How to win Buy Box on Walmart?

How to win Buy Box on Walmart?


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Walmart provides a comfort zone, i.e. Buy Box where sellers can easily compete for their product price with another seller who is selling the same category product. We know that competition within the market is increasing regularly, resulting in rapid growth in eCommerce business which expanded steadily.


There are many factors on which the seller’s online business depends, for example, Brand, Inventory, Title, Description, Categories, etc.


 As high as 85% of Walmart customers depend upon Price to differentiate between the products. It is necessary to know How to compete with the other sellers in the market?


Don’t be worried! This blog will give you all the answers related to Buy Box and also how to achieve it. So, Let’s Get Started!


There are two keywords the first one is ‘Buy Box Win’ and the second one is  ‘Buy Box Lost’.


‘Buy Box Win’ means getting your product listed on top of the searched item list. It is highly sought after feature by the sellers of Walmart.


If the same product is being sold by several sellers so when customer lands on that product page then he will find compare all sellers option as indicated in the below image.

win buybox Walmart
Clicking upon it will redirect customer to Additional Sellers page.

win buybox on walmart
On this page sellers who quotes most competitive price and ensures faster delivery will be given the priority over the rest. The seller at the top is the right most contender to win the buybox and is currently in the process to win the buybox.


Now, it’s clear what is buy box and how crucial it can be in increasing the conversion rates. It becomes important for online sellers to win buy box at

Win BuyBox on Walmart


There are some simple tricks to Win Buy Box:

  • Inventory: Walmart thoroughly checks the item inventory competing for the BuyBox. Seller will lose the opportunity to win a BuyBox even if the price of the item is lower than other competing for winning the BuyBox.
  • Product Price: Always offer competitive prices for your products, which means the price of the product must not be too high or too low, in comparison, to the price of the particular product provided by other sellers on Walmart.
  • Shipping Charges: Shipping charge is a decisive factor. The cost of the order also influences the chances to win the BuyBox. It is highly beneficial if the seller goes for ‘Value Shipping’. if total cart value is more than $50 then offer free delivery at a lesser price.
  • Positive Reviews: The seller needs to have several positive reviews. These reviews prove that the product is legitimate and of great use for customers as well as has a history of being reliable and up to the mark. The product delivery should never be delayed at any cost rather delivering the order before the expected time will be better.
  • Negative Reviews: Products with negative reviews are automatically pushed down eventually resulting in less sales and low revenue.


Important Note:

Winning a buy box on Walmart is dependent on the total cost of an offer, which is the sum of the item price and the lowest shipping cost charged on that item.


How Integration Extension from CedCommerce helps you win buy box at

The Multi-Channel Selling solutions – both extension based and SaaS-based offered by the company contains a Repricing Feature.

This Repricer feature helps the sellers to compete and determine the perfect pricing for a particular item (depending on the set of the input provided by users) so as enabling sellers to win buy box at Walmart marketplace. Thereby, helping to maximize sales.


Features of Walmart Repricer:

  • When a competitor increases or decreases the price of a product, it automatically recalibrates the prices and again the probability of winning a buy box increases. 
  • Reduces the pressure and hassle of the sellers by removing the work of monitoring competitors price.
  • Enabling sellers to view the marketplace price and constantly evolving pricing technique.


How does it work?

The seller sets the minimum and maximum value of any product. The Walmart Repricer ensures that after repricing, the new price value lies between the maximum and minimum values. After performing all this process, it finally updates the new price value of the product on Walmart and is made live for the customers to buy.


  • In the first step, it fetches all the details of the buy box prices of the existing products or items at Walmart. 
  • Then, it compares all the fetched prices with the price of the merchant. 
  • Depending upon details of the prices, Repricer calculates the new pricing of product which helps the seller to win the buy box.


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The Walmart Integration Extension for ShopifyBigcommerce users has in-built Repricing feature. Whereas, for Magento Integration extensions and WooCommerce Integration Extension, Walmart Repricer can be purchased from CedCommerce website.

Thus, you can easily win Walmart Buy Box by making the most of Repricing feature of our apps.






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