Automate Marketing Simply in One Click
HubSpot Provides A Way To Automate Simply In One Click

HubSpot Provides A Way To Automate Simply In One Click


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HubSpot Magento Integration has upgraded the process of installation for better performance and reliable connection between Magento and Hubspot. The connection process has now become easier and more efficient. Users can now create an account on sellernext for free, only with an email id and no other details. These improvisations have eliminated the need for several steps. Thus, lessening the complexity and saving your time. These changes, further assure that customers would get a better automation experience as compared to the old processes. You can check out the solution or get a demo by hitting the button below!

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According to Salesforce, 67% of marketing leaders are dependent on marketing automation and 21% are planning to implement a new marketing automation platform in the year ahead. 82% of marketers recognized a positive return on investment (ROI) from marketing automation and this brings efficiency for them. % of companies surveyed had implemented marketing automation.

HubSpot Magento Integration:

In this competitive era of e-commerce, the HubSpot Magento integration authorizes the eCommerce sellers to automate the marketing, extract accurate data and redefine or segment their business for a better outcome. Marketing automation helps to speed up the communication with the customer and collect the information at one required place. This would also maintain the synchronized customer data with the help of tracking from the eCommerce store.

There are various features which are mentioned below:-

  1. Hubspot E-commerce Bridge: It helps to track the data from the e-commerce store and maintains campaigns accordingly.
  2. Customer Sync: With its help, we can synchronize the customer details and segment them according to their traits by HubSpot.
  3. Deal Sync: Through which the transactions or orders are being tracked, and the way these are dealt is decided by the technology.
  4. Line Item Sync: By which we can get the order items that are being listed as HubSpot line items from the eCommerce platform.
  5. Product Sync: With the help of this feature, the products that are being purchased by the customers are being tracked and listed to the HubSpot from the eCommerce platform.
  6. Switching Between Accounts: It helps in connecting to a new HubSpot account anytime without any kind of complexity in the process.
  7. Abandoned Cart Recovery: This would be done by maintaining campaigns as customers will get the automated emails to look at their carts which would help in the recovery of the carts.
  8. RFM Segmentation: This feature helps in analyzing the behavior of a customer as recency how recently a customer buys a product, frequency how frequently one made a purchase, and the money factor as how much money is being spent by the customer.
  9. Workflow Of Automation: These are being made to segment and send the emails according to the activities of a customer.
  10. Smart List: This would help in the process of targeting the customers who are appropriate for a particular product.
  11. ROI Tracking: The revenue which is being generated easily gets tracked and we’ll get to know what is the conversion rate.
  12. Field-To-Field Customer Details: The contact details of the customers are being managed, and the data is segmented accordingly.

About CedCommerce :

CedCommerce is featured among the winners of Technology Fast50 and Technology Fast 500APAC for two continuous years and it is also integrated with various other companies who love to work with CedCommerce are Walmart, New egg, Sears, Bonanza.

A step towards the future of eCommerce is also taken by showcasing the Collaborative Shopping in the Magento Innovation Round 3 which is being recognized by Magento.

We are now Hubspot Certified App Partners committed to delivering top-notch solutions that help you connect, expand and scale at lightning speed.

CedCommerce is providing vast possibilities through innovation and provide an eCommerce solution to various companies for the era of technology. We can help your e-commerce business grow in so many ways be it expansion, automation, or the requirement of flexible e-commerce solutions.

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