In the run-up to the Holiday Season ahead, CedCommerce adds a Bulk Promotion on Walmart feature to the Walmart Integration app.
In Run Up To Holiday Season Ahead, CedCommerce Adds Bulk Promotion Feature To Walmart Integration App

In Run Up To Holiday Season Ahead, CedCommerce Adds Bulk Promotion Feature To Walmart Integration App


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In the run-up to the festive season ahead, CedCommerce added an upgrade – Bulk Promotion on Walmart Marketplace – to its Walmart Integration app which connects Shopify sellers to This enables Shopify sellers to perform bulk promotions on Walmart for Shopify products.

What does Bulk Promotion on Walmart means?

The bulk promotion feature of Walmart integration enables sellers to select many products from their Shopify store and apply promotions to them in bulk. Shopify Merchants can easily use this app to apply promotional pricing, such as Reduced & Clearance – on their products listed at Walmart. The functionality also enables sellers to apply promotions on a set of selected products by using the filters.

Highly successful Sales season last year

During the festive season 2020,’s sales were $1.2 Billion. Compared to the sales during festive season 2019 when made sales of $535 million, the sales during the festive season 2020 were nearly 124% higher than the previous year. This all presents promising sales opportunities for the sellers during the upcoming festive season of 2021.

How to apply Bulk Promotion to Walmart Products?

The app connects Shopify sellers to Walmart through an API-based communication channel. The channel facilitates the transfer of online store catalogs to Walmart. It also helps sellers receive orders and initiate fulfillment for orders from Walmart from their Shopify store.

Therefore, to start running bulk promotions on Walmart, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Go to Walmart Integration App. Click Promotion, and then Manage Promotion.

Step 2: Click the Add New Promotion button available on the top right corner of the page, as shown below:bulk promotion

Step 3: Now enter the Promotion Name, Price Type, Promotion Price, Promotion Type, Start Date-Time, and End Date-Time. Then click the Save button available on the top right corner of the page.

Note: Remember to enter the Data and Time for the Start of your Walmart promotions to be 24 hours earlier than the time at which you want to start promotions on Walmart. Suppose you want to begin promotions at 09:00 hours on 11 August 2021, then you need to enter the Start Date And Time for promotions as 09:00 hours on 10 August 2021.bulk promotion

Step 4: Now, from the Manage Promotion page, click on the checkbox available on the left side of the Action button, and then select the Upload Promotional Price. Then click the Submit button. This will send your promotional details to Walmart.bulk promotion

Step 5: Now click on Products. From the Select option dropdown, select one of the available options (Select Products/Products Type/Product Vendor) to apply the bulk promotion to your Walmart products.

Step 6: On selecting Select Products, a page opens up as follows, from where you can choose products in bulk and implement promotions on those Walmart products.bulk promotion

Step 7: Lastly Click Save.

All your promotion settings are now activated for Walmart products, and hence you can successfully run bulk promotions on Walmart.

Walmart Integration App and its Benefits?

The app is a combination of product listing and inventory management software. The app also automates almost all sales-related operations, as listed below:

1. Upload Products in Bulk

The Walmart Integration app helps you upload products in bulk or one by one if you wish. This way, you can upload several products to Walmart with a single click. Thus, helping you save on your time.

2. Order Management

The integration app helps you process orders hassle-free. The app helps to sync Walmart orders onto your Shopify store. Hence, you easily stay updated with the new incoming orders that you need to fulfill.

3. Easy Refunds/Cancellations

CedCommerce’s Walmart Integration app helps to process returns and cancellations from the app itself in an easy way.

4. Inventory Synchronization

The app simplifies multi-channel selling by synchronizing the inventory of your Shopify store with that of Walmart. This helps you efficiently manage your sales, as the same inventory remains visible to you across all fronts.

The app also sends you notifications about the low stock so that you can update your inventory on time. Also, you can set a threshold limit so that you don’t oversell.

5. Offer Promotions

With the integration solution, you can also run promotions on Walmart. You can set clearance or reduced prices for the products you want. This way, you can clear off your shelves from the products you want to sell fast or for those not getting significant sales to catalyze their sales.

6. Set Custom Prices

You can also set custom prices for your Walmart products with the help of the integration app. Increase or decrease all of your product prices by a fixed value or percentage.

7. Win Buy Box with Repricer

The app’s inbuilt repricer helps you win Buy Box on Walmart. Based on the minimum and maximum price range set by you, the app calculates the best price as per the prevailing marketplace price of the same product on Walmart.

8. Manage Shipments

Moreover, the app helps you manage shipments seamlessly. Set 2 Day or 3 Day Shipping easily with the Walmart Integration app. Now, you can automate the shipment process with Walmart, Shipstation, Shipwork, Kit, Deliverr, and Multichannel Importer. Also, if you forget to ship your products on time, the app reminds you to ship the order at the earliest.

About CedCommerce

Featured among the winners of Technology Fast 50 India and Technology Fast 500 APAC for two years in a row, CedCommerce is Walmart’s Official Channel Integration Partner, facilitating the onboarding of e-commerce sellers on Walmart.

Today, CedCommerce is powering the businesses of more than 30,000 clients across the globe with its 850+ products. These products are designed in a way that helps you sell seamlessly on the marketplaces.Get Walmart Integration

To Sum Up

Promotions on Walmart had never been this much easier. CedCommerce’s Walmart Integration simplifies setting promotions for your Shopify products in an effortless manner. You only need to follow the simple steps mentioned above, and then you can easily set bulk promotions for your Shopify products on the Walmart marketplace and induce purchase among your potential customers on Walmart.

At last, to excel at the Walmart Marketplace, connect with CedCommerce and let the experts assist you. You can also connect with us through your preferred means such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Reach out to us with your query, and we will get back to you in the earliest.

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