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The Ultimate Coverage on Walmart Fulfillment Services!

The Ultimate Coverage on Walmart Fulfillment Services!


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Finally, Fulfillment by Walmart is now an option for the merchants to power up their business. Walmart Fulfillment Services list a range of support features, including picking, packing, and fulfillment. One added benefit is the warehousing facility at Walmart Fulfillment Centers. Explore more to figure out answers to all your questions when it comes to Walmart Marketplace Fulfillment.

What is Walmart Fulfillment Services?

Walmart has launched its new range of services in fulfillment, which holds the potential for the fastest delivery at the lowest costs feasible for the sellers.

Those who know and understand the Walmart seller performance standards and expectations understand the responsibility of fast delivery at a low shipping cost.

Thus, fulfillment by Walmart is an opportunity for you to revolutionize your seller performance and business as a whole. Apart from this, if you are not already a seller on Walmart, this is the key event that should tip the scales.

The Walmart Marketplace Fulfillment covers the entire landmass of the US and offers 2-Day Shipping at reasonably low costs to your customers.

However, one disclaimer is that only standard shipping is available to the non-contiguous states of Alaska and Hawaii.

How does the Fulfillment Services help Sellers in expanding and growing?

With the added benefit of fast shipment at reasonable costs, now you can focus solely on the business front of the deal.

  1. No more fear of product not reaching in time or the fuss of managing fulfillment by yourself. It also soothes the processing and warehousing aspects.
  2. The services involve Walmart fulfillment centers where you can rent out spaces and store your products for them to be fulfilled by Walmart instead of a third-party shipper managing the process for you.
  3. All of this makes the process of selling easy, effectively fast, and reasonably cheaper.

How much using Walmart Fulfillment Services can cost the sellers?

An undeniable advantage of agreeing to fulfillment by Walmart is delivering the ultimate experience to the customers.

As per Walmart, the Walmart Marketplace Fulfillment Services will be the “Lowest Charging Services in the market.” The costs would involve storage, packing, shipping, and returns.

There is also a promise of absolute transparency in the fee structure. The pricing structure for a flawless and seamless end-to-end fulfillment involves a fixed monthly storage fee and the incurred fulfillment cost depending solely on the item’s weight under processing. There are no signup or subscription fees involved in the process.

What features can sellers expect from Walmart Marketplace fulfillment services, and how it adds to the appeal?

  1. Fulfillment services like never before. Fulfillment by Walmart aims to deliver the ultimate experience to the customers. Thereby ensuring secure storage, order processing, fast delivery, quality customer services, and no-fuss return processing.
  2. A promise of the lowest cost fulfillment in the market, with no hidden costs. A fixed cost for storage every month and the cost for shipment based on the weight of the product is all that you need to pay.
  3. Explicit and Complete tracking details for all Inventory and Order Management stages from the “easy to access and use” dashboard.
  4. A tremendous impact on the overall seller performance with increased chances of winning Buy Box due to Two Day Shipping Tags’ added advantage on listings.
  5. The wonderful experience of the Omnichannel Free and Easy Returns Program for delivering flawless services to the customers.
  6. Power of guaranteed Two Day delivery to all parts of the US, without worrying about a thing. Walmart will store or pick, pack, ship, deliver, and then process returns if required.
  7. Scope to leverage the power of advanced level inventory management, which has been optimized as per your business needs.
  8. Ultimate Customer Services without any issues. Walmart ensures the handling of customer inquiries, refunds, returns, etc.
  9. Account Management through experts to leverage the benefits of custom recommendations and tips to optimize your business.
  10. Splendid Support from Walmart experts to find answers to all or any queries you might have.

What are the prerequisites to joining fulfillment by Walmart Services?

For someone to join and reap the benefits of this splendid service, they must be an existing seller on Walmart. Nonetheless, if you are not already selling on Walmart, it is never too late. Now is the best time to start.

The restrictions on products that cannot be a part of the Services include:

  1. Only products within the US can be a part of Walmart fulfillment centers.
  2. Any perishable or regulated products are also not allowed.
  3. The maximum weight limit is 30 Lbs.
  4. The maximum product dimensions include 25”x 20”x 14”.

How does the Walmart Fulfillment Services function?


  1. If you are not a seller on Walmart already, become one. Now is the best chance for you to succeed.
  2. If you are an existing seller, then enroll for Walmart fulfillment services from the portal.
  3. After choosing the service, you need to convert the normal product listing to Fulfilment by Walmart Listings.
  4. Send these products to the nearest Walmart Fulfillment Centers for storage. It waits there until a customer places the order.
  5. When an order arrives, Walmart takes it upon itself to process and pack the product and then ship it for guaranteed two-day delivery.
  6. At a later point in time, if the need for return arises, Walmart provides the processing for that just as well.
  7. The added benefits count as Expert Support to the sellers and Customer Services for the end customers.Walmart Integration

Questions You Must Ask

Does Walmart Fulfillment Services cover products not listed on Walmart?

The program covers only products listed on Walmart. The services can be leveraged only by the sellers enrolled in Walmart as well.

How will customers recognize the products that are under the Walmart Fulfillment Services Program?

The product listings converted to Fulfillment By Walmart will have a tag on them stating the same to distinguish them from the normal listings.

Does the Walmart Fulfillment Services cover International Shipment?

The addresses falling under the following are covered by the program:

  1. All 50 US States.
  2. APO/FPO Military addresses with certain limitations.
  3. American Samoa
  4. Guam
  5. The Northern Mariana Islands.
  6. Puerto Rico
  7. The U.S. Virgin States.

To top it all, you have CedCommerce!

Multi-channel selling can be a major challenge, and it most definitely your constant engagement. From uploading Inventories on your store and Walmart to listing optimization, tracking inventory, order management, fulfillment, and then the need to maintain the seller performance can overwhelm you. CedCommerce can help you automate the entire process of Inventory management between your store and Walmart in addition to synchronized order management. Walmart has come up with Walmart Fulfillment Services, which will cover the in-time fulfillment and stocking and processing. Nothing can be better than this for your Business!

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