why should you care about Etsy Marketplace

The Podcast Series Sell Around the Globe – ETSY is your one-stop audio digest to grasp all the trends and insights about the artsy marketplace, Etsy.

In this episode, the host, Ketan talks about everything that makes Etsy a prominent marketplace to take all your beautiful art and handmade items.

The minimal listing fees and completely customizable storefronts are just a few points that make Etsy a seller-friendly marketplace. Let’s dive in deeper to know more such insights about Etsy in Episode 1:

Why should you care about Etsy?” of “Sell Around the Globe- Etsy Marketplace“.

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With more than 60+ million products, Etsy highlights the pure magic of the human imagination. Know why Etsy is the right choice for you!

What’s inside?

  • A brief overview of the Etsy Marketplace
    When it started
    It’s a huge user base
    Words from Etsy CEO, Chad Dickerson
  • The prominence of Etsy Marketplace
    Statistics about Etsy
  • What makes Etsy the best place to sell your handmade products
    Listing Charges
    Etsy Ads
    Etsy SEO
    Customizable Storefronts
  • Summary
    Sneak Peak to the next Podcast episode

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