Updated] Facebook & Instagram Shopping Gets Newer with Exciting Features

[Updated] Facebook & Instagram Shopping Gets Newer with Exciting Features


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CedCommerce, a leading eCommerce solution provider, has been continuously working towards “making the commerce simpler for merchants.” Therefore, Facebook & Instagram Shopping app got all-new features and updates to create better shopping experiences.

The new update to the Facebook & Instagram Shopping app helps businesses grow across the Facebook ecosystem. The app now has the added advantage of Facebook Business Extension (FBE), Ads Feature, and Ads Analytics. Thus, aiming to make the selling process more seamless. Explore further to know what’s new with the Facebook & Instagram Shopping app and how it benefits your budding business.

Facebook Business Extension (FBE) and its Benefits

To make the selling process seamless across the Facebook ecosystem, Facebook has introduced Facebook Business Extension (FBE). The FBE is a pop-up-based solution; that allows you to set up your business easily and manage Facebook assets like Facebook Shop, Facebook page, Facebook pixel, ad account, and much more. Besides, it offers you listed benefits:

Facebook Business Extension

    • Business across the Facebook ecosystem: With Facebook Business Extension, you can manage your business efficiently across Facebook surfaces. You can easily connect your business account, Facebook Page, and Instagram profile from a single location.
    • Insights into your business: Once integrated with the Facebook Business Extension, you can get valuable insights into your business. Through this, you can keep track of all your earnings and order status from the app’s dashboard.
    • New to Facebook & Instagram: If you are new to Facebook or Instagram, worry not. You can easily set up your Shop on Facebook & Instagram by connecting your Facebook account with the app and following the listed steps.

As a Facebook Business Partner, CedCommerce has enabled you to leverage the extended benefits of Facebook Business Extension, like multichannel selling experience, obtaining insights surface the products to a targeted audience, and much more from within the app.

Besides, you can make it easy for your customers to purchase right from within the app through checkout on Facebook & Instagram (currently available for US merchants).

Ads Feature – The Ground Breaking update to promote your products

Along with selling, you can now market your items across Facebook Commerce Platforms.

Yes! You heard it right.

Facebook & Instagram Shopping App has recently rolled out an Ads feature that lets you launch and run your Ad Campaigns. You can create Prospective Campaigns to make people aware of your brand; generate interest in your products. Moreover, the Ads Feature of Facebook and Instagram Shopping App allows you to set up Retargeting campaigns to target individuals already familiar with your brand. Thus, convincing them to head back to your store and shop.

Ads feature of facebook and instagram shopping

With the Ads Feature, you can take targeting advantages on Facebook and Instagram, which means you can target and run ad campaigns based on your audience’s interests, demographics, and behavioral characteristics.

Measure your Ads’ Performance with the newly added Ads Analytics

It is essential to know how well your ads are performing. So, to monitor your Ad campaigns, you can leverage the Analytics Section of the app. It assists you in evaluating the effectiveness of your Ad campaigns by showing you the metrics such as Impressions, Reach, Average Cost Per Mille (CPM), Average Cost Per Click (CPC), and more.

Ads analytics of Facebook and Instagram Shopping

The insights you receive from the Analytics Section will let you know what is working and doesn’t need much of your time. So, by analyzing the performance of your ads from the Analytics section, you will be able to plan your Ads strategically.

Enhance your Product Catalog with the brand new Supplementary Feeds

Supplementary feeds are product data or attributes you can add to your primary feeds. The Facebook and Instagram Shopping app enables online merchants selling on Facebook commerce platforms to take advantage of supplementary feeds.
With this feature, you can enrich your Facebook catalogs with more product information. Thus, Facebook & Instagram Shopping app allows you to manage your products, their attributes, and primary and supplemental feeds from a single location.

supplementary feeds

The new phase of Facebook & Instagram Shopping

With the all-new design and features, the app has made it easier for you to expand your reach and drive discovery. You can sky-high your sales by leveraging Facebook shopping tools like a product catalog, a Facebook Pixel, a Facebook Page, and Instagram Profile. Thus, helping you to get incremental profits to your business and increase your customer base. Let’s explore the features one by one:

Facebook & Instagram Shopping

The new user interface

The all-new Facebook & Instagram Shopping app gives a glimpse of your entire selling journey. The app’s dashboard provides information about your products, orders, earnings, and all recent activities. So you don’t have to navigate each see section to know about the latest activities.

More order details

With the Facebook & Instagram Shopping app, you can now manage all your orders more efficiently across Facebook & Instagram. You can also view more details like Buyer’s information, Order details, and Listing items from a single location.

Easy onboarding process

The new interface of the app consists of four major steps. Connect the Facebook account with the app. Then, select your Facebook Product Catalog, do warehouse and category mapping, and map the attributes of the products. Thus, reducing the hassle of the long onboarding process.

Integrating with the Facebook & Instagram Shopping app can bring the best business tools to your shop. And make your shop a one-stop shopping destination for your customers. Also, you can leverage the additional features of an enhanced catalog, easy product upload, and product repricing. Thus, your selling process becomes seamless across the Facebook Commerce platform.

Wrapping it up

With the increasing craze for online shopping, Facebook and Instagram have become popular shopping destinations for customers. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to get on board the Facebook family of apps. Integrate your store with Facebook & Instagram Shopping and leverage the benefits of Facebook Business Extension, Facebook Ads, Ads analytics, and Supplementary feeds feature.

As a Facebook Business Partner, CedCommerce is working tremendously to help you scale your business faster and provide you with the best possible assistance wherever you are. If you have any queries, drop down your comments below or contact us on Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, or Skype.

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