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Etsy to balance sellers, offers, and shoppers into a single bowl

Etsy to balance sellers, offers, and shoppers into a single bowl


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Portland Oregon, October 09, 2019: Focusing to attract shoppers, Etsy offers a Halloween sale, encouraging sellers to take advantage of All Saints Day (1st November). Etsy offers aims to trap merchants who are fleeing marketplaces looking for spooky items this Halloween.

Sellers who wish to have a customer jam this Halloween has to put 20% promotions on their listings, they are also advised by Etsy to put free shipping for a week, that is, from 30th to 20th October.

A peep-in to their announcement

“With shoppers coming to Etsy for spooky items to make their costumes and frightful festivities complete, we’re running a Halloween sale!”
– Etsy.

Time is NOW

Looking forward to talking trends, people are orienting towards handmade. When it comes to Halloween related products, they will definitely go for an artisan marketplace like Etsy. Their last year’s fourth quarter(holiday season) revenue is-

Some lucrative data of holiday season 2018(fourth quarter) from Etsy press-release

  • Their last year’s holiday revenue was approximately 200 million (46% growth year-over-year).
  • And their gross-profit was $142 million.
  • Estimated operating expense was $113 million (53% growth year-over-year).

These stats clear the skies of doubts related to the expected sale in 2019.

How will you Account this Etsy offer

As the sellers on Etsy are going to experience a huge customer jam, Shopify sellers can also blend themselves in order to achieve higher earnings. In other words, Shopify sellers who wish to sell on Etsy should power-pack themselves with the tools through which they can manage their selling process on both the platforms. These tools help the seller to manage the both-Shopify store and the Etsy store.

But how to start selling on Etsy if you are a Shopify store owner?

Click here to begin from the very first step

To aid the benefits Etsy provides to its sellers, CedCommerce has also come -up with some brand new features in the Etsy marketplace integration app-

  • Digital product compatibility- Sellers will be compatible to sell digital (downloadable) products on Etsy like- Softwares, Song albums, etc. Their management related process will be easily handled by the app.
  • Personalization- You can manually select the products whose custom designs are available. Thus, your customers will get the personalization option for those specific products on Etsy. Therefore, through the app itself, you will be notified of the product and its personalization details of the order placed by the customer.
  • Image upload on variation- Easy management of the advanced Etsy feature of showing the image of the variants along with the focused image of the product can be performed through the app.

Key takeaways-

Considering the customer base of Etsy and their sales, through the Etsy offers, we can expect a huge demand this holiday season.

Their existing sellers should go for the Halloween sale announced by Etsy news as it will be beneficial for both.

Sellers who have a Shopify store can also catch this handful of benefits by clicking on the link mentioned above.

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