CedCommerce expands its outreach and includes Etsy marketplace in its Shopify Multichannel Apps list
CedCommerce includes Etsy marketplace in its Shopify Multichannel Apps list

CedCommerce includes Etsy marketplace in its Shopify Multichannel Apps list


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Portland, Oregon – CedCommerce has launched yet another Multi-Channel app solution for the Shopify store users. The app like its predecessors will enable Shopify users connect their online store with the largest marketplace for selling creative marketplace – Etsy.


The company has already released the Etsy Integration extension for Magento 1, Magento 2 and Woocommerce platform. With the release of Shopify version, all of the major e-commerce framework platforms stand covered.  

On the launch of the app, in their congratulatory message to the team, the directors-and-co-founders, Himanshu Rauthan and Abhishek Jaiswal, asked them to keep up the spirit high and march ahead with force to execute all of the plans. They said ‘Etsy is a significant addition to the multi-channel apps product line due to its high popularity among buyers across the globe.’




The benefits of listing on App:

There are multiple benefits to connect your online store with Etsy. Some of them are:

  1. The Etsy follows an open marketplace model where sellers don’t require any permission; they can simply register and list their products.
  2. Etsy has presence across all the prominent e-commerce markets of North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
  3. Etsy has 29 million strong buyer community.
  4. Etsy takes only 3.5% on commission and 20 cents for listing which is live for 4 months.

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Features of the Etsy Shopify Integration app:

The Etsy Shopify Integration app is the latest addition to the Shopify Multichannel apps which enables online store owners to connect their stores with marketplaces and nearly-automate all of the sales related operations.


  • Bulk Products Upload:

This feature allows sellers to upload the desired products in one-time to create listing at Etsy.com. This gains a significant position as sellers have to create multiple listings which become a cumbersome task.


  • Error Notification:

The utility of this feature comes into picture while creating a listing at the respective marketplace. Different marketplaces have their distinct guidelines for the item listing, thus this feature alerts sellers for any inconsistency in the item information.


  • Order Management:

This is one aspect of the app which enables sellers to accept orders from Etsy, save, edit and delete order history and more.


  • Near-Real-Time Sync:

This feature lets sellers update all the item changes, order changes and other information on the Etsy marketplace through automated cron jobs, scheduled at regular intervals. This process maintains the consistency in the listing information and reduces manual work.



Availability & Pricing:

The app is highly affordable and the pricing is kept so sellers of all scales can benefit from the app. The app can be downloaded from the CedCommerce website by following the link: https://bit.ly/2uVQGU2


Furthermore, the app comes with 7-Day FREE Trial and requires no credit card for activation.

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About Etsy:

The Etsy provides a marketplace and community for individual who wants to sell craft. The popular product category on Etsy is handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items. These product categories cover a wider range of items like Clothing, Health & Beauty, Home Improvement & Appliances, Jewelry, food, photography, art etc and has a 29 million strong buyer community.

About CedCommerce:

Featured among the winners of Technology Fast 50 India and Technology Fast 500 APAC for two years in a row, CedCommerce is the Official Channel Integration of behemoths such as Walmart, Sears, Best Buy, and Newegg, etc. facilitating onboarding of e-commerce sellers on these e-commerce platforms.

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