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It’s Thanksgiving – And Yes, You Can Sell Food on Etsy

It’s Thanksgiving – And Yes, You Can Sell Food on Etsy


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Etsy is the leading e-commerce website known for selling handmade, unique and vintage items. But are you aware that you can sell food on Etsy? Since the marketplace is so unique with its core foundation of enabling sellers to sell only handmade or vintage products, it is no surprise that people have started to sell food items on Etsy in the last few years.

This very new business idea on Etsy has evoked the possibility of more sales and opportunities for many people who possess any kind of speciality when it comes to food items. Moreover, It is a great business plan, around the grand festival times with a number of events bringing good people and good food together. Apart from buying home decors, clothing, Jewelry, and much more, your buyers love to purchase eatables for themselves as well as for gifts. Events like Thanksgiving are literally celebrated with large meals organised for the whole day, giving you a chance to prepare unique items and sell them on Etsy. Now let us take you to everything you need to know for selling food on Etsy.

Why to sell food on Etsy?

There could be infinite reasons for you to sell delicacies on Etsy. You might have a story or an emotion behind it. Apart from these, find out why sellers feel confident in selling Food on Etsy-

  • Trusted Platform: Since Etsy allow you to sell food following the rules and regulations, it increases the buyers trust in you. Rules from making, packaging to shipping, has to be followed. Providing detailed information about the item before your buyer makes a purchase, allow your buyer to purchase without hesitation.
  • Most Searched category: As per the experts at Etsy, there has been a 134% increase in searches on Etsy within the food and drinks category. This shows the demand and scope for the same.

Thanksgiving 2021

  • Appropriate Market: Unlike any other e-commerce platform, you can sell handmade on Etsy. Well, what can be more authentic, relinquished, and healthy than homemade food? Since Buyers focus on the quality and uniqueness of items, therefore they rely on Etsy.
  • Global Exposure: There are currently 89.6 million buyers on Etsy and around 4.36 million sellers. This gives you excellent opportunities to sell your products and increase sales. Since Etsy has a global reach, this allows you to take your creativity and efforts worldwide at no extra cost.

What are the rules to Sell food on Etsy?

It is effortless to start selling on Etsy following simple steps. Selling food items is allowed on Etsy, but there are several rules that you need to follow. Before you sell food items on Etsy, you should be aware of your zonal laws and shipping services. Every region has its own rules, so It will be great, to begin with understanding all agreements and licenses.

Let’s dive in to see what all aspects need to be followed.

  • Know the Law: It seems very easy to start selling packaged food, but every country has its own rules governing who can make, package, and sell food. It’s better to know and consult first before jumping onto the procurement and preparation process.
  • License and Permits: It is crucial to have a business licence & food licence for every person making and packaging your shop’s food.
  • Suitable Workspace: Well, if you have a small business with fewer materials, you can probably start at home. But check that your zoning law allows you to do so. However, if you have big dreams, then a commercial workspace is an excellent idea to make and stock up the raw materials and finished goods.

Sell handmade on Etsy

  • Label your food: As per the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, it is crucial for you to label and mention the key ingredients used in the edible. Point out any allergy-related issues.
  • Shipment: You need to understand what different shipping carriers allow you to ship food and eating materials and how much time they take for the same. Collect all the detail about the restrictions for various items. 

Following the rules and regulations correctly, you can quickly head towards building your Food store on Etsy. Since Festive season is the most awaited time for every seller to increase their sales, your food business will prove to be the best.

Fetch the step by step Guide to sell on Etsy

A glimpse of Food Items on Etsy?

On Etsy, your buyers will find the food items under the “Food and Drinks” category. From natural things like honey, tea and coffee, they can also find handmade items like cakes, muffins, sauces, candies and much more. You, on the other hand, can be more creative in the shapes and sizes of the eatables; designing and packaging can also allure a lot of buyers. Since it’s your creation, you can add your ideas, taste, and uniqueness to it.

Selling food on Etsy

Most US people tend to celebrate Thanksgiving by throwing a party or visiting their relatives at far off places. People exchange food and gift items; serve a variety of edibles during this festival. It is an excellent chance to add some food items to your Etsy listings to serve during occasions like Thanksgiving, BFCM and much-awaited Christmas and New year’s Eve. Even though the festive season gets over, edible is something that your buyer will keep searching for if they love the taste and blend of it.

What if you already have an online food store?

Well, many of you must already have online food selling stores. You might have shaped your online stores on Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart or any other platforms. But if you want to grow more and take it to the next level. Etsy gives you the biggest space and largest number of buyers coming in from every end of the world.

In some simple steps, you can easily link your online store with Etsy Marketplace. After that start selling food on multiple platforms in a click. Having a standalone store may not satisfy you with good sales and a hike; but growing multichannel with a big platform like Etsy can hike up your sales, loyal shoppers, popularity in the market, and growth opportunities.

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