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How to Manage Promotional Pricing for Sale at Walmart?

How to Manage Promotional Pricing for Sale at Walmart?


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Promotional Pricing on Walmart ensures that sale on Walmart remains profitable to the customers as well as the Sellers. In fact,  Offering promotional pricing on Walmart for your items is one of the most common strategies online sellers resort to attract more visitors for your products. Promotions Walmart endorses, include a variety of comfortable options, along with the easy to grab Buy Box. Explore more to find out about Reduced Price and Clearance Sale on Walmart, and other methods to use Walmart Pricing for your benefits.

  1. Promotions Walmart offers
  2. Clearance Sale on Walmart
  3. Reduced Walmart Pricing
  4. How to implement Promotion Pricing on Walmart from Shopify Store.
  5. More about the sale on Walmart

Promotions Walmart offers

Promotions Walmart offers to its customers are more or less the ones that revolve around Walmart Pricing. In fact, these are what you can perceive as the year-round Sale on Walmart. Among several different types of badges that a listing on Walmart can earn, following are the promotions Walmart places under the Special Offers:


When the sellers want to remove a specific range of products out of the storage or sell out the less popular product, they can reduce the cost under Clearance Badge.


When prices are low due to a reason other than Clearance, they come under Rollback Badge. One of the reasons for Rollback Walmart Pricing is too many stocks and lower sales.


When Promotional pricing on Walmart is applied to sell more of the products, it is tagged as Reduced. It signifies that the cost is lesser than the original price at which the product is available across the internet.

Special Buy:

When the seller or the store wants to signify that the product is available either at an exceptional cost or for a particular period, and is not what they offer ordinarily, they badge it as Special Buy.


A tag for the popular product on Walmart based on how many customers prefer it is Bestseller.


When sellers list a product for the first time, it is sold under the new badge to signify that customers are seeing this product for the first time since Walmart never listed it before.

Highest Rating:

The product which has received the highest rating from the customers carries the Highest Rating Badge, which implies how authentic and high quality the product is.

Sponsored Products (CPC ADs):

This badge is a paid means of improving visibility and has little to do with Promotional Pricing on Walmart.

Only on Walmart:

Since Walmart tends to compare the products listed by its sellers on Walmart against other marketplaces, this badge is awarded to signify that this product, at this cost, is only available on Walmart.

Price Shown at Cart:

The cost of the product is visible when the person adds it to the Cart, and not while they check out the product page.

Price at Checkout:

Customers do not get to see the cost of the product before they choose to check out the cart and pay for the product. It is a neat trick to bring the customers to the point of checkout.

As Advertised:

The promotion to improve visibility with some paid promotion Walmart offers is active.

Clearance Sale at Walmart 

It so happens that certain products remain unsold in the godown or occupy space while you want to bring in a new product. Under such circumstances, the best idea is to do something about those products and clean out the storage. Promotions Walmart pricing can help you with this by allowing a Clearance sale at Walmart anytime you want. The Walmart Pricing can be adjusted to a considerably low price for some time to improve sale on Walmart. For example, think of the thick winter suitable Blankets still left in the storage with receding winters.  Also, if you win the buy box and your item has clearance promotion applied to it, the question appears along with the promotional price and comparison price.

Walmart Pricing Clearance Sale on Walmart

Source: Walmart

Reduced Walmart Pricing

Walmart states that this type of promotion can be used only if the price difference after discount is more significant than $5 for products costing more than $100 or the difference in price is at least 5% if a product costs less than $100. This Promotion type is most familiar with Refurbished Products.

The promotion works the same as the clearance one except for the tag, which, now, is changed to Reduced. Also, if you win the buy box, it displays both reduced price and comparison price along with a Reduced price flag.

Walmart pricing Reduced Promotions Walmart

Source: Walmart

How to implement Promotion Pricing on Walmart from Shopify Store?

It is the all-new feature of the app. Using this feature, the promotion applies to products in Bulk, and this how it’s done:

1. Navigate to menu on the left side to click on Add Promotion option under the Promotion menu. You need to input details like promotion name, price, current price type, and the duration for which you want the promotion to run. The page will look the same as below.

Promotional Pricing on walmart

2. Now click on the ‘Save’ button on the top right corner.

Promotional Pricing on walmart

3. Next step is to choose among three promotion option viz, Product type, Product vendor or All products

Promotional Pricing on walmart

Upon selecting ‘All Products’, select the products, and save them. You will reach the Walmart Promotions page, here click on ‘Select Bulk Action’ option to choose ‘Upload Promotional Price’ and hit ‘Submit’ adjacent to it. The page will look the same as below.

Promotional Pricing on walmart

Now you will be redirected to below page, here on ‘Manage Feed Details’ page you need to click on ‘Select Bulk Action’ option to choose ‘Upload Feed Status” and hit ‘Submit’ adjacent to it

Promotional Pricing on walmart

After this, the product feed status will be auto-updated from the Walmart marketplace to the app.

Therefore, discount based promotions Walmart endorses are the most common and practical tools to convert a prospect who is considering to buy your product. Additionally, it just gives them one more reason to buy; therefore, it works as an excellent conversion tool.

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