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Walmart Deals for Days Sale: How to run Promotions on Walmart?

Walmart Deals for Days Sale: How to run Promotions on Walmart?


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The much-awaited “Deals For Days” sale by Walmart has begun already and if you’re wondering how to run promotions on Walmart, you’ve landed at the right place! The Deals for Days sale is the biggest season sale that Walmart is offering to its millions of buyers and it’s an opportunity that you just can’t afford to miss.

Since running Promotional Campaigns on Walmart can be a bit tricky, we have curated an easy-to-follow guide to help you quickly launch your promotional campaign and leverage the sale.

Why should you think about taking a part in Walmart’s Deals For Days Sale!

The Deals for Days Sale has been launched as an answer to serious competitors (you know who). It is Walmart’s very own Prime Day extravaganza and will run similar to any major event on the marketplace.

With the sale ads running on multiple platforms, (and you) is sure to receive good virtual footfall.

Being a part of the entire affair would not only help you earn more profit this sale season but would also aid in cultivating a good buyer base. With Walmart’s promise to ensure that sales remain profitable for customers a well as the Sellers, you really have a win-win situation at hand.Walmart Integration

Read on to find out about Walmart Promotional Pricing for your benefits.

For quick help, jump directly to the Rules for setting Walmart Promotions section.

Promotions Walmart offers

Promotions Walmart offers to its customers are more or less the ones that revolve around Walmart Pricing. In fact, these are what you can perceive as the year-round Sale at Walmart. Among several different types of badges that a listing on Walmart can earn, the following are the promotions Walmart places under the Special Offers:

1. Clearance

When the sellers want to remove a specific range of products out of the storage or sell out the less popular product, they can reduce the cost under Clearance Badge.

It so happens that certain products remain unsold in the godown or occupy space while you want to bring in a new product. Under such circumstances, the best idea is to do something about those products and clean out the storage.

Promotional Walmart pricing can help you with this by allowing a Clearance sale on Walmart anytime you want. The Walmart Pricing can be adjusted to a considerably low price to improve Walmart’s sales.

For example, think of the thick winter suitable Blankets still left in the storage with receding winters. Also, if you win the buy box and your item has a clearance promotion applied to it, it is displayed with the Clearance flag. The Clearance flag is displayed if the customers save more than 10% on their purchase.Clearance on Walmart-image

2. Reduced

When Promotional pricing on Walmart is applied to sell more of the products, it is tagged as Reduced. It signifies that the cost is lesser than the original price at which the product is available across the internet.

Walmart states that this type of promotion can be used only if the customers save more than 10% on purchasing an item.

The promotion works the same as the clearance one except for the tag, which, now, is changed to Reduced. Also, if you win the buy box, it displays both reduced price and comparison price along with a Reduced price flag.Reduced on Walmart-image

3. RollBack

When promotional pricing on Walmart is applied in a way that the product prices are rolled back to their older price, it is referred to as Rollback. This Rollback pricing offers products at a lower price as the earlier prices were lower than the regular price of the products.Rollback on Walmart-image

Benefits of Product Promotions on Walmart

Walmart product promotions offer several benefits that help in higher sales of the products. Some of the vital benefits that these product promotions offer are as follows:

  • They help in higher visibility of the products with the promotional badges and display lowered price along with the original price.
  • Because the promotional price is lower, it results in an increased number of clicks.
  • Lower price offered through promotions results in higher sales of the related products.

Rules for Setting Walmart Promotions

Follow the rules given below while setting promotions for Walmart products:

  • You can set up a maximum of 10 promotions for an item at a time in the API. Also, you cannot set up more than 5 promotions for an item at a time in the Seller Center.
  • You need to provide Promotions Status, Promo Price, Promo Start Date, and Promo End Date in the Seller Center. Whereas, in the API, you must provide Offer Id, Start Date, and End Date.
  • The promotion can be set for a maximum of 365 days from the current date and time. If the date and time you enter for running product promotions are beyond 365 days, it will result in an error.
  • The end date for a promotion can’t be before or equal to the promotion start date for any SKU.
  • Promotions should be set up at least 4 hours before the start date.
  • Promo Price, Promo Type, and Promo can be changed at any time, whereas, for those promotions that haven’t started yet, you can change their Start Date and End Date also.

How to Setup Product Promotions at Walmart?

Use the Pricing and Promotion Spec to Add or Remove promotional pricing. To set up promotions on Walmart, follow the steps as mentioned below:

Step 1: In the Walmart Seller Center, click Bulk Updates under Items & Inventory.Walmart promotions settings Step 1-image

Source: Walmart

Step 2: Select Bulk Pricing and Promo Update from the Select Spec Template, and click Download.Walmart promotions settings Step 2-image

Source: Walmart

Step 3: An excel template opens up. Fill up the details on this sheet to update promotional prices for the choice of your products.Walmart promotions settings Step 3-image

Source: Walmart

Step 4: Go back to the Bulk Updates page. From Step 2 Upload Spec Template, drag the required file or select Click to upload a file from the saved ones.Walmart promotions settings Step 4-image

Source: Walmart

Step 5: Finally, you need to select the Spec Type from the Select Spec dropdown. Select Bulk Pricing and Promotion Update from the first dropdown and select Promotional Price Update from the second dropdown. Then click Submit.Walmart promotions settings Step 5-image

Source: Walmart

How to end Walmart Product Promotions?

You can Delete the promotions by setting the status of the promotion as Delete All. It will end all the active promotions that you are running on Walmart.

To Sum Up

With the Deals for Days Sale, you can attract new buyers while leveraging the huge campaign launched by Walmart. Promotions play a vital role in attracting relevant buyers in any marketplace. They help you sell more in less time, clear the stock that you no longer need, and increase your revenue.

Walmart gives you the flexibility to run product promotions under the badges of Clearance, Reduced, and Rollback. So you can select one of your choices, and following the steps mentioned above, easily apply promotional pricing for your Walmart products.

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