tips on amazon black friday sales
Tips On How Amazon Sellers Can Benefit From Amazon Black Friday Sale 2022

Tips On How Amazon Sellers Can Benefit From Amazon Black Friday Sale 2022


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Looking to make more money on the biggest shopping carnival of the year? – The Amazon Black Friday sale 2022.

Good news for all the Amazon sellers worldwide!!

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday week is known to be one of the busiest shopping days of the year, which makes it an opportunity of a lifetime for both customers and sellers to make loads of benefits in a single week.

So, a big question arises –

When Is Black Friday 2022?

This year Black Friday will fall on November 25, 2022, right after Thanksgiving. The shopping week will commence on 23rd and will end on the 30th of the month.

So as an Amazon seller, it becomes your responsibility to make the most of this year’s Black Friday Sale on Amazon.

You already do have the upper hand as you don’t have to look for customers. You are already selling on the world’s largest online marketplace, and now all you need to do is to set a firm foot on it.

But the fact could not be overlooked that to become efficient enough to win the buy box on Amazon Black Friday Sale week will require a series of smart planning and flawless decision making.

No problem, I’ll guide you through it all. But first, let’s learn the significance of Black Friday Sales 2022 from the perspective of Amazon Sellers.

Importance of Amazon Black Friday Sale in Numbers:

  • 154.5 Million Americans shopped online on Amazon Black Friday Sale in 2021.
  • Last year during Black Friday Week, the sales on Amazon spiked up to 19%.
  • On Black Friday Sale last year, Customers on Amazon spent twice what they spent on Thanksgiving. (Feedvisor)
  • 17.7% of sales were done from Amazon on Black Friday 2021.

Aren’t these figures impressive?

I think these figures have painted a clear picture of how important Black Friday Sales is for an online seller, especially the ones who are selling on Amazon.

You must be wondering what can we expect this year.

So What’s Happening This Year?

As a seller, you might be well aware of the fact that Amazon is an online marketplace that aims at setting new heights for e-commerce.

In competing for the race to be the best and to dominate against the conglomerates such as eBay and Walmart, Amazon plays various customer attraction strategies around festive seasons that could also be an upper hand from a seller’s perspective.

According to Jeff Wilke, CEO Worldwide Consumer for Amazon, on last year’s Black Friday a total of 140 million items were sold by small businesses alone.

Just wonder how much benefit you can get from this Black Friday Sale if you plan everything properly!!!

Amazon Black Friday Sale 2022 and how to sell

eCommerce experts believe that Black Friday Sale 2022, you might run out of things to sell, but Amazon won’t stop to amaze you, that’s for sure.

Since I have made the significance very much clear, now let’s move on to how we have to make the most of this opportunity.

How To Sell On Amazon Black Friday 2022 Sale?

Here are a few tips and tricks that will keep you in the race of being the bestseller on Amazon Black Friday:

So let’s get to know these in detail.

Get To Know Last Year’s Trends and Sales Patterns:

Successful are those sellers who first plan and then sell. 

In order to capitalize the most from the black Friday sales on Amazon, you need to first understand the common trends of previous years.

You can surely get help from these stats that we compiled:

  • $3.6 billion worth of sales occurred from mobile phones on Black Friday Week last year.
  • Millennials were the most expending group.
  • Clothing and Accessories was the most selling product category last year.
  • 70% of purchases made on Shopify were through mobile phones. (Salesforce)

Closely look at such selling patterns and choose to plan your Black Friday Selling campaign accordingly.

Staying Updated On Amazon’s Seller Policies:

If we look back at Amazon’s previous years’ records, it is quite clear that Amazon plays by its own set of rules during this holiday season.

To gain the maximum benefits, it’s really wise to keep yourself updated with any new Amazon announcements regarding sales or sellers during this festive season.

Take a little time off to analyze how Amazon Promotions work and plan your selling campaign accordingly.

Inventory Stacking Is Never A Bad Option

There are four necessary steps regarding Inventory management:

  1. Analyzing the latest market trends
  2. Surveying your inventory
  3. Eliminating meaningless products
  4. Stacking up the whole inventory

Amazon Black Friday Sales Preparation

Well, there is one thing for sure the sales will be rocketed at least four times the average daily sales. So, it’s better to be prepared beforehand with a stock that never runs out.

Enhance Your Listings With Perfect Images & A+ Content:

Black Friday is a time when customers are in desperate need of buying anything that looks alluring.

You need to attract your customers to buy your products at any cost. The best way to do so is to enhance the look of your listings by adding clear high definition photographs of the products.

Also, a pro tip is to recreate the product description using Amazon A+ content to make your description more valuable. This will not only increase your visibility but also boost your conversions.

Take a tour of all the listings and get rid of any such pictures that can cause an adverse impression on the customers.

Learn About Amazon SEO and A9 Algorithm:

Success is built on the implementation of thorough planning.

To ensure that your products have maximum visibility, choose the best keywords related to the products by following all the Amazon SEO guidelines.

Learn how the amazon search algorithm or A9 algorithm works to push your products up on the search result page.

Amazon SEO for Black Friday

Choose all the categories and subcategories while listing the products.

