How to Rank Product Listing on Walmart to stay competitive
How To Rank Product Listing On Walmart To Stay Competitive?

How To Rank Product Listing On Walmart To Stay Competitive?


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Rank Product Listing on Walmart, tackle Walmart SEO and Sell more than ever. Change the way you handle Product Listing at Walmart now to get all the attention of your customers. It is known that customers do not go beyond two pages while browsing online marketplaces around 90% of the time. And Half of them do not go beyond the first page before getting lost in the rain of multiple listings, discounts, and the same product. Hence the critical questions that arise here on are: How to do Product Listing on Walmart Better? How To Rank Product Listing On Walmart To Stay Competitive? Explore further to find out all about it.

Hence, as sellers, you need to understand that a high ranking of your products can provide you an extra edge over others. Anyhow, it’s just a few things to take care of, such as Product Name, optimized product descriptions, SEO, and one is good to go.

What should you know about Walmart SEO?

Walmart has its Search Engine, called Polaris, which extensively crawls all the listings and tries to match the listings with Keywords searched by a customer as much as possible. Thus, just like websites need to follow SEO guidelines to the core to rank at the top for the correct keyword, Walmart listings need to have all SEO guidelines followed.

Product Listings at Walmart can have a chance to appear at the top organically and through sponsored means. Apart from that, Sellers can take steps to get ranked better. They can earn badges and directly appear at the top when customers select filters. Some of the most common badges are Clearance, Reduced, and Rollback.

Other Ranks that sellers can win include BestSeller, New, Highest Rating, only on Walmart, and other sponsored titles such as As Advertised, etc.

The Role of Optimization in Listing products on Walmart

The more Informations you provide in the Product Listing at Walmart, the better SEO you earn. Make sure you go through the Walmart Marketplace and look for your product to judge every aspect before listing it.

For instance, imagine you are looking forward to selling Toys. To understand how SEO will affect your listing, follow the different processes.

Your Product: A wooden Dollhouse with a realistic 3D appearance.

The Dollhouse is in the model of a Loft, which is a tricky thing. You might feel the need to highlight the LOFT feature over DOLLHOUSE. But, you will soon see that there are consequences respective to the choice you make here.

Try following the actions below:

Action 1:

Go to and select the Toys Department in the Search bar.

You will see plenty of listings, all mixed up, nothing in particular.

Thus, here try finding your dollhouse anywhere on the first three to four pages.

Action 2:

Now, just go to the search bar and type in “Dollhouse.”

You will see plenty of dollhouses, but probably none like the one you are selling. Or possibly you see one that is the same product as yours.

Now consider how a simple search as Dollhouse will make your listing at the top or at least on the first page. How will your customers see the product on Walmart listings?

Just tell the Search Engine precisely what it is that you want your dollhouse to rank for in every intricate detail you can imagine.

Albeit, you do not have to imagine much here, since Walmart is ready with more than thirty features that you need to align with your products and let the search engine do its job.

Just go with all variations and descriptions thoroughly. When a customer comes looking for a dollhouse and uses the filters for the search, the search engine will take the customer directly to the best match, which inevitably brings the most targeted traffic to your listing.

Walmart Keyword Research

One more point that can solidify your rank is the proper use of Keywords to appease the SEO requirements of Walmart Search Engine. To rank better, make sure your listing has Keywords strategically used, and what these keywords should be, is based upon the product and the filters mentioned above.

To better understand this, revisit Walmart and search for the dollhouse, only this time use all filters.

  1. Go to
  2. Type Dollhouse in the search engine. If you want, you can select “Toys” in the Department section.
  3. Use filters, at least a few of them, and see eventually how all lists diminish to one or two.

This is how people reach the exact product they want. And if you miss out on giving every detail corresponding to that product, the customer might end up not seeing your product listing at Walmart.

How to Rank Product Listing at Walmart?

For the sake of ranking your product listing at Walmart, you need to optimize the listings as per the Walmart Search Engine requirements. From selecting the right keywords for description and title to choosing the best Image for display, everything needs to be done as per the SEO Algorithm.

How to optimize Walmart Product Listings? has laid down certain SEO practices to follow. Following these practices, you can rank up your products at Walmart, and in return, Walmart can boost your business. Use the most relevant keywords in your item’s description and title.

Extra attention is required while framing content for Product Names, Short and Long Descriptions, Bullets, Images. Implementation of this practice guarantees greater visibility.

Here are certain tips that can help you out.

Title to win

  • Always try to put 50-75 characters for your product name.
  • Write unique product-specific titles not used anywhere before, don’t include any marketing phrases.
  • Don’t provide any specific symbols like ™, ½, @, ^, *, hearts, or shapes.
  • Club the brand with the most famous attributes.

Below is one such example from Walmart’s knowledge base where an excellent product title of the brand (Dura Trel) is clubbed with attributes (White Finish, Small Slat Planter).product title

As per Walmart’s guidelines, the best title can be written using the following syntax:

Brand + Product Name + Model Name (if any) + Style (if applicable) + Key Attribute + Pack Count (if any) + Size (if any).

