How To Optimize Your Store Performance On
How To Optimize Products Performance On

How To Optimize Products Performance On


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Product listings have the power to convert casual browsing of customers into buyers.  To optimize product performance you need to have a great product listing on Walmart marketplace. Therefore, you must have proper Products Title, Description, Image, Price as well as update the Inventory from time to time.



The product title reflects the type of the product and the product title must be unique (not used by you anywhere else), user-friendly (include Keywords, generic terms, or any specific attribute) that customers can easily search and find your product.



Walmart allows you to provide 3 type of descriptions:

1- Short:  The paragraph should be at least 500 characters in length or 5-10 sentence long is standard.  Write specific and informative content and include the Brand, Product Name, keywords describing the item’s features and benefits and related words that customers are likely to search for.


2- Long: The best practice to stand out is to state figures and facts relevant to the product. Also, tips and other product application related content projects your authority on the products.  Also, you can use ‘some slang’ but not overtly use it. Try to avoid too much repetition. Write copy that is specific useful, not simply fleecy or non-specific. Show the ability, learning and expert with certainties and tips.



3- Shelf: State the most important features or the characteristics of the products with the respective keywords included. Call out specific details about the item and provide complete information. Avoid repeating generic and meaningless information.


Note: Also use the product’s synonyms in the description. For example, include the word “Sweater” in the description if you sell a cardigan, since both are essentially from the same category.




When the product image is not proper that is not according to the Guidelines of In order to avoid the possibility of Walmart’s image retrieval process overwhelming your source server, please ensure that your system has sufficient bandwidth and processing power to serve up the images as Walmart requests them.


When you set the image of any products you have to mention all the important features given below:


  • You must have perfect image formatting and size recommendation according to the requirement.
  • Resolution of main image and swatch image.
  • Image URLs must end in an image file type (e.g., .jpg, .gif, etc.)
  • Quality of image is in a standard format.
  • You can also use the additional images.
  • Can add the swatch Images with the products to be more descriptive.



You can also see the guidelines for an image from the Walmart knowledge base

Walmart offers image hosting so that you don’t need your own external image space. There are two main benefits to hosting images with Walmart:


  • You have your own dedicated image hosting space on our server and tools for efficient processing.
  • You can quickly upload image files and associate them with your items.


This article provides details on:


  • Obtaining SFTP credentials
  • Requirements
  • Process flow
  • Naming conventions
  • Uploading files via SFTP
  • Transferring images using a graphical user interface
  • Transferring images using a command line interface
  • Setting up images



Walmart expects from its sellers to offer one of the most competitive pricing since Walmart believes in helping people by enabling them to save more and as a result, live a better life.


There are two pricing rules:


  • Price Parity Rule: This rule automatically un-publishes items from Walmart Marketplace if a customer saves more by purchasing the same item from the same Seller on the competitor’s website i.e. other marketplace websites. The pricing also includes shipping cost.


  • Price Leadership Rule / Reasonable Price Not Satisfied: This rule also automatically un-publishes items from Walmart Marketplace if a customer saves drastically by purchasing the same item on a competing website, regardless of the Seller. This calculation also considers the cost of shipping.



It is to make sure that the inventory of any of the product should not go down. You must have to keep track of the inventory of all of your products. If your product goes out of stock it will lead to losing your orders.


  • Category Mapping: Mapping the categories of the products is the most important and the necessary step which the seller must keep in mind. Category Mapping of your product will decide that in which category your product will fall. If you have not done the category mapping correctly, then it may be possible that your products will be published on but you will never be able to get the order of that product because your product is being displayed in the wrong category.


Example: – A t-shirt mapped to the category of food and beverages must fall into the category of food and beverages. If anyone searches for the t-shirt he/she will search it in the clothing category.


Meta Keywords: 

Meta keywords are very helpful to sell your products. These keywords help any customer to reach some products of your store.


Meta keywords are those keywords through which you search anything on any search engine.


Example-  You want to search a shirt of yellow color so you can search like this-


  • Yellow shirt
  • Shirt of yellow color
  • Yellow color shirt etc.


The meta keywords that are used here are –   Yellow Shirt


Your products must contain those keywords through which it can be easily searched on any search engine. The more keywords you provide to search your product, more the chances of selling your product will increase.




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