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    I found your site by searching for how to get approved on Walmart. Last year I was approved on Walmart.com and all seemed well, until I requested a UPC exemption and an option for personalized products. It's like they came crashing down on me after that. When I inquired a second time I got a snippy email saying that my account was declined. I never even got through the on-boarding checklist. I sell on Amazon and Wayfair with great success and great reviews. I know I am a good fit for Walmart. In addition to third party website experience, I am insured, hold a valid trademark and meet all criteria.

    Fast forward to now, I have purchased UPC codes, and through another help ticket was advised to include a link in the product description for customers to submit their personalization. I did that and submitted my first item. It has sat in the
    "staging" category for a few weeks now. Today I contacted them to see if it was being reviewed, and again, they replied saying my account was not approved.

    Do you have any advice on where to go from here? I did reply to the ticket and asked them to point me in the right direction, and also submitted another ticket to Trust & Safety. I cannot find where I can send a letter via snail mail or anyone else to talk to.

    Getting on Walmart is crazy important to me. Our target audience is a perfect match, and I know it's a good fit.

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      Hello Jeanne Meier!
      Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and for getting in touch with us!
      In recent times, although Walmart provisionally creates a seller account, it still keeps introspecting the sellers and their merchandise until the Onboarding is active. This is done to cover the grounds of the seller's GMV, Selling Experience and Other Company details that for their validation and your products bring value to the Marketplace in general.
      We as an official partner of Walmart US and CA can look into more details by getting in touch with Walmart on your behalf, as we do for our other merchants. This will ensure our ability to provide you with a better solution. What would help us in achieving so is if we can get some details about your account for which we can follow up with you via email or you can take to the initiative to contact us on support@cedcommerce.com. We are available 24×7 to help out the sellers, especially during these challenging times.

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        I have a Walmart seller account and they have not given me my final disbursement. I have been waiting months. It seems as though no one has answers and Walmart is holding my money. Do you have any ideas on how to solve this?

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          Hi Sam G,
          Thanks for getting in touch with us.
          To help you with the disbursement issue, kindly share the disbursement details on support@cedcommerce.com. An expert will help you out soon.
          Thanks and have a great day!

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    This is Cathy Mac. Our company intends to sell products on Walmart.com recently. Of course, it meets all Walmart seller requirements.
    But I heard a lot of news from my friends. I'm not sure whether the news is true or not.
    He told me that Walmart has changed a lot this year. The entire platform suspends stores in large quantities. I worry that once I apply, I will be rejected.
    I understand that you are the official partners of Walmart US and CA.
    Can you tell me if Walmart is friendly to sellers recently?

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      Hello Cathy Mac!
      Thank you for taking the time to read and get in touch with us! It is lovely to hear from you.
      If you have made the attempts to properly understand the Walmart Marketplace, its policies, audience and guidelines, and you are confident that your catalogue is a perfect match, then don't wait for a second. Go ahead and launch your products on Walmart right away. Walmart is very active in aiding sellers to walk through the effortless selling process and is always eager to assist the sellers however they can. Their focus is to bring the most perfect match of a customer and seller so that both the parties can get what they want.
      Walmart only suspends account when something seriously wrong or offensive happens or some of the policies are broken. They even give plenty of chance to a seller with poor seller performance before they suspend the account. If your products are safe and do not fall under the Prohibited Products then nothing is standing in your way.
      Meanwhile, CedCommerce is an official partner of Walmart US and CA. We can help you with the store setup or automation and if required communicate with Walmart on your behalf.
      Please contact us on support@cedcommerce.com or through sales@cedcommerce.com.
      For more information check out:
      Join us through:

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    My account was terminated due to return abuse, but my return defects were in the normal range. My 90-day ODR is 3.3. Why Walmart said that my account was return abuse

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    I found your article very informative. I was approved to sell on Walmart in December 2020. My wife became ill at that time and I was not able to finish my Onboarding. I logged back in, in January 2021 to complete it and I receive the message "onboarding inactive". I have been emailing Walmart Seller Support and opening cases and have not had any luck with getting my Onboarding re-activated. I have been selling on Amazon for over a year and do very well selling on that platform (standard household goods) and have over a 91% seller approval rating. I last received an email from Walmart Trust and Safety saying they will not reactivate the account because "we aren't a good fit", the letter was SO poorly written, errors all through out. We have never sold anything on Walmart Marketplace, so I'm just so confused on how to get this rectified as there seems to be a miscommunication. I know my store is a good fit for Walmart as we have third party website experience, highly successful performance and great reviews. Selling on Walmart is our top priority as we know we are a good fit.
    Can you offer us any help or advice?
    Thanking you in advance.

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    Hello – i have read your entry and it is very informative. Thank you.

    We have been a Walmart seller for over 5 years. recently we got an account suspension notification but we didn't respond or react since we have been very short staffed and i figured "i would get to it later" . Well – today 2 weeks later they have sent a seller Termination note and there is no way to contact them. Do you know what the next step is? i have never been suspended before and there is no contact method available to me.

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    I was the seller on Walmart but last month our account got suspended due to "Policy Violation". Everything was perfect and under the limit. We submitted the appeal, we have been talking over it for a month now that our account has been terminated without telling the reason. Can we still recover this account? Any solution?

    Thank You

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    Walmart terminate our account due to the reason 4 which is safty and trust but we didn't get any email about the real problem. We have no idea what exactly happen, is there anyway you can help us to get further info?

    I do appreciate it

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    My Walmart Marketplace Seller account was first suspended and than terminated. Although, my valid tracking rate was over 97% and shipping rate was 100%. Can someone please help me reinstate or advise me where to get help from?
    Thanks in advance,

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