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If You Sell These Restricted Items on Walmart Then Stop!

If You Sell These Restricted Items on Walmart Then Stop!


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Walmart takes the security of its customers and sellers seriously, just as much as it abides by the law. Thus, to ensure that all listings on Walmart are safe and legal, it has released a list of products banned from Walmart. Thereby, do not publish any of the Products on the Walmart ban list under any circumstances. Else Walmart takes significant action against any such violation. Moreover, Categorization of all the Prohibited items on Walmart covers a broader spectrum. Thus all products falling under these categories are ‘Restricted Items on Walmart.’


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Categories of Prohibited Items on Walmart

Since, All the products, falling in the Walmart Ban List, align with categories to address broader subjects. Thus, it is to make sure that the Walmart Banned List covers all aspects appropriately.

Banned from Walmart

Walmart Ban List includes (Items with or without their names, belonging to these categories are banned from Walmart):

1. Alcohol

All kinds of alcoholic drinks find themselves on the Walmart Ban list for the most obvious reasons. Thus, Walmart doesn’t allow any form of alcohol, whether in the form of fluid or candies and powder. Walmart doesn’t allow even collectible, antique, and aged whiskey. 

Additionally, what you will find interesting here is that it doesn’t allow Empty bottles of alcohol. Even if they are collectible or for decoration purposes unless sellers declare it “empty” in the description exclusively.

2. Animals

All animals, insects, marines, or other forms of creatures, dead and alive, are banned from Walmart. Thus, you cannot sell Animal organs, corpses, etc., on Walmart. Animal Vaccines are also one of the restricted items on Walmart.

Furthermore, any product made from Bear, Bear Traps, Steel Jaw leg-hold traps, etc., Ivory products made from animal bones or products from the fur of Protected birds since they are also on Walmart Ban List. 

As well as, Parts and Products derived from endangered animals and wildlife are restricted items on Walmart. 

Additionally, products from the hide of animals and natural fur are also Walmart ban List.

3. Art

 Moreover, any piece of art that is an unauthorized copy or reproduction and infringement of copyrights and trademark.

4. Artifacts

All Artifacts, Fossils, Geological Formations, Relics, Remains, Sacred, and Tribal items, are a part of the Walmart Ban List.

5. Auto and Auto Spare

Any vehicle requiring registration, oxygen sensor simulators, or any product that deceives the pollution and emission control devices are banned from Walmart. Apart from this, Tollbooth systems are also unsuitable for Walmart Listings.

Additionally, Vehicle identification number plates and devices to conceal them from view are a part of the Walmart Ban List.  

Sellers can also not list Mini Bikes and ATVs on Walmart.

6. Collectibles

Since, any object that contains either unauthorized pictures, autographs, and signatures, or is in violation of Trademarks and copyrights, are Prohibited items on Walmart. Thus, the products under this category need to have the right authorization.

7. Cosmetics

Open and Used Cosmetics and Expire dates overdue packs are a part of the Walmart Ban List. Since all Cosmetics that either requires approvals from a specialist or failed FDA requirements are controversial due to the side effects. Thus, they also banned from Walmart.

Additionally, Restricted Items on Walmart also involves Cosmetics that contain Controlled Substances or are under the testing stage.  

8. Currency

Walmart doesn’t allow publishing Gold Bricks, Counterfeit currency, bonds, money orders, securities, stamps, and equipment that would enable counterfeiting as a Walmart Listing. Credits,  Notes, Liens, Portions, and shares of businesses, non-canceled collectible stock certificates, State and or federal assistance benefits are all on Walmart Ban list. 

Furthermore, Sellers cannot list physical or digital gift cards either.

9. Digital Goods

Digital Products such as currency, eBooks, Games, Movies, Songs, etc., which need to be delivered physically, are banned from Walmart.

10. Drugs and Biomedicals

All control substances, medications, their paraphernalia, illegal narcotics cannot be one of the products that sellers can list. Chemicals enlisted on “List I” by Drug Enforcement Administration, Products that are subject to regulatory and criminal laws, Prescription Drugs are also banned from Walmart. 

Products containing Deer Anter Velvet, or ingredients from Sharks, Whales, Dolphins, etc., are also on the Walmart Banned List. Syringes with needles, Veterinary drugs, and devices, or products with specific dosage restrictions are prohibited items on Walmart. 

11. Electronics

Any or all electronic products that require FCC equipment authorization and haven’t got the right labels and declarations of authority are banned from Walmart. 

Among the restricted items list on Walmart, also falls the products that can alter existing games, devices, consoles, allowed frequencies, etc.

Any device that can work on a frequency not allowed by law, or tools that can unlock cellphones, are also on Walmart Ban List.

12. Food

All food items that are not safe or contain adulterations, foods with drug claims, infant formula, Fresh food, and perishables, inedible food decorations, etc., fall under restricted items on the art category.

