Etsy Marketplace Integration
Etsy Marketplace Integration: Clear Your Queries As You Grow Multichannel with Etsy and Shopify

Etsy Marketplace Integration: Clear Your Queries As You Grow Multichannel with Etsy and Shopify


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Encouraging and bringing out your creativity in the form of products is what Etsy has been doing for years now. A lot of new as well as old sellers come to this platform daily with the hope and scope to raise their business globally. With time small and medium businesses are upgrading their way of selling catering to more and more numbers and variations of shoppers. One of the ways merchants are looking out is growing their store to multiple channels and targeting new audiences. Let’s explore more on how beneficial it is to go multichannel with your creative store, how to make it happen seamlessly over Etsy, and what are the major queries you may come across in the journey of getting bigger with the CedCommerce – Etsy Integration App.

  1. Product-Related Queries
  2. Listing -Related Queries 
  3. General Queries 

Expanding your creative store to Multichannel Selling- The “What” and “Why”

Every online seller begins the journey by selling on a single platform. Whereas having your stores on multiple channel helps you in targeting numerous buyers not just from different regions but different tastes, likings, income groups, cultures, demographics and so much more. Most of the merchants who had their standalone stores earlier for creatives are now also selling on Etsy and vice versa. By going multi-channel you can either focus on each platform differently or link them together to automate the process and manage smoothly.

Let me guide you, why should you go multi-channel to sell online:-

  1. You can target broader markets: Selling multichannel, will give you numerous buyers from different regions, tastes, and preferences. 
  2. Gather much data- and improve listings: Since you will expand your business geographically so you will do some market surveys, and understand the needs of buyers. You can fetch good ideas to create products and sell them at your store.
  3. Diversity in selling: You will not be limited to a single category of products you have been dealing with. Now with multichannel, you can increase the variety as well as the approach of your listings. Diversify in terms of items as well as regions to deliver.
  4. More revenue generation: Wider your areas of selling more revenue you can generate. You can stop your struggle to find buyers and sell, with Multichannel increase buyers globally and earn more. 
  5. Fetching customers on all the platforms simultaneously: While you are selling on a big platform like Etsy, you can drive the potential traffic/ buyer at your Shopify store. 

The decision of integrating your Shopify store with Etsy has evolved the chances of enjoying the benefits of selling on multi-channel. You can even fetch the traffic from Etsy(bigger platform) to your Shopify store (standalone brand). Going multi-channel proves so good for many sellers who can not make much profit from a single store. Why not give it a try and take the leverage benefiting from global markets.

How CedCommerce – Etsy Integration Make Your Ways Seamless

Once you have decided to go multichannel in online selling, specifically Shopify to Etsy; the CedCommerce – Etsy Integration will be a wonder for you. You can open your store on Etsy and link it with the already existing Shopify store with this App. The most promising thing about the integration app is, it is very affordable and handy. Connecting both the stores provides you the ease in selling, less manpower, more automation, and a relaxed selling process in a click. Growing your venture this way gives you the most excellent satisfaction and profit.

There are various features and benefits of the CedCommerce – Etsy Integration App. Some of them are:

  1. Bulk Upload of your listings with its details from Shopify to Etsy in one go.
  2. Real-time synchronization of products
  3. Managing orders of both the platform from a single panel
  4. Listing products in a set profile
  5. Make modifications as per your need.

The App is witnessing many successful sellers and ventures each day. When you use it, you can find the wonders of selling hassle-free.

Specific Linking Shopify to Etsy Integration-related Concerns You May Need Help With

CedCommerce – Etsy integration app has outperformed tremendously since its launch. For those struggling with time eating, manual efforts can leverage seamless selling with automation. As promised, we even keep updating and adding new features for more comfort in operations.

Many take time and face some minor issues because either they’re not technical friendly or new to the App, for which they require a permanent fix. Having a solution to these minor problems is not rocket science. You just need to relax and follow some steps.

It might be possible that you have just begun selling through the app. Since you are new and not habitual to its uses, you might have found common errors after listing, such as unmatched variants, item syncing issues, SKU code issues, and much more. Dive in and see if your query is answered here.

What if you cannot publish products on Etsy because the shop is not live?

If you want to make your shop live in this case, you must add at least one product manually on Etsy and can add the rest of the items through the app. Adding a single item manually before adding others will make your shop live on Etsy. Learn How?

list Shopify products on Etsy

What if you can not see your products in the app and how could you find them?

This condition might depend on two cases

  • Either your product is not imported from Shopify to the App, which means the items you wanted to list from Shopify to the app have not been fetched yet. In this case, you need to check the product creation setting in the app.
  • Or, your product is imported but the profile is not assigned, which means you are unable to find the item in the app as it is not assigned to any profile. These items can be found under the profile not assigned tab. Enable and assign each item under a profile, then sell.

Here is an announcement that Etsy is raising seller transaction fees up by 1.5%. This move has been taken to improve the marketing and support to further extend our strong momentum.

What if you are unable to see your Shopify variants on Etsy? Or finding errors of variation not mapped?

