What is Walmart Plus? How can Walmart Sellers benefit from it?
What is Walmart Plus? How can Walmart Sellers benefit from it?

What is Walmart Plus? How can Walmart Sellers benefit from it?


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Walmart plus(or Walmart+), a membership program, simplifies the same-day delivery of over 16,000 products from the Walmart marketplace. Along with the same-day delivery and free unlimited deliveries, it offers several other benefits to Walmart shoppers. If you are a Walmart seller, here’s everything that you need to know about the Walmart plus program, how can you make the most of it, how to apply W+ badging to your listings, and much more.

What is Walmart plus program?

Walmart plus is a membership program that offers online and offline benefits to its subscribers. This program can be availed for a small monthly or yearly fee. For the frequent Walmart shoppers, it’s a great plan. Those who sign up for the W+ program get a bunch of benefits from Walmart, Walmart-owned companies, and the participating companies.

Life feels more complicated than ever. Walmart+ is designed to make it easier – giving customers an option to not have to sacrifice on cost or convenience. -Walmart

What are the benefits of Walmart plus (or Walmart +)?

Walmart plus membership gives customers the following benefits:

  • Unlimited Free Deliveries
  • Scan & Go
  • Fuel Discounts
  • Early access to Deals
  • Simplified Returns

Let’s dive deep into these benefits of Walmart+:Walmart Plus Benefits

Unlimited Free Deliveries

The Walmart plus subscribers get free deliveries on all their Walmart orders. So the shoppers who opt for the Walmart+ program don’t need to meet the $35 minimum requirement to get free deliveries. Whatever be the product price, shoppers get it free with Walmart+.

An earlier Walmart program called Delivery Unlimited helped customers enjoy unlimited free deliveries from Walmart. This program has been terminated and its members have now become Walmart plus subscribers.

So now, the shoppers can order as many products as they want from Walmart and let Walmart bear the delivery cost.

Scan & Go

Scan & go feature helps shoppers experience a contact-free and seamless way of making payments when shopping at Walmart. Shoppers just need to scan the products using the Walmart app and pay using Walmart pay, and they are ready to check out.

The payment experience had never been so easy and quick at Walmart, which is now with Walmart plus.

Fuel Discounts

Shoppers who are Walmart + members avail fuel discounts of 10 cents a gallon from Exxon, Mobil, Walmart, & Murphy fuel stations. It also offers member prices on fuel purchases from Sam’s Club fuel centers.

So shoppers now save on fuel expenses on every fuel top-up at the authorized fuel stations.

Early access to Deals

Walmart+ members get early access to the promotions and events. It helps shoppers grab the deals before they become available to the non-Walmart plus shoppers.

Simplified Returns

With Walmart +, members get the benefit of returning products in the Walmart stores, and so it helps in enhancing the return experiences of Walmart shoppers.

How much does the Walmart Plus membership cost?

Walmart Plus membership costs $98 per year or $12.95 per month. It includes a free 30-day trial period. So opt for a 30-day free trial and avail of its benefits. Get unlimited free deliveries, scan and go, fuel discounts from the participating fuel stations, and early access to offers and promotions.

What you can do is register for the Walmart plus program, try it for 30 days, and opt-out of the program before the trial period ends if you think it’s not meant for you. That’s it!

How can Walmart Sellers make use of the Walmart plus?

To make use of Walmart plus, it is a must that products be shipped by Walmart. If the products are not shipped by Walmart, the Walmart plus badge will not be applicable to your Walmart products.

So the question is how to apply the W+ badge to your products on Walmart. The answer is Walmart Fulfillment Services(WFS). Since the products you fulfill using WFS are shipped by Walmart, you can easily apply a W+ badge to your Walmart listings with this WFS program.

Additionally, since the Ship with Walmart badge gets applied to the DSV products too, you can use the W+ program by becoming a drop-ship vendor(DSV) on Walmart and increase the probability of getting higher conversions.

What is Walmart fulfillment Services (WFS)?

Walmart Fulfillment Services(WFS) is an order fulfillment program from Walmart. It helps you transfer order fulfillment to the Walmart-owned Walmart fulfillment centers. All that you need to do is just register for the WFS program, and once approved, transport your inventory to the Walmart Fulfillment Center, and Walmart will do all the fulfillment tasks on your behalf. When a customer places an order, Walmart picks, packs, and ships the order to the customer, and if the customer returns the product, Walmart handles that too.

Who is a Drop Ship Vendor(DSV) at Walmart?

A drop-ship vendor or DSV is a seller on Walmart with a slight difference from a regular 3rd party seller. A DSV stores items in their warehouses and when a customer places an order, the items get delivered with a Walmart packing slip.

Becoming a DSV on Walmart offers you several perks that are above those benefitted by the regular third-party sellers. They are:

Badging of- Sold and shipped by Walmart

The DSV products get listed as sold by Walmart. It helps you in improved conversions. The products are also shipped by Walmart. So you don’t need to worry about fulfillment tasks as they all are taken care of by Walmart.

Store pick-up for customers

The DSVs have the advantage of offering their customers an in-store pick-up option. If customers find it convenient to have their orders be available at their nearest Walmart store, they can pick them up from there. The DSVs just need to transport the products to the Walmart store.

Win Buy Box

The DSV items have higher chances of winning the buy box on Walmart. So if you are a drop-ship vendor on Walmart, you can experience higher conversions on the marketplace.

CedCommerce and Walmart- What do they mean for the Sellers?

Walmart is a supreme eCommerce retailer in the US that offers its platform to the 3rd party sellers. There are over 100 million unique monthly visitors on Walmart and sellers can make their products visible to these millions of shoppers. From electronics to home appliances, and from toys to groceries, you can sell almost everything on Walmart (except the prohibited products).Walmart Integration

On the other hand, CedCommerce, a leading eCommerce solutions provider, helps you establish a seamless connection between the marketplaces like Walmart and your online store. With the seamless integration solutions that CedCommerce offers, selling on marketplaces has been smoothed like never before.

Talk to the experts to connect and sync your eCommerce store with Walmart. If you are not a Walmart seller yet, apply to be one and let Ced experts simplify your way of selling on the Walmart marketplace.

To Sum Up

Walmart+ membership helps customers get free unlimited deliveries on all their Walmart orders. It also offers other in-store benefits like fuel discounts at the selected fuel stations, a scan-and-go feature with the Walmart app, simplified returns at the stores, along with early access to deals and offers from Walmart. Becoming a DSV on Walmart or fulfilling items using the WFS program helps you reap the benefits of offering free shipping to Walmart customers. And this way, chances of getting higher conversions are up with Walmart+.

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