benefits of Facebook for business | Benefits of a Facebook Business Page
Benefits and Risks Of Using Facebook Business Page

Benefits and Risks Of Using Facebook Business Page


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With more than 80 million small & medium-sized business successfully running, Facebook serves as a perfect business platform to reach and connect with potential customers. Here’s a list of all the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook Business page:

Benefits of using Facebook for business

  • Brand Development & Awareness: Through Facebook business page, you can expose your business to a global audience hence work on your brand development.
  • Increased Website Traffic: Display your products, posts, ideas with your Facebook business page, and drive customers to your website.
  • Get Leads for your business: Display your business in a positive light. Showcase your products and ideas in your Facebook profile to grab the audience’s interest. This will, in turn, help you generate leads for your business.
  • Establish A Social Conversation With Clients: Through Facebook business page, you can establish your communications with your clients via messages and build your social network.
  • Get Business Insights: Monitor your posts performance, customer engagements on your Facebook business page, and much more with your business insights. Also, plan for a better strategy for the future.
  • Increased engagements: The probability of engagements with potential clients increases multi-folds on Facebook. Start building an audience & engagements will follow along.
  • Search Engine Recognition: Google prefers to consider a credible source for SERP ranking, and data shared on the Facebook profile are given greater priority.
  • Surfacing business across Facebook networks: You can increase your social network by expanding your business across Facebook commerce surfaces like Facebook Shops, Facebook Marketplace, and Instagram Shopping.

Above are a few benefit of a Facebook for Business Page, but unfortunately, there’s also a downside of using Facebook Business Page.

Risks of Using Facebook for business

  • Considerable Initial Investment: The process of creating your Facebook business page can be quite hectic and not only requires time but also hefty planning.
  • Marketing Skills: You need to develop certain marketing skills for your business. Plan on creating engaging content that benefits your business needs.
  • Limited Organic Reach: Due to its rapidly growing customer base, Facebook has introduced algorithms that limit your posts’ organic reach to a number of users only. You need to boost your posts to increase this number.
  • Paid Advertising: To get the best results in your business, you need to opt for paid advertising, requiring a budget and regular investments.
  • No Customer Support: Now, that’s a really big risk of using Facebook Business Page that Facebook doesn’t offer any support. You have to put your query on the help center and hope for other users to respond.
  • Negative Reviews in Public: The two-way conversation sometimes turns to be catastrophic for businesses if a customer posts any negative reviews or comments publicly.

Above are all the shortcomings and risks of using a Facebook business page.

Now, looking at the risks of the Facebook business page, you must be thinking about the solutions to these problems.

How to reduce the shortcomings of the Facebook business page?

To manage the risks of the Facebook business page and initiate effortless selling across the platform; you can follow the following tips:

  • Be consistent with your brand image: Add all the necessary information regarding your business. Make sure your Facebook page represents your brand and ideas. This will in turn help you drive more customers to Facebook Shop through the business page.
  • Follow Facebook terms and conditions: Facebook launches its terms and conditions at regular intervals. Remember to review privacy, policy, and procedural guidelines.
  • Coordinate with Facebook marketing partners: Integrating your business to Facebook surfaces through Facebook listing partners can help you with a hassle-free selling experience and time-to-time customer support services.

Now, WooCommerce and Shopify retailers can integrate their stores to Facebook commerce surfaces through Social Commerce and Facebook & Instagram Shopping apps. Besides, Magento owners can now list down their inventories on Facebook Shop through Facebook Shop Magento 2 integration.

Is Facebook Good For Business?

With 1.62 billion users visiting Facebook regularly, it leverages you with a variety of features. Let’s explore whether Facebook is an appropriate choice for your business or not:

  • If you have a well-established business and planning to boost your engagement across the platform; then Facebook is the best platform for business or brand. Facebook has an active audience and will drive you more sales if you are willing to invest.
  • To help small and medium-sized businesses, Facebook has launched Facebook Shops on 19th May 2020 to help sellers survive in this critical situation. You can now surface your products across Facebook and Instagram through one single storefront and increase your business reach.
  • If you are an eCommerce business, then listing your products via Facebook business page can be perfect. All you need to do is create a Facebook Shop or a Page Shop; through the Facebook business manager. Add phone number, contact information and link your products through your business account. Redirect customers directly to your website for checkout hence increasing traffic for your store.
  • To make the selling process more seamless for the seller, Facebook has launched the checkout feature for all the US sellers. The feature will soon be available to the more region. Besides, all the Non-US sellers can leverage multichannel selling through solutions from partners.


Did you know that expanding your business to reach a wider audience has become much easier with the Listing partners? Connect with the Facebook listing partners to onboard with utmost ease; and unlock friction-free selling experience across Facebook commerce surfaces, all with CedCommerce.

So, it all boils down to the fact that there are numerous benefits of Facebook for business; and especially when your business is eCommerce. Facebook can prove to be a great marketing tool that can have positive effects on business. But we could not decline to the fact that for new or small businesses; there are a few challenges and risks of using Facebook for business too.

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