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In order to win buy box at, it is important to first understand the concept of buy box. In Walmart, if multiple sellers offer the same item, then although all the offers of products are listed on a single product page and page displays all the different competing prices which are offered by the different sellers, however the products with the best offers inside the add to cart blog, therefore the particular sellers tends to gain more.



win buy box at

     Here is how it looks when you win buy box at



Now, that it’s clear what a buy box is and how crucial it can increase the conversion rates, it becomes important for online sellers to win buy box at


Since buy box appears inside the add to cart box and customers are generally attracted to the first option or offer, winning a buy box clearly translates to getting most of the sales and margin.”


Essential Requirements to win buy box at


  • Make sure your items always remain in stock and the quantity of item should not go below one.
  • Always keep the shipping price of your products at the lowest, if possible, try to offer free shipping to the customers.
  • Offering competitive pricing will help the sellers in increasing the chances of winning buy box.


Important Note:

Winning a buy box on Walmart is dependent on the total cost of an offer, which is the sum of the item price and the lowest shipping cost charged on that item.


How Integration Extension from CedCommerce helps you win buy box at


The Multi channeling solutions – both extension based and SaaS based – offered by the company contains a Repricing Feature.

This Repricer feature helps the sellers to compete and determine the perfect pricing for a particular item (depending on the set of the input provided by users) so as enabling sellers to win buy box at thereby, helping to maximize the sales.


Flow Chart


win buy box at

The flow diagram explaining how Repricer works to help you win buy box at



The Walmart Repricer checks out the lowest price of products on the Walmart store and changes the price of the product according to that lowest price. But not going lower than what is set as the minimum price. While if the competitor price is more than your products price then you can increase the price of your product but not more than the competitor’s price. This helps in increasing the revenue of your store.


Features of Walmart Repricer:


  • When competitor increases or decreases the price of a product, it automatically recalibrates the prices and again wins the buy box.
  • Reduces the pressure and hassle of the sellers by removing the work of monitoring competitors price.
  • Enabling sellers to view the marketplace price and constantly evolving pricing technique.


Ace your competitors on Walmart with Walmart Repricer



How does it work?

The seller sets the minimum and maximum value of any product. The Walmart Repricer ensures that after repricing, the new price value lies between the maximum and minimum values. After performing all this process, it finally updates the new price value of the product on Walmart and is made live for the customers to buy.


  • In the first steps, it fetches all the details of the buy box prices of the existing products or items at 
  • Then, it compares all the fetched prices with the price of the merchant. 
  • Depending upon the details of the prices in the marketplace, the Repricer calculates the new pricing of the product which helps the seller to win a buy box at


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Walmart Mexico Magento Integration

In the constantly evolving pricing strategies, although it is mandatory to know about the competitors pricing, nonetheless, it is indeed a laborious work which requires constant updating and a high degree of attention or, you can simply lose the race. However, repricing feature ensures you best value for your products at


The Walmart Integration Extension for Shopify users have in-built Repricing features, whereas for Magento Integration extensions and WooCommerce Integration Extension, Walmart Repricer can be purchased from CedCommerce website.


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