A complete guide with tips to use amazon a+ content
What is Amazon A+ Content and How to Optimize Listings with it?

What is Amazon A+ Content and How to Optimize Listings with it?


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Imagine a shopper is scrolling through identical product listings on Amazon. Each one blends into the next – a blur of text and generic photos. Suddenly, they spot a listing that grabs their attention with high-quality images showcasing the product from every angle, clear bullet points highlighting its benefits, and a short video demonstrating its features in action. This makes the shopper purchase this product in an instant!

This, dear seller, is the power of Amazon A+ Content. It transforms your listings from forgettable entries to conversion magnets, boosting sales and customer engagement. So let’s dive into what ideal Amazon A+ content is and how it can help your products stand out.

Understanding A+ Content

Ideal Amazon A+ content allows you to showcase your products in a rich and engaging way. Think high-definition images that bring your product to life, compelling explainer videos demonstrating its features, and informative comparison charts highlighting its advantages.

But A+ Content isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s designed to be platform-independent, working seamlessly on desktops and mobiles, ensuring your product descriptions shine regardless of where customers browse. Plus, studies show A+ Content can boost sales by up to 20%!

In short, A+ Content can be your ally to grab attention, while informing customers, and ultimately driving sales.

A+ Content in Action: Examples

A+ Content isn’t just a concept – it’s a powerful tool leading brands use to create captivating product descriptions. Let’s discuss a few examples:

  • Tech Company: Picture a mobile listing: crisp high-resolution photos, with a battery life infographic, and a camera video – all designed to intrigue mobile shoppers.
  • Clothing Brand: Consider vibrant swappable color options, a size chart for a perfect fit, and lifestyle shots where shoppers see themselves with the look – all in one place.
  • Food & Beverage Brand: A rich close-up that captures the package depth, then dives deeper with origin stories, flavor profiles, and recipe inspiration – all to create a visual experience.

These are just a few examples. The possibilities are endless for you to craft engaging product descriptions that resonate with your target audience. Now that you understand the benefits, let’s explore how to leverage it to create compelling product listings that drive conversions.

How to Optimize Product Listings With Ideal Amazon A+ content

Optimizing product listings means using A+ content strategically to craft information in such a compelling way that it grabs attention. This is vital on Amazon, where strong listings can:

  • Increase conversions: Engaging visuals and text turn browsers into buyers.
  • Improve search ranking: Clear information with relevant keywords helps Amazon find your product.
  • Stand out from competitors: A+ Content offers a richer experience, differentiating you in a crowded marketplace.

By optimizing listings with ideal A+ Content, you significantly improve your chances of Amazon success. Essentially, an optimized product listing on Amazon must have the following features:

  • 360 degree High Defenition Photographs:
  • Short and Precise Overview
  • Product Features & Benefits Listed in Bullets
  • High Defenition Product Video
  • Alluring Customer Testimonials
  • Product FAQs
  • Product Comparison Charts
  • What’s in the Box Section

Let’s discuss all of these in detail:

360 degree High Definition Photographs:

The Product image is the biggest factor in convincing the customers towards a successful purchase. Hence, your listing must contain at least 8 high-quality images from different angles.

ideal amazon a+ content high quality image

There must be two kinds of images – first, a zoomed-in image with a single-colored background. And second – a realistic shot of the product depicting the usage of your products. Additionally, the image hover can also be a great idea as it creates more user engagement thus making it an ideal Amazon A+ content.

amazon a+ content ideal high quality image

Protip: Using a gallery slider in the content layout is advisable.

Short and Precise Overview:

Now that potential customers have seen the product, you must explain the product to them in depth. The introduction should be written in a convincing, yet concise format. Ensure the overview does not exceed 100 words or else customers might skip it.

ideal amazon a+ content high quality image

Pro Tip: Try including keywords as it will help your product rank first in the search results.

Product Features and Benefits listed in bullet points:

Mention features and benefits in bullet points as it makes it easier for customers to read through and identify what specifications match their needs.


amazon a+ content product description

Do not miss out and any features or benefits of your products.

Amazon A+ content ideal product description

Add High-Quality Videos of the Products:

Adding high-quality product videos to your content increases the credibility and relatability of your products. The ideal length of the video ranges between 70 seconds to 90 seconds. Try not to make the video too long or else it may get skipped.

ProTip: The ideal video is a lifestyle video depicting the usage of the product.

enhanced brand content videos ideal

Assuring Customer Reviews:

Amazon customers are very interested in looking for a second opinion on products and might search for them on Google too. However, it is better to provide them with reviews without giving them a chance to leave the page until they make the purchase.

amazon a+ content customer reviews

Positive testimonials act as social proof, tipping indecisive customers towards a purchase decision, as by showcasing real feedback at the end of your product pages, you provide reassurance. This strategic placement lets customer validation seal the deal, leading to more successful conversions.

Pro tip: Build trust and win conversions with customer testimonials.

Product FAQs:

Great A+ content describes your product from A to Z. But to erase doubts, add a FAQ section. Keep your answers short and accurate, and avoid repeating details already covered. Aim for one-sentence solutions. This creates a customer-focused FAQ section that builds trust.

product FAQs on Amazon

Protip: Think like a buyer, brainstorm their common concerns, and turn them into questions.

Product Comparison Charts:

Customers compare before they buy. Use comparison charts in your A+ Content to showcase your product’s strengths alongside competitors. Keep it clear and concise, infographics are ideal.

Example of Amazon EBC

Protips: Focus on highlighting your product’s wins, do not dwell on weaknesses. This helps indecisive shoppers choose you!