Write Description including Keywords

Write a description of your products in at least 150 words. The word limit varies as per the product category. Include the Brand name and the keywords that the customers are likely to use to search that product. Try to use synonyms for words that the customers might use. The Description should be informative and target a consumer’s needs.

For example: If you are selling a pillow, try to use the word cushion in your product description.

Performing Keyword research before creating listings is an essential ritual. Creating a description to provide appropriate information is helpful only to the extent to which customers manage to see the listing. Hence, you must write a description, a list of the attribute, and the title with tactical use of Keywords.

Below is one such example from Walmart’s knowledge base with an excellent product description of an HDTV.product description

Listing Attributes and Features in Bullet points

  • List features in bullet points with not more than 80 characters(including spaces).
  • Write 3 to 10 of the features and benefits of the product, and begin with the most important one.

Below is one such example from Walmart’s knowledge base with an excellent way of listing product features of a Printer.

product features

Click Images to Educate not to Display Art

  • Understand the purpose of product images. They are supposed to show users exactly what the product looks like and not how beautiful it looks under lights and many filters.
  • Do not click exaggerated images. If you don’t want people to give negative reviews, return the product immediately.
  • Be honest with how the product looks, capture the color and pattern accurately, and declare in the description if there are chances that people might find the color of the actual product different.
  • Do not click pictures that purposefully make the product look bigger or smaller than they are.
  • Make sure there are no Watermarks or logos on pictures.
  • There shouldn’t be any other object in the picture apart from the product itself.

In the Images marked good, they are accurate, show the size with practical proof. There are no logos, brand promotion, or packaging. If there are any special features, such as LED Lights, they have been shown accurately.


Source: Walmart

Competitive Price

One of the first search filters that a customer applies at Walmart is Cost, and they keep the cost in a lower range. Go with Walmart’s Lowest Cost policy to sell better and not lose your listing out of nowhere.

Learn From the Reviews

Learn from what people are telling you through Reviews.

Try to eliminate your customers’ concerns by either listing the product appropriately or declaring things in advance.

If the quality is a concern for people, try to either forward the concerns to the manufacturer or try out different brands for that product.

Sell what you believe in.Review

Source: Walmart

Make efforts

Make special efforts to ensure there is backup information available through your website or social media platforms.

Try to educate people most convincingly through either newsletters, emails, or social media ads.

Try to gauge what people want from a particular category and engage people accordingly.

Recognize your frequent customers and offer them some sort of loyalty program, offer, coupon, gift certificate or try listing a Charity certificate to raise resources for a cause.

This sounds like an indirect technique, but it is not. There are titles to be earned, such as Best Sellers, Highest Ranking, etc. And these actions promote your sales safely meanwhile improving your ODR, getting you titled better as well as faster.

Sell What Sells

The best way to sell more is to sell what people want.

Follow the trends and figure out what people are looking for. If you are a toy seller and suddenly Elsa Anna Dolls become the must-have toy for every little girl in the state, quickly stock and list them.

If it is Hanukkah, round up all the DIY Menorah Kits along with the Train to the North Pole Set for Christmas. Figure out what people want along with the gap corresponding to it.

Did you know about these rankings on Walmart?

  • Special Buy
  • Bestseller
  • New
  • Highest Rating
  • Sponsored Products (CPC ADs)
  • Only on Walmart
  • Price Shown at Cart
  • Price at Checkout
  • As Advertised

These rankings are under sellers’ control. Thus you can earn these within a few steps.

To Sum Up

The way you list your products on Walmart can significantly impact your product rankings, and finally, your sales at Walmart. Only writing in a way that you can convey the complete product information is not enough. What is more important is that the customers should be able to find your product listing.

You should optimize your Walmart product listings so that they should include the keywords that the customers use to search for the product. Also, the descriptions, features, and images need to be as per the Walmart guidelines to display the information in a search engine-friendly manner. The better you show and optimize your Walmart product listings; the higher your product will rank on Walmart.

Bonus: Questions You Should Ask

How to sell effortlessly on Walmart?

Well, yes, all of this can be a bit too much. But there is a shortcut. It is called Artificial Intelligence. Get in touch with the experts now and change the way you do listings. Stop spending time in the technicalities of all the uploadings and reloading and maintaining logs of inventories. Experience your new Multi-Channel store right away.

How can I Increase Walmart Sales?

To increase sales of Product Listing at Walmart, find out some great tricks in this read, 5 amazing ways to increase your sales on Walmart.

What Does Sponsored Product Mean at Walmart?

Sponsored Products on Walmart imply those products for which the seller has bought an ad, and hence, the product ranks higher under the sign “Sponsored Product.” This enhances visibility, authority, and inevitably conversion rate for the said product listing at Walmart.

What is a Buy Box at Walmart, and what can you do about it?

Buy Box is a feature that enables a direct link right next to the product Listing, from where customers can add the product cart or buy it. There are practices that, when followed reverently, help sellers in winning it.

Since mere existence is not required, to win more buy boxes and better results, follow the practices mentioned above to go far beyond.

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