In case your product does not belong to any of the predefined categories, then add your own. This will be beneficial when a customer performs filtered searches related to your products.

Provide A Detailed Product Description:

A good salesman is one who can convince the customers in buying the product by highlighting all the possible benefits.

While selling on an online marketplace, do not forget to mention a full product description. Your product description must define every aspect that the customers seek.

Your biggest challenge is to create a highly optimized product page.

Product description on Amazon that wins the buy box on black friday sale

Opt For Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA):

  • This Black Friday Sales, take no chances with your delivery.
  • It is for sure that there will be an increase in sales, so be prepared to timely ship and deliver the goods to the customers’ doorsteps by opting for the reliable delivery services by Amazon.
  • Register yourself for Fulfillment by Amazon, and with just minimal cost, you can get all your tensions released, which gives you enough time to focus on sales.

Since now you are relieved from delivery issues, you can focus more on the pressing concerns.

Keeping An Eye On Your Competitors:

  • Competition is the best way to improve in an online e-commerce marketplace.
  • You need to keep a close eye on your competitors so that you are always ready for a plan to counteract.
  • On a platform like Amazon, winning the buy box is similar to the survival of the fittest.
  • You will never catch a customer’s attention if you are providing products at a reasonable rate. A few more things like your product & service ratings, customer reviews, and discount price, all count.
  • If your competitor is selling a tv for 1000$ then you have to come up with a plan to prepare your inventory in such a way that you start selling at a lesser price or as soon as they run out of stock.

Now comes what to sell and when.

Selling The Right Products At The Right Time:

  • This is a strategy that has been a prominent tactic for smart sellers over the years. This requires a very keen sight for analysis and being attentive the whole time.
  • First, take a very detailed survey about the latest and upcoming fashion or gadget trends that most of the customers will demand.
  • Then start collecting the products and fill up your inventory with them. In the initial stages, when the market opens up, hold back your product for a while. Wait until your competitors get low on stock.
  • Now is the time to make a move. Make a massive entry on Amazon with a discount that will drive desperate customers wild.
  • That’s how patience pays off and that’s how you control the market and make the most from it.

All good till now?

Boost your sales by adding the Amazon Top Selling Products to your Inventory.

Ok, let’s move ahead.

Work On Customer Retention:

  • Selling to a customer once is pretty straightforward, but retaining that customer is the biggest challenge.
  • The best policy for Customer Retention is by providing them with a flawless service experience.
  • You can also go for Paper ads along with the product that features your brand. Like this, they’ll surely remember you and might call you up again whenever they need something.

We are almost there. A few more tips and done.

Plan Ahead For The Upcoming Holiday Season:

Black Friday is just the beginning of the holiday season, so plan for the whole thing, including singles day, Christmas, and new year’s sale.

Here’s a list of 8 eCommerce holiday events you must keep a close eye on.

Have a look at Trends and Strategies to follow this eCommerce festive holiday season.

Switch To An Automated Way Of Selling on Amazon:

Are you still using old-school techniques to sell your products on Amazon?

The implementation of CSV values, and filling excel templates one by one manually could be such a hectic and time taking process.

If you dedicate so much time to doing this, How will you manage to implement the tactics for Amazon Black Friday?

Well, let me suggest to you a much more efficient way that will save both time and resources – Amazon eCommerce Integration Solutions.

This Black Friday, let’s take a step towards automating your whole e-commerce business. Work on Integrating your products using seller-friendly platforms like MagentoWooCommerce, PrestaShop, and Opencart.

Now you have done everything right; just one thing is left to win the buy box on Amazon Black Friday sales 2022.

How To Win The Buy Box On Amazon Black Friday Sale?

Winning the Buy Box on Amazon every time might sound challenging.

But trust me, it’s not that difficult after all.

Just thinking smartly will lead you towards your ultimate goal every time.

So, How to win the buy box this Amazon Black Friday – ‘Strategic Product Bundling.’

Have you heard of it before?

Ok, I’ll explain.

It’s a strategy of bundling up a bunch of your products and compiling them as a different unit that can easily be targeted on the search list.

Still not clear?

Let me take an example.

You are selling a microwave oven along with various other sellers. There is cutthroat competition, and you are unable to compete on the money scale.

So, you come up with this Strategic Product Bundling Technique where you start selling these items together as a unique bundle:

  • A microwave
  • A pair of Gloves
  • Two Bowls (Oven Proof)

Now you can customize the price, and your audience will think of buying the whole set all at once.

The major advantage of creating a unique bundle is that while creating a bunch, you have to assign a unique UPC to it. This somehow means creating a whole new product.

Your listing remains unique, and you will keep ruling the buy box until other sellers copy your bundle.

This incredible technology will let you win the buy box on Amazon Black Friday Week every time.

This technique can also be used alternatively for clearing off the inventory. The products that you are unable to sell and are just sitting back in your inventory, causing space, could quickly get rid of.

Other than Amazon, you can also benefit from selling on Walmart this black friday.


To sum up, we can conclude that Amazon’s Black Friday is a massive opportunity for every seller to gain maximum benefits.

Just ensure to follow all the above points, then sit back and relax while Amazon fills up your pockets during this black Friday and holiday season.

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