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How much are you prepared for Etsy’s BFCM sale 2021?

How much are you prepared for Etsy’s BFCM sale 2021?


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Have you been waiting for this year’s BFCM sale? It’s already near! If you are still planning, then it’s time to speed up and prepare your Etsy listings for the most-awaited sale of the year. Your buyers are excited and saving for a long time to grab exciting offers during this time. So, allure them with your unique creativity at your store’s listings.

People go crazy during festivals, beginning from Halloween followed by Thanksgiving, BFCM, and so on, till the chilly new year. Since the BFCM sale is a tremendous opportunity for your ecommerce store to earn more, you should plan your listings accordingly. Just scroll down and get the guidance for selling in 2021.

How was Etsy Festive sale during BFCM 2020

BFCM 2020 was different from what it was thought to be. Last year buyers adjusted their festive plans due to the pandemic- avoided physical shopping, public gatherings, and parties. In 2021, nothing seemed to be normal at the beginning of the year, but vaccines and other measures have now resumed the long-lost festive vibes.

People began celebrating at their homes, for which they shopped online a lot, they started sending gift items online. Etsy sellers have leveraged this opportunity and scaled their businesses to a great extent. As per the quarter results, Etsy’s active buyers base grew 76.7% from the prior-year quarter to 81.9 million. During Black Friday 2020, the peak sales hour was 12 Pm Est. Since people have resumed everyday life, the expectation is to witness more sales this year during BFCM 2021.

Here is an Infographic giving you a glimpse of BFCM 2020 so as to how you should plan for this year.

BFCM 2020

The Buyers Support to Small Businesses and Seller’s Smart Move

Various sellers who had only physical shops have to face shutdown in 2020, later expanding the trend of online shopping they came up with their e-commerce stores. Many merchants like you started to sell online by building Shopify stores during that period. Shopify store owners collectively made the whooping sales of $ 5.1 billion sales in 2020 between BFCM.

There has been a 50 % jump in consumers purchasing from Shopify stores to support small businesses. Many sellers on Etsy, who wanted to build their brand, began their Shopify store together with Etsy. The idea of linking the stores has driven shown merchants’ to sell in a multichannel way. Various Shopify store owners began selling on multichannel platforms like Etsy in sync to grow more.

Go through the Infographic below and plan out your Etsy-Shopify stores for BFCM sales with CedCommerce – Etsy integration.

etsy marketplace integration

Here is an exclusive (Q & A) session with a successful 6-figure Etsy seller, Anna Beck sharing some crucial insights around the holiday season. Her experiences can be an eye-opener for many existing and aspiring sellers like you. Get the inspiration as you prepare and kickstart your festive season sale 2021.

Plan out your Etsy store for this year’s BFCM Sale

This year, your buyers will buy from various categories- Clothing, electronics, toys, Jewelry, decors, and POD items for gifts. You can even strategize a cross-selling method in your selling. For example, if your buyer purchases a mug, you can suggest handmade table mats. Here it means, providing an item on Etsy and recommending a relatable item to your customer to buy from your online store.

Etsy has always been promoting and uplifting the creativity of its sellers. It has provided the most effective platform for many merchants to sell worldwide. Even if you have been running your online stores on Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, etc. You can quickly build your store on Etsy and sync with them.

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