The variation is not mapped because the Variant Attribute ( based on which you made the Variations ) is mostly not mapped in the product profile. Simply it means, variant attributes are not mapped in the respective profile to which the product belongs. You need to head towards variation mapping of the respective profile to which the item belongs and make sure that all Shopify attributes should map with Etsy attributes.

For example, size matches with size, color with color. After mapping variation, you need to run the action of “update price and inventory” from the “All Products” sections to reflect the missing variations on Etsy.

Is it possible to have different descriptions of your listings on Shopify-Etsy?

The answer is yes, you can definitely have different descriptions on Shopify-Etsy. Just make sure that if you are changing the description on Etsy manually then follow two steps for sure.

  • Turn off the auto-sync setting for description in the app
  • Turn off the sync setting for Etsy for description in the app.

Also, if you turn off the sync setting, the other product-related details will also not be able to sync.

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How can you delete your products from the app? Or Do you get the option to delete the products from Etsy by themselves?

You cannot delete the products from the app on your own. But you can reach our support team over online chat and tell us which product you want to delete from the app. They will do that on your behalf real-quick.

Do you want to list Etsy products on Shopify, and Is there a way to sync listings from Etsy to Shopify?

Earlier, you could only send Shopify products to Etsy, but many merchants wanted to take Etsy products to Shopify. So yes, you can list your Etsy products to Shopify using the app under the “link Etsy Products” section in the app. Find the video on it, explained well!

Why are you noticing SKUs like ced_XXX?

In case your products do not have SKU or duplicate SKUs on your Shopify stores. The App assigns a custom SKU, in order to manage the inventory and orders from the app. So basically to avoid confusion and maintain the difference in products these SKUs are created automatically.

It is easy to list your Shopify products to your Etsy stores through the CedCommerce – Etsy Integration app. From fetching each item’s data to managing them in real-time on a single panel. While performing such comforting steps, you might get stuck somewhere if you are new to the platform. You need not worry as automation has made it easy, Let’s find out answers to your most sought queries.

What should you do when the Inventory starts to show 999 on Etsy?

This is the most common issue that merchants often get to see on their app. The reason is enabling the checkbox of both track quantity and continue selling when out of stock on Shopify. So when you link your Shopify store with the app, the app reads it as ‘do not track inventory”. This condition can then result in 999 on Etsy.

What steps can be taken to avoid such a condition?

Find the solution for this stepwise here:-

  • Edit that particular item showing an error then add it on Shopify.
  • You have to uncheck the tab of ‘continue selling’ when out of stock
  • Enable track quantity only.
  • Then return to the Integration app & run the ‘Update Price & Inventory’ Action on the items. Enabling track quantity means you can track only the available items.

Etsy seller faq

How much time will you take to update the inventory in the app from Shopify?

The Etsy-Shopify App refreshes after every 20 minutes, so everything gets updated automatically. So basically considering the time taken to update the inventory in the app from Shopify, here are the steps.

  • You need to check the auto-sync setting for the inventory under the product management setting in the app.
  • If you have enabled this setting, whenever you update the inventory on your Shopify store, the changes will automatically appear in the app in real-time.
  • Also, the changes will be reflected on Etsy as well, in real-time.

General Queries

The app has been developing the seller’s trust in us every day. Not only because we have given them aid to sync and sell, but also because our team is there with you 24/7 to help you in an unstoppable selling journey. Don’t worry; it’s good that you are here. Clear your doubts and prevent confusion from coming in between your easy selling.

What if you want to link 2 Etsy shops with 1 Shopify store?

No, you cannot link two different Etsy stores with a single Shopify store. The app only provides the functionality of linking one Etsy store with one Shopify store only.

Problems with selling on Etsy

How can you prevent the app from changing prices on Etsy?

The app functionality allows syncing of prices of inventory between Etsy and Shopify. Because of this syncing function of the app, if you manually change the prices on Etsy, these prices will be overwritten by the prices mentioned in the app. This is happening because once the stores are linked, whenever you update the price on Shopify, it will automatically be updated on Etsy through the app. Now, if you want to change the prices only on Etsy, we recommend you make use of the price template in the app. Change the price there and send it on Etsy.

Etsy marketplace integration app

Note: If you want to manage the pricing from Etsy only, you can turn off the inventory and price management from the app. But then your inventory won’t be in sync anymore, and you need to manage everything manually.

How can you connect your new Etsy shop with the app, if suspended? Or how can you connect the app with another Etsy store?

Not an issue; you can quickly “Reconnect” your store. But then you need our support over online chat. Or put a request to reconnect the App with the new Etsy Shop, using the “Reconnect with Etsy” section in the App. Also, remember the App provides the functionality to connect only one Etsy store with one Shopify store.

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Quit Problems with selling on Etsy, Kickstart your Multi-Channel Journey

The app allows you to experience seamless selling with no hurdles. So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t thought of growing your business, now is your time. The app is very easy to handle once you start using it; the 24/7 human support is always there to help you out.

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Disclaimer– Etsy is a trademark of Etsy, Inc. This content is not created or endorsed by Etsy, Inc.

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