Tips to Boost Etsy Sales amid festive season

The Podcast Series Sell Around the Globe – ETSY is your one-stop audio digest to grasp all the trends and insights about the artsy marketplace, Etsy.

In this episode, the host, Ketan talks about the ETSY holiday season planning and how to make the most of the grand opportunity!

Learn more about some of the best holiday e-commerce marketing tips and checklists that can help you increase sales and maintain an edge over your competitor. If you want to make merry of this boom and improve on your business performance, you must make your way through the noise and come up with unique strategies.

Let’s dive in deeper to know more such insights about Etsy in Episode 6 –

“Tips to Boost Etsy Sales amid the festive season” of Sell Around the Globe- Etsy.

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What’s inside?

  • Seasonal strategies for appealing to shoppers.
    • Close attention to product offerings
    • Customer service
    • And marketing techniques
  • Best holiday e-commerce marketing tips and checklists
    • Acquire Your Prospects Before The Sale Starts
    • Plan Your Holiday Season Marketing Campaign
    • Create Your Own Festive Theme
    • Stock Your Best Seller Products
    • Create A Proper Product Listings
    • Take Your Social Media Marketing To The Next Level
    • Focus On Customer Service
  • Summary
    • Sneak Peak to the next Podcast episode

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