Automate in one click
HubSpot Provides A Way To Automate Simply In One Click

HubSpot Provides A Way To Automate Simply In One Click


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HubSpot Magento Integration is a Native solution and has simplified its installation process to upgrade the performance between Magento & Hubspot. The connection process is now more accessible and more efficient. Users can create an automated marketing account on Hubspot Magento Integration with nominal pricing, just by providing basic details such as an email id. These improvisations have eliminated the need for several steps. Resulting in less complexity and saving up your time. These changes further assure that customers would get a better automation experience as compared to the old processes. You can check out the solution or get a demo by hitting the button below!

According to salesforce, 91% of marketing leaders are dependent on marketing automation, and 21% are planning to implement a new marketing automation platform in the year ahead. 63% of marketers recognized a positive return on investment (ROI) from marketing automation, and this brings efficiency for them.75 % of companies surveyed had implemented marketing automation.

HubSpot Magento Integration:

In this competitive era of e-commerce, the HubSpot Magento Integration authorizes the eCommerce sellers to automate the marketing, extract accurate data and redefine or segment their business for a better outcome. Marketing automation helps to speed up the communication with the potential customer and collect the information. Hubspot handles the sales & marketing in one dedicated dashboard. This Integration would also help maintain the bulk synchronized customer data with the help of suitable tracking tools from Hubspot CRM. There are various features which are mentioned as below:-

Sync Customer data: Syncing the customer details and segmenting the customers according to their traits by Hubspot Integrations using RFM method.

Deal Sync: Through which the orders are being tracked, which reduces the manual work from the merchants end.

Line Item Sync: By which you can get the order items that are being listed as HubSpot line items directly from the eCommerce platform.

Product Sync: With the help of this feature, the products that are being purchased by the customers are being tracked and listed to the HubSpot from the eCommerce platform.

Switching Between Accounts: It helps in connecting to a new HubSpot account in real-time without any complexity in the process.

Abandoned Cart Recovery: Schedule an automated email to maintain the campaigns and keep the customer engaged to the cart or recover the cart they have abandoned.

RFM Segmentation: This feature helps to analyze the deal pipeline based on recency, frequency and Monetary measures. The customers are segmented according to the RFM method to assist the sales team in planning their pitch.

Workflow Of Automation: These are being made to segment and send the emails according to a client’s activities and for the lead generation to target new customers.

Smart List: This would help target the customers who are appropriate for a particular product.

ROI Tracking: This tool helps in effective marketing. The revenue generated for the marketing easily gets tracked on the Hubspot dashboard, making it easier for the merchants to keep track of their investment.

Field-To-Field Customer Details: The customers’ contact details are being managed, and the data is segmented accordingly.

Here is a quick video to help you with the complete Installation of the Hubspot Magento Integration

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About CedCommerce :

At CedCommerce, we bind with the motive of prioritizing our clients first, always. The team of 650+ tech enthusiasts who come together to serve the best for the client’s purpose; by brainstorming and creating platforms to make your B2B easier. CedCommerceis a one-stop shop catering online retailers in a plethora of services and solutions ranging from selling on a marketplace, Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation. Alongside it further assists you in upgrading your marketplaces with top-notch extensions to make the selling process hassle-free.

About Hubspot:

Hubspot, known to be the most powerful CRM tool, was established in 2006. This tool is aimed in such a way to enhance your marketing processes such as social media marketing, Web analytics, content management, Search Engine Optimization, and many more such things to scale up the business process for the online merchants

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