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[INFOGRAPHIC] Trends and Strategies to follow this eCommerce festive holiday season!

[INFOGRAPHIC] Trends and Strategies to follow this eCommerce festive holiday season!


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With Amazon Prime Day getting over, the season for eCommerce holidays is arriving! The Q3 and Q4 every year grasp immense prominence due to the holiday sales and amazing festive seasons that rush in the eCommerce stores with potential customers. Be that the upcoming Back to School sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Alibaba’s 11.11 Singles Day sale, the load over the sellers definitely increases in 

The good thing about these sales and festive seasons is that the intent of the customers is fixed. All of them are eventually looking to ‘buy’ something. In such a case, it becomes really easy to convert those leads into customers.

This 2019, there are a number of prominent holidays listed which awaits your planning!

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eCommerce holidays

Strategies for this eCommerce Holidays season sales!

With the Q3 being started already, this is an apt time to start up with your planning for the upcoming season of sales! With that being said, here are a few common strategies for you that could prove helpful to you and your sales this upcoming festive sales season!

Manage your inventory


In research done with our clients, it surfaced up that the most common query that they face is of the inventory management.

Clients who own their own website and are also selling on any other marketplaces like Walmart, Amazon, Etsy or any other, they really need solutions for managing their inventory centrally.


    Let our experts automate your store this festive season!


    Simplified Checkout Process


    It is but obvious, that no one really likes hassles in their way. And in this era of eCommerce where the customer has a lot of choices to opt from, the slightest of the hassle or to be more precise, ‘unhappy’ experience can redirect your potential customer to some other vendor really easily.

    Also, researches have shown that 28% of shopping cart abandonment online happen due to entangled checkout processes. So, to simplify it, could be a great strategy to look upon!


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    Free and Express Shipping

    In the same research, it came out that more than 55% of the shopping cart abandonment happened due to the unexpected charges of shipping, taxes, and others during the checkout process.

    And around 18 % of them chose the non-availability of express shipping as the reason for the same. So, you know what to do!


    Automating your store

    With such huge traffic coming into your store all of a sudden, it really becomes hard to manage all the things manually. Keeping a track of orders, managing inventories, prices, uploading of your products along with all the attributes, etc. really get troubling. In such times, it is suggested that automating your store could save you a lot of your hard work and time!

    To wrap up!

    With all the feed given to you, it’s now time for you to make decisions and start planning today!

    All the best!

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