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CedCommerce extends partnership with Facebook to help U.S. businesses reach shoppers through checkout on Instagram.

CedCommerce extends partnership with Facebook to help U.S. businesses reach shoppers through checkout on Instagram.


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CedCommerce has always been working on ways to make the internet a better place to grow your brands’ visibility. We want to help retailers and empower anyone from a small business retailer to a big brand to use our solutions and connect with people in a better way.

As Facebook quotes, “85% of people worldwide are now shopping online”. The digital world proves to bring in enormous opportunities for online retailers. To ensure a seamless selling experience, we are extending our partnership with team Facebook to help U.S. retailers unlock the checkout on Instagram feature and enable shoppers to purchase without leaving the app.

With CedCommerce being Facebook’s platform partners, the U.S. retailers to easily connect their Shopify store catalogue with Instagram through our Facebook and Instagram Shopping integration app—providing shoppers with a secure and seamless way to buy from their favourite brands directly on Instagram.

NOTE: We will be introducing the integration for retailers using platforms other than Shopify, in the coming months.

Introducing Facebook and Instagram Shopping integration app

Starting today, U.S. retailers can quickly onboard and connect their Shopify storefronts with Instagram. The app comes for free and ensures hassle-free onboarding experience benefitting you with several automated features including:

Quick Account Setup

Our experts assist you with the account setup, shop configurations, bulk product uploads, and ensure on-time approval if you comply with Facebook’s commerce policies.

Catalogue and Inventory Synchronization

The app synchronizes your inventory, price and order updates in real-time along with syncing your catalogue as per Facebook Commerce norms. Thus, avoiding over-selling.

Centralized Order Management

Upon successful installation of the app, orders received on Facebook Marketplace, and Instagram is automatically synced with your Shopify store and helps you track, cancel, or fulfil orders from or within your store.

The 24*7 free support services from CedCommerce makes sure to give you the best of our services and resolve your queries right on time.

Why checkout on Instagram?

Instagram has always been a destination for inspiration and discoveries. With over 200 million Instagrammers visiting one business profile daily, you meet shoppers where they already are. With checkout on Instagram, you bring your products closer to shoppers giving them the ability to shop right away in just a few taps without leaving the app. Businesses of all kinds can surface their products across the right audience and experience increased brand visibility.

Instagram lists how checkout on Instagram can help your business:

Reduce friction in the path to purchase

Checkout is a quick and easy way for people to make a purchase from your business on Instagram, and their payment credentials are securely saved for future purchases.

Unlock additional creative tools

Checkout businesses receive access to other features to connect with shoppers, like Shopping from Creators, where creators can tag your products in their posts, product launches, where businesses can announce an upcoming launch on Instagram, and Live Shopping.

Create full-funnel strategies

By leveraging the full ecosystem of Instagram Shopping tools, businesses can create concepts that build brand awareness and drive transactions all in one place.

Checkout improves the shopping experience by making the purchase quick, easy, convenient and secure. Shoppers can place orders directly on Instagram within a few taps, and their payment credentials will be securely saved in the app for future purchases.

How can you get started with checkout on Instagram?

Before you get started with Instagram Shopping, make sure you fulfil the following criteria:

  • You should be selling physical goods.
  • You must comply with Facebook’s commerce policies.
  • You should have a business account on Instagram.
  • Your account should be connected to a Facebook page.

Upon meeting the above guidelines, you must integrate your storefront with Facebook’s commerce platform or can get started with CedCommerce to use the checkout on Instagram. CedCommerce, being a platform partner of checkout on Instagram, enables you to accelerate the onboarding process. In its recent announcement, Facebook stated that “businesses must have Shops and Facebook Commerce Manager.”

Bring connections back to commerce and create a better shopping experience with checkout on Instagram here. 

Got queries? Drop in your comments below and let us serve you in a better way. 

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