What’s in the Box Section:

Your customers need to know exactly what they are investing in so be sure to add a ‘What’s in the Box’ section, to ensure transparency and clarity. Mention all the accessories or types of equipment the customers will receive along with the products they are buying.

For example, if you are selling a phone, mention that along with the phone customers will also receive:

  • An adapter
  • Earphones
  • USB cord
  • Screen Protector, etc

Pro Tip:You can add the images of all the accessories along with the main product.

Key Practices for Sellers

While A+ Content offers a basic framework, maximizing its impact requires a seller-focused approach. Leverage these guidelines to tap into the full potential of A+ Content:

  • Highlight Your USP: Focus on emotional benefits that drive purchases.
  • Image & Text Synergy: Cater to both skimmers and detail-oriented viewers.
  • Leverage Reviews: Analyze competitor reviews to identify what your target audience resonates with.
  • Avoid Errors: Steer clear of prohibited symbols like copyrights and hyperlinks.
  • Strategic Banners: Use banners effectively to break up the product page, showcase high-quality visuals, and provide additional brand and product information.
  • Proofreading is Crucial: A+ Content approval can take up to 7 days. Fix typos before submission to prevent mistakes from going live.
  • Maintain Brand Consistency: Ensure a consistent visual style with a connection to your website to reflect brand identity across your entire product catalog.

Incorporating these key tips will turn A+ Content for your products into a customer magnet.

However, consider this before diving in:

  • Limited Impact on Search: A+ content isn’t indexed for search, hence it doesn’t directly boost search ranking.
  • Mobile Friendliness (In Progress): A+ Content might not display fully on mobile devices or the Amazon Mobile App yet.
  • Restrictions Apply: You can’t include external links, competitor mentions, or guarantees beyond Amazon’s policies.
  • Approval Process: A+ Content needs Amazon’s approval, which can take time.
  • Existing A+ Content: You can’t add A+ Content if another vendor has already created it for the product (ASIN).
  • Brand Registry Requirement: A+ Content is only available for sellers registered with Amazon Brand Registry, excluding categories like books or video games.

As a result, A+ Content isn’t a magic bullet for search ranking or mobile visibility. However, it’s a powerful tool to create a richer product experience and potentially boost conversions. Focus on creating informative, engaging content that adheres to Amazon’s guidelines to leverage A+ Content’s full potential.

So are you ready to transform your listings?

Here’s what you’ll need:
1. Professional Selling Plan ($39.99/month): Ditch per-item fees and access A+ Content creation. Showcase your brand story with rich descriptions, visuals, and even videos.
2. Brand Registration (Free): Protect your brand and gain control over listings. This free program is your gateway to A+ Content. (A registered trademark on your brand name or logo is your ticket to Brand Registry. Pending applications are also accepted.)

Eligibility for Basic A+ Content: Brand owners worldwide registered in the Brand Registry can access basic A+ Content and Brand Story features.

Note: Brand registration qualifies you for it, but using A+ Content requires a separate Professional Selling Plan.

How to Get started with A+ Content in just 3 steps:

amazon premium a+ contentStep 1: Craft Your Content: Explore the A+ Content Manager and choose the modules that best showcase your product. Weave in your brand story and key product details using a style that reflects your unique identity.

Step 2: Target Your Audience: Decide where to showcase your A+ Content. Apply it to a single product, your entire inventory, or a specific selection you want to highlight.

Step 3: Publish and Excel: Once you’re happy with your creation, review it thoroughly, make any final adjustments, and submit it for Amazon’s approval. Then, get ready to watch your product visibility soar!

A Look at What’s Next

As an Amazon seller, you must understand its current capabilities and evolving potential. Here’s what we found:
Mobile Makeover (Coming Soon): A+ Content might soon be mobile-friendly, reaching shoppers on the go.
Boosting Sales Now: New features like “Add to Cart” buttons in comparison charts and customer review integration help you close more deals.
Easier Than Ever: Premium A+ Content with advanced features is now available to more sellers, and machine learning helps speed up content approval (as long as it follows Amazon’s guidelines).
The Future is Bright: Expect A+ Content to get even smarter with AI personalization and potentially integrate AR for interactive product demos.

Overall, Amazon A+ Content is constantly evolving to be a more powerful tool for sellers. The focus is on making it easier to use, offering features that drive sales, and incorporating cutting-edge technology.

Turn A+ Content into A+ Sales with CedCommerce

A+ Content isn’t just a seller tool, it’s a win-win for Amazon’s ecosystem. Sellers like you can craft engaging product experiences with multimedia formats, while shoppers benefit from richer information and a more confident buying journey. By staying informed about A+ Content’s evolution, you can leverage its power to stand out and elevate your brand on Amazon.

Although, while building trust and brand loyalty is paramount in the competitive Amazon landscape, managing it effectively can be time-consuming and complex.

This is where CedCommerce’s Amazon integration steps in to offer a powerful solution, streamlining the entire process of selling on Amazon. Our user-friendly integration equips you to:

  • Sync Listings, Orders & Inventory in real-time
  • Import/Create/Edit Listings in Bulk easily
  • Manage both FBA & FBM Orders
  • Sell in 22+ Countries with Multi-Account Support
  • Avail Listing Optimization and Amazon Advertising
  • Avail 24*7 Dedicated Expert Support

By leveraging CedCommerce, you can free up valuable time to focus on product development and marketing strategies. More importantly, you can cultivate a strong review profile that enhances your brand reputation and converts Amazon shoppers into loyal customers.

Don’t just manage your reviews and A+ Content – automate, optimize, and succeed!

Try a free plan with CedCommerce’s Amazon integration today and experience the difference.

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