13. Funeral

Furthermore, any funeral related articles are prohibited items on Walmart.

14. Hazardous

Apart from this, chemical substances or compounds for commercial and industrial purposes, products under EPA and other regulatory agencies, etc., are all prominent products on Walmart Ban List.

15. Home

Mostly, domestic products such as liners for cribs, magnetic products, etc.

16. Illegal

The products that promote or allow unlawful activity, breach applicable laws, or contain viruses, trojan horses, spyware, or malicious software are all on Walmart Ban List.

17. Infringing Product

Sellers cannot list any of the products that cause violation of copyrights and stealth of intellectual property.

18. Jewelry

All jewelry items that do not go along with the laws or regulations cannot be among the things on selling lists. Clarity-enhanced white diamonds or the ones that do not comply with Kimberly Process, loose gemstones, and controversial minerals are also on the Walmart Ban List.

19. Offensive 

The most apparent offensive kinds of products that depict explicit nudity, vulgarity, obscenity, sexually implicative (Adult or Child as a subject), etc., which you are probably never going to sell anyway, are some of the restricted items on Walmart. 

Apart from this, products which explicitly glorify, support, encourage, or appear as insensitive towards subjects like animal cruelty, historical event, crime, stereotyping, hatred, disasters, violence, underage kids, etc., are unfit for selling on Walmart. 

20. Plant and Plant Products

Additionally, you cannot sell plants, products, and seeds of all controlled, illegal, or restricted by law, on Walmart.

21. Restricted Items

All products that have restrictions on them, such as quality, quantity, or age, etc., are not fit for listing on Walmart. Products that abolish the trust and safety guidelines of Walmart, such as adult products, custom contents, government-issued documents, etc., are also on Walmart Ban List.

Also, you cannot list products under the private label of Sam’s Club.

22. Software

All Beta codes, Keys, Softwares, OEM, Recovery, etc, are on the Walmart ban list.

23. Tickets

All the tickets are on Walmart ban list, whether they are digital or physical.

24. Tobacco

All tobacco products such as Cigars, Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, tobacco/nicotine products are under the category of “do not sell on Walmart”. 

When it comes to Nicotine products, then all products, even if they are collectible and antique are on the Walmart Ban List.

25. Weapons

There are a few categories of Weapons that lie on the Walmart Banned List such as:

  1. Game Guns and Projectiles: Airsoft, Air guns, pellet guns, paintball guns, blow and dart guns, slingshots, ammunition paraphilia, etc. Grenades, Grenade launchers, chips and magazines, golf ball launchers, toothpick crossbows, accessories for enhancing the firepower, etc., are all banned from Walmart.
  2. Firearms: Firearms, devices to enhance firearms, ammunition paraphilia, gun powder, firearm kits, or any other product corresponding to assault are not among the products you can sell Walmart. 
  3. Non-Projectiles: Axes, machetes, marketed as weapons that can aid in a crime, blades for ammunition, brass knuckles, knives that are easy to hide, claws spikes, etc., are on Walmart Ban List.

26. Police and Military Grade Products

Any badges, real or reproductions along with concealed weapons permit, prop badges and uniforms, badge patches, etc. Law enforcement ID cards, pepper spray, mace, tear gas, etc., which Cops and Law Enforcement specialists use are banned from Walmart for obvious reasons.

27. Unsafe Products

Miscellaneous Products, such as Infant’s neck Floats or Eclipse proof glasses, etc. are not among the items you can list.

Pre-Approval Restricted  items on Walmart

There are products out there that you need to get pre-approval for before you can list them on Walmart. Only specific sellers and brands can sell these products.

Walmart Banned Product

Categories such as:

  1. Fragrance
  2. Luxury Brands
  3. Softwares
  4. Cell Phones and Accessories
  5. Halloween and Select Seasonal Products
  6. Custome Contents

Custom Products on Walmart Ban List

Walmart expects sellers to check with them before they allow listing Custom products that may include all the products that require customer personalization on a product. The reason behind this is a logical one. Walmart intends to prohibit all stereotyping and discrimination, obscenity, or any other form of socially offensive act.

Baby a Grocery Item Restriction

Products concerning Baby or the Grocery are under the restrictions on Walmart, that do not offer alternatives and competitive prices. Products delisted due to these reasons will not be back to Publish status no matter what. Also, the conditions for these restrictions, change, and Walmart can act on it when they see fit.

Refurbished iPhone Restriction

With the wrong product ID, sellers cannot refurbish and sell iPhones. They to use the correct Product ID to declare that this product is a Refurbished iPhone, else Walmart holds the right to delist the product.

Ink and Toner Restriction

All Ink and Toner products under this category are strictly under the “not to sell” division of Walmart.

Product miss-categorized as banned from Walmart category

Sometimes if you receive a message from Walmart stating that your product has been delisted since this product falls under prohibited list, and you realize that this is not true, then you can appeal to get the product live again.

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