Amazon Opencart Integration

Amazon Opencart Integration

Amazon Opencart Integration by CedCommerce provides a complete integration solution to connect your Opencart store to Amazon marketplace. It provides synchronization of inventory, price and other product data between Opencart store and Amazon marketplace in order to manage your products on the marketplace with an ease.

  • Bulk Upload: Features enables you to upload products in bulk from your Opencart store to the Amazon marketplace.

  • Easy Return and Refund: Enables admin to avail the easy product return and refund facility.

  • Category and Attribute Mapping: Provides an ability to map Opencart category and attribute to Amazon categories and attributes.

  • Provides easy debug process for hassle-free product upload on the Amazon marketplace.

  • Cron jobs automates the process to fetch Amazon orders from Amazon to Opencart store.

  • Note : Extension will be available within 10-15 working days of the purchase.



Why to choose the Amazon Marketplace?

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. The company was originally a book seller but has expanded to sell a wide variety of consumer goods and digital media and also its own electronic devices such as the e-book reader, tablet, and so on.

Amazon Marketplace is an e-commerce platform owned and operated by that enables third-party sellers to sell new or used products on a fixed-price online marketplace alongside Amazon's regular offerings. Using Amazon Marketplace, third-party sellers gain access to Amazon's customer base, and Amazon expands the offerings on its site without having to invest in additional inventory.

Why to choose Opencart Amazon Integration?

  1. It helps you to synchronize the product listing between your Opencart store and the

  2. It helps you to smoothly create the Amazon Categories and its dependent attributes on Opencart store. Hence, it enables you to establish a mapping of the desired product category on the Opencart for automatic submission of the selected product to the same category on

  3. It enables the Opencart store owner to manage the Amazon orders on the Opencart stores without making any significant changes in the operational functionalities.

  4. Opencart store owner can synchronize the orders, products, pricing, and inventory through establishing the interaction between the Amazon APIs and the Opencart store.

Awesome Features

Product Category Mapping: Follow many to one category mapping. Admin can map many categories of Opencart store to a single category of Amazon .

Synchronized Inventory and Profile Based Pricing: Inventory Synchronization at regular intervals. product Listing is established between Opencart and Amazon. Profile based price increase or decrease.

Rejected Product Notification: Admin receives notification whenever any product is rejected from Amazon due to invalid data.

Profile Based Product Upload: Admin can create a profile and after assigning products to the profile can easily upload on Amazon .

New Order Notification: Whenever a new order is created on Amazon , admin receives a notification.

Creation of Opencart Orders: Orders from Amazon gets imported into Opencart panel, with all the required details as it is on Amazon .com.

Bulk Products Upload System: Admin has a facility to upload any number of products on Amazon using bulk product upload feature.

Auto Acknowledgement of Orders: Admin receives acknowledgement of orders automatically as soon as order is created.

Product Data Validation: The extension enables validating the product information in accordance with Amazon standards and value.

Some Irresistible Free Services

Duration (hours) Fee
1. Installation

$100 Free
2. Basic Configuration

$50 Free
3. Unlimited Listing on Amazon

$30/per 1000 Free
4. Free support
90 Days

30% of Extension Price Free
5. Unlimited Orders Synchronisation

$150 Free
6. General system review & Knowledge Base

$50 Free
7. One to One training

$150 Free
8. Premium(On call) Support

$300 Free


$900 Free

How to start selling on Amazon?

    Easy steps to start selling on Amazon:

  1. To sell on Amazon, you are supposed to be an organization. Amazon doesn't accept individual sellers or even OPC(One Person Company).

  2. You must have: Address with email ID, Bank account information, VAT/CST registration information, and a legal name for a company before applying to be a seller.

  3. After satisfying all the requirements create a Amazon seller account.

  4. Once verified contact CedCommerce and connect your Opencart store to Amazon marketplace.

  5. Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and a prominent cloud services provider.

Quick Checklist to Increase Your Revenue

  1. Connect to the Amazon marketplace to reach the global customers and thus increase the products sale.

  2. Add as many Products as you can on

  3. Deal with the competitive price to boost your sale and covert visitors to customers.

  4. Ensure that the product display is presentable with the proper product description.

  5. Showcase yourself on with special events and Discounts.

Why CedCommerce?

  1. CedCommerce develops well researched and thoroughly tested API Integrations to Suit your specific business requirements.

  2. Provides 24x7 support through emails, chat, video conferencing, and over a call.

  3. Provide custom solutions for your business.

  4. Offers FREE Consultancy Services for all its API integrations and also assists in developing E-Commerce Sites from the scratch through launch.

  5. Provides Real Time Support, Quick Installation, and Best After Sales Services that ensure your online store delivery of best Customer Experience.

  6. Last but not the least, provides the cheaper API Integration extensions.

  7. Start instant chat by adding us on Skype


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