Product segmentation
How Does Product Segmentation Boost Your Buyers Reach On Etsy

How Does Product Segmentation Boost Your Buyers Reach On Etsy


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Just imagine a buyer visiting your online store to buy a jacket and witnessing the flood of other products, finding it hard to search for the type of jacket he wants. Product segmentation in profiles at the time of listing, following the attributes they carry, helps your buyer find the exact products online. On the other hand, for you, it becomes much easier to track Categorize products, and find the order details.

While you sell through your Shopify store, the products are categorized under different categories, to avoid confusion. Proper Product segmentation does not let your buyers feel irritated. In fact, they could directly navigate to their respective product categories without spending much time here and there.

However, when you start to extend your Shopify store to any marketplace, let’s say Etsy. The listing process on Etsy took time earlier rather profiling template is making it easier. The products which would be listed on Shopify under the correct categories, may not get uploaded on Etsy as it has to be. Your products would scatter when uploaded from Shopify to Etsy.

The CedCommerce – Etsy Integration App comes up with an easy-to-use profiling template feature. Profiling simply eases up the experience of uploading and segmenting products from the Shopify store to Etsy. These templates help you to set criteria for categories with required attributes and bifurcate the bulk of products while listing. Now let us know how this categorization works.

How Product Segmentation in Etsy Product Categories Helps

Allow us first to begin with an unveiling to you what absolutely is the Profiling of Product. Profiling means segregating the products into the different categories they fall into so that you may specifically search for them. It is a set of rules that defines some products listed on the Etsy store.

In more simple terms, Choosing the correct department for a product is Product Profiling. Although for various other e-commerce platforms, the process of listing the bulk products can be very tedious. Whereas, on Etsy, you can do this conveniently.

Here are some benefits of Profiling products.

  1. Quick Fetching of Products: When you list your products by categorizing them well in their correct section with proper SEO. This enables the search engines to fetch your products quicker and easier. It increases the chance of your revenue growth.
  2. Fetching more traffic to your Store: If the customers cannot locate the right product in your store, they will never return for the next purchase. The same goes for the product information if they are not described well. The better the product is categorized and listed, the more you receive traffic on your store.
  3. Bulk Listings are Segmented: For listing bulk products falling into the same category, and list them at once by putting a set of rules. Putting similar shipping charges, discounts, and variations will help you to avoid overexertion of manually listing products. Instead, you can list various products in bulk at once.
  4. Avoids Confusion: Having your products placed in the correct category will prevent confusion. In fact, you can track each inventory with proper information about it, hassle-free. With profiling, you will be well aware of the section that has generated orders. You can set the shipping charges category-wise. Accordingly, it will be levied automatically on your products.

How Does Product Profiling work in the CedCommerce – Etsy Integration?

You already know, CedCommerce – Etsy Integration App helps you to link your Shopify store with the Etsy store. This enables tracking and running both together with ease and comfort in operations through the App. Profiling of the Product is necessary because until you create profiles for the product to list in, you cannot list the new Shopify products on the Etsy store, as the App Profiling feature consists of some required attributes that need to be filled.

All you need to do is pick the products that you want to list now. Ensure filling the required variants and attributes related to the product, like color, sizes, shipping charges, quantity, and product category. For example, if you list a soft toy you will put it in the Toys category.

The Settings of the Profiling is segregated into two sections

  1. Basic Mapping and
  2. Advanced Mapping

Now let us know about these settings made for profiling of Products:-

Basic Mapping

Basic Mapping is fledged with some basic settings that are necessary for you to select for completing the process of Profiling for your products. It is very simple and useful for you to know in detail scroll down.

product segmentation

Etsy category: 

This setting allows you to select the category in which your product lies. It is used at the time of listing the product on your Etsy store through the CedCommerce – Etsy Integration App. It is the first step of creating a profile, to provide your product recognition. By clicking on the given bar you just need to select the suitable Etsy category from the list of categories mentioned.


In this setting, you can filter your products on the basis of their properties, to which you wish to assign a new profile. You have options to choose Any condition or All conditions here.

  • In the case of Any Conditions- When you mention multiple conditions to create a profile for a particular product, it will automatically fetch all products that match any of the mentioned conditions while creating a profile.
  • In the case of All Conditions- The App will fetch only those products that match all mentioned conditions you have put during making a profile of the products.

product segmentation

Required Attributes:

Etsy is a particular marketplace dealing with handcrafted, vintage, and unique products. Since Etsy is a very creative platform, every product made to sell on Etsy has some story behind it.

You need to fill the three sections in Required Attributes.

  • The first one asks you Who made it? Which means the original creator of the product.
  • The second one is What is it? You need to specify what type of product it is.
  • The third one is, When did you make it? It would help if you mentioned when you had prepared the product, and in the case of POD, you can select the option of made to order.

product segmentation

Variation Mapping:

If you have first listed your products on your Shopify store. You must have filled in some attributes while listing. For Example: For listing a T-Shirt, you would have selected variation attributes like color, fabric, size. So, when you list and link the same products at your Etsy store, you will have to connect the Shopify store’s variation attribute with the one available on Etsy, provided that it matches the required aspect.

product segmentation

Link Photos:

This setting is best suitable when you have different variants of the same product. Such as a T-Shirt is available in 4 different colors or patterns.

By enabling this setting and selecting the correct attribute, you can link a product with its variations. This is done so that your customer can view different variants of a single product, be it color, size, fabric, etc.

product segementation

Shipping Templates:

This setting allows you to imply shipping charges as per the location where the order has to be delivered and the category in which it falls. The set of information is attached with the selected product; it is carried forward by default when it gets uploaded on Etsy with CedCommerce – Etsy Integration.

You can even change the shipping information and charges to create a new option. You shall build a different profile for another category; for example, handcrafted jewelry will have other shipping charges, and soft toys will have another. Shipping charges will defer from location and category-wise. 

product segmentation

Advanced Mapping

Advance Mapping consists of two types of settings: Inventory Template and Price Template. Both will help you to find some more prominent options to upgrade your Etsy Store.

product segmentation

Inventory Template: 

You can set a level in the Inventory template for the number of inventory you want to show so that when you list the Item on Etsy from the app, it will show only the maximum stock that you mentioned in the Template. You can assign these Templates in the Profile so that products from that Profile only get affected. With this Template, you can even specify or set how much inventory to sell on Etsy.

Price Template:

When you list your products from Shopify store to Etsy, every piece of information about the product is carried forward. But in case you want to differ the pricing of your products on the Etsy store from the Shopify one. You shall choose this Price Template to make changes. You can manage every increase and decrease of pricing. This template is also helpful to you if you want to show the stores’ pricing comparison.

Empower Your Selling By Product Segmentation

On the off chance that you list items wrongly, your buyers won’t discover your item despite the fact that they take efforts at discovering it category-wise or typing on the search bar. Improper listings may not snatch numerous buyers towards your store. That is the reason the right arrangement of the items is important for exact selling and purchasing measure.

The Profiling template is so prominent, as it is not difficult to manage the operations and helps to customize the store. The CedCommerce – Etsy Integration App is empowering your selling every day with such obliging features in it and keeps updating.

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