What's trending on Etsy
Here’s the Perfect Listing Guide with What’s trending on Etsy this Holiday season.

Here’s the Perfect Listing Guide with What’s trending on Etsy this Holiday season.


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After another unusual year, your shoppers want to start the festive season this year with a blast. Away from the stress of the pandemic, people around the globe are more likely to relax, enjoy and shop during the holiday season. According to Etsy trend expert- Dayna Isom Johnson, “2022 will be about finding balance in all aspects of our lives”.

Let’s get back to the 2021 trend. Personalized items, wall decors, and gifts were the most searched keywords. In 2022, we can expect some repeated trends with some new ones. You can help shoppers with well-crafted and innovatively curated items on Etsy. Scroll down to know the most commonly sold items during the holiday season. Don’t forget to peek into what’s New!

Etsy most sold Items: All Time Buyer’s favorite Products

Even though Etsy comes up with new trends for festive sales every year, some items are all-time favorites for buyers. Let’s look at those items that are sold on Etsy every festive season.

  1. Vintage Items
    Since Etsy is famous for selling old vintage items, people across borders come here to buy them. Items are vintage when they are at least 20 years old. Buyers who like old designs and ancient originated things; come to Etsy.
  2. Handcrafted Items
    A creative platform like Etsy excels in seller innovation. Be it a craze for personalized items, jewelry, bags, or DIYs; your buyers seek handmade items on Etsy. The sale for handcrafted items will never go down on Etsy, so if you are a seller having a store of handmade items, all season is suitable for your sales.

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  1. Home Decor
    People always love grooming and decorating their homes during the holiday season or post-holiday time. Being an Etsy seller, you can always fulfill the wish of your buyers by providing them with good home decor products.

  2. Party Supplies
    The festive season cannot go without parties and celebrations; It will require some party-related items. Your buyers will come to Etsy to find the best quality party supplies. Party items such as disposable glasses/plates, confetti, party decors, paper decors, etc., are always needed.
    handcrafted items

  3. Wax Items
    Talking about Christmas, Halloween, and new year’s, how can you miss candles, wax spooky statues, pumpkin candles, and various wax decors? Every year a flood of users buy designer wax items on Etsy.

What Items trending on Etsy will be sold during the holiday season of 2022?

Festive Season comes up with new excitement and fun every year. Etsy always brings recent trends to its shoppers and sellers with the same enthusiasm. This year is yet another special with some craze in listings on Etsy. Let’s thrive you to the trends of Etsy Holiday season 2022.

  1. What is the Etsy Color of the year 2022?
    The Emerald Green color is declared the color of the year on Etsy. Now how it brings a difference in sales? The color is bursting with energy, and It can bring new depth to products and their pictures. This color symbolizes harmony and growth. There is a 67% YOY increase in searches on Etsy for this color.

    Etsy Color of the year

  2. Palette of Pastel Color
    Soothing and softer tone color allures your customers during the winter season. There has been a 2,627% YoY increase in searches on Etsy for pastel room decor. These colors will balance with the emerald green color of the year. The calm and playful color combination will make your products look beautiful.
    Etsy store ready
  3. Abstract shapes
    Abstract shapes are in trend these days. The trend inspires ancient influences such as pyramids, arches, and rounded edges. Various items are sold on Etsy, which influences by abstract shapes. Such paintings, block decors, and much more.
    handcrafted items
  4. Last-Minute Gifting 
    Well, shopping never ends! Be it last-minute shopping. Your shoppers enjoy shopping even during the festival day. You can’t promise them to deliver on the same day, but still, you can provide them with Digital download items for the same-day purchase. The digital products market on Etsy is growing daily; you can leverage the benefit of selling through your store.
    Etsy Color of the year 2022

Get your Etsy store ready for all Events Prior

Etsy has uplifted various small and medium-scale businesses as a merchant of creative items. Having a store on Etsy during the festive season is very beneficial. Starting from October- December, the events are all lined up. Hence you can make benefit to sale. Apart from the festivities, you have a high chance of good sales after the new year. Events such as the Chinese new year are famous in SEA countries, as Valentine’s day, Environment day, Women’s day, and so on. Push your online store with Etsy and enjoy the fantastic benefit of multichannel selling worldwide.

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