What is Hubspot E-Commerce Bridge? What are its benefits?

What is Hubspot E-Commerce Bridge? What are its benefits?


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Gone are the days when a merchant would just sell products online and wait for the customers to come. In this cut-throat era of acing out the competitions, every seller always wants to do a bit more. In the wake of powering up such endeavors of the merchants, HubSpot brings to the online sellers the HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge.

It is no less than a great weapon for e-commerce store owners today. It can help them strategize better to reach out to the prospects and customers in the best way possible. Let’s see what exactly is the HubSpot E-Commerce Integration Bridge and how it can help the online merchants.

HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge

It is basically a HubSpot Integration that syncs the data between an e-commerce store and HubSpot. As a result, the customer relationship management thrives appropriately giving the sellers the opportunity to give the maximum exposure to the products.

Have a glance at the benefits of HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge and what are the types of data that the HubSpot Integration syncs from an e-commerce store to HubSpot-

Customer Sync

Using the HubSpot Integration, sellers may sync the data related to their customers to HubSpot. It empowers the sellers in understanding customer behavior. Not only that but the HubSpot Integration also helps in engaging the old customers effectively.

Product Sync

With the HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge, sellers can sync their product details from their e-commerce store to HubSpot. Doing so, they understand the performance of their products as to which product is performing and which is not. Using deeper insights with HubSpot Integration, such analysis becomes easy.

Deal Sync

The HubSpot E-Commerce  Bridge enables the users to sync the orders from the e-commerce store to HubSpot. It helps the sellers to know the buying behavior of the customers with respect to the order and product.

Line Item Sync

By syncing the line item, the sellers may understand the products’ performance. It can be analyzed using the HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge which product is performing well, is high in demand, or is being ordered often.

The synchronization of crucial e-commerce store data from the store to HubSpot with the help of HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge thus gives the sellers a clearer view as to what needs to be done in accordance with the current state of the products and customers.

However, if you think that the HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge just bridges the gap between the e-commerce store and HubSpot, you need to think again. The all-inclusive marketing weapon that HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge is, it really gives the online store owners the benefits that can be accumulated in the points mentioned below.

Benefits of HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge

Once the data has been synced between an e-commerce store and HubSpot, there are multiple benefits of HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge that a seller can leverage. Let’s find out the e-commerce bridge applications that can be availed with HubSpot E-Commerce Integration after the synchronization of e-commerce data to HubSpot:

Personalized Emails

The HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge makes it possible for online sellers to create an email pattern or template. Using the email pattern or template, the sellers may create personalized emails for their customers. Thus, they may practice a positive customer relationship management. It may result in an increased email open rate and an email click-through rate.

Marketing Automation

Manual email marketing can prove to be a hassle. With this integration, it is easy to automate the email marketing processes. It gives marketers the freedom to make easy the process of email marketing automation.

Deeper Analytics

The integration gives detailed analytics details to the e-commerce store owners from the HubSpot panel. Such deeper insight makes it further easy for sellers to understand the whole process of selling. From buyer behavior to product performance, it’s all easy to understand.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

The HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge gives the sellers the opportunity to recover the abandoned cart, from their HubSpot panel. The seller using it may communicate with the customers who abandon the cart. By sending the automatically generated email, such customers can be convinced to come back to generate the action.

Customer Welcome

The welcome email to the customers can be sent without much delay, using the HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge. Once the HubSpot E-Commerce Integration has been completed, the sellers may customize the settings and initiate the process of welcoming the customers by sending them emails within a specific time of their subscription.

Customer Re-engagement

In case a customer has not taken any action on the seller’s e-commerce store or has not purchased a product or service, a seller has an option to re-engage the customer. With the HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge, the sellers may draw the attention of the customers by sending them an email within a specific time period.

The CedCommerce HubSpot E-Commerce Integration

Now, if you are wondering how can you take the benefits of the HubSpot Integration, we are here! The CedCommerce HubSpot E-Commerce Integration is an advanced extension that allows the sellers to seize all the benefits of HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge mentioned above. The CedCommerce HubSpot E-Commerce Integration not only syncs the e-commerce store data to HubSpot but also lets you-

  • Personalize Emails
  • Automate Email Marketing
  • Get Deeper Analytics
  • Recover Abandoned Cart
  • Welcome Customers
  • Re-engage Customers

The CedCommerce HubSpot E-Commerce Integration that you can currently get is the HubSpot Magento 2 Integration.

We are now Hubspot Certified App Partners committed to delivering top-notch solutions that help you connect, expand and scale at lightning speed.

The Takeaways

Designed on the common understanding of how an e-commerce store data is structured, the HubSpot E-Commerce Bridge uses the data of an e-commerce store to offer the most of it to the sellers. Not only the synchronization of the data, but the HubSpot integration offers much more to the sellers using it. From retaining the customers to re-engaging them again, this solution does what most of the new-age online sellers desire.

It’s time to achieve the unexpected results that you always wanted and the sales that you always only thought